La Repubblica di San Marino, primo stato ad impatto zero con la tecnologia Blockchain

I am particularly proud of this day and of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding because it shows how the strategy and all the work we have done over the past two years is becoming a reality. There are basically three reasons. Number one: the project of ecosystem we presented today highlights how San Marino can become a pilot state and how it can attract big brands and large companies that believe in the great step forward we are trying to make. Number two: we are basically completing the work on the Digital Agenda and this project demonstrates how Public Policy can be combined to private projects and investments. Number three: the blockchain and the blockchain ecosystem align in such a way that all projects and the efforts that San Marino Innovation has supported become reality thanks to the collaboration with DNV GL and VeChain. I am pleased and proud to be here today and to have signed the Memorandum of Understanding with San Marino Innovation, DNV GL and VeChain.

Together with San Marino Innovation and DNV GL, VeChain will bring blockchain technology in San Marino then we will be able to focus on the most valuable applications, creating a new ecosystem together with the SDGs (sustainability goals) United Nations to bring these values ​​in San Marino. I am truly proud to be here. Thanks so much. DNV GL is proud to be a partner of the Republic of San Marino with this project that aims to help the state to become the first country with zero emissions and with the use of a platform developed with blockchain technology, which is a result is a result of the collaboration between DNV GL, VeChain together with San Marino Innovation and the Secretariat of State for Industry.

Today is certainly an important moment. San Marino Innovation has always wanted since it is born to work with top-level partners to develop activities in Republic and to make the Republic also a place to do experimentation where to develop use cases where to become a pilot country for certain projects. Today we have done this, we have placed the basis for launching important pilot projects on absolutely issues related to the virtuous behavior of citizens therefore savings in carbon dioxide emissions, water saving, saving in waste production, energy saving also through development of a utility token of San Marino Innovation therefore also with a specific planning that I hope will really see in the coming months the light for how to say developing a profitable business in the Republic of San Marino.

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