So you might be wondering it's Binance, or even you wonder where can you buy some Atlcoin that you cannot find on your trading platform. Well listen, I will present my Binance review to you and the advantages of the token in this video. Good morning all ! Rousseaux is the right tips. And this channel is here to help you increase your standard of living so you can spend more time on what you really love. Binance is therefore a trading platform for Altcoins. You cannot, for example, buy Bitcoin or Ethereum with euros or dollars. We will already have to have bitcoin. This was launched in July 2017 following an ICO. So who created the Binancecoin currency. So the name Binance, by the way it comes from binary plus finance equals Binance. So before we talk about what is really going to interest us towards the end, I will give you the big points finally, the big advantages of Binance.

Already, they have a very high level of performance. That is, you can carry out over 1.4 million orders per second. So the platform is really very efficient. Then they have multiple languages ​​available. Particularly there, they are gradually putting French, but you have korean, chinese and english. On Binance, if you contact support, you will have a good chance of getting an answer. This is rather not the case with others where it will take almost a month at times.

You can of course trade the main corners. So everything that is Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the like. And on top of that, they have a fee level which is very low 0.1%. They're way ahead of the new Forks and the like. So for example they had accepted Bitcoin daemon. They had put Bitcoin gold. Well, they were the first to offer them on their Xchange. So they're really very quick on the forks on this. And I think that's more of an advantage. In addition to that, you can have GAS on it. You actually know when you have coins that will work with the Proof of Stake, well, you will be rewarded if you keep your coins to validate transactions.

Well this for example, it will work with NEO. So if I store my NeEOs on Binance, I can get the GAS back. So Binance was also created to allow direct access to ICOs on the platform. That is to say that instead of having a process which is a little more complex by passing on the ICO by sending your Ethereum or other, well there it will be directly on your trading platform, you can buy shares in an ICO. Moreover, one of the first ICOs that were available on Binance, this is the one for TRON.

I don't know if you've been watching the TRON classes a bit right now, but hey it went up well at one point. And besides, the ICO had been completed in not even ten seconds. Which is really, but I was going to say, almost unimaginable. But, we are in the world of crypto-currencies and everything is going very quickly. So, it's all well and good to talk, but let's take a look at what it is. I'll show you the interface and how it works. So at the site level, we can already see there are small competitions, this Lamborghini has won. There are a lot of cryptocurrencies. Like I told you, they can add more very quickly. And that is one of their big advantages. You have the BNB Market. So, you might be wondering what it is. It is actually Binance, the Binance currency. So, Binancecoin, I will explain this to you right after. You have all the currencies of course with Bitcoin, the Ethereum market and the dollar market. Once for example I want to take the TRX therefore the TRON. You can already see that the site is loading very quickly.

Well, I'm not on WiFi which is especially fast. But, we can have it all. And I find that the platform compared to some, it still has a beautiful design. That's not all because hey, it's nice to see that. We can buy, sell of course either by taking the limit, either by putting ourselves at the price of the market, of the market and we will choose, or by putting squarely a limit stop. This is not the subject of the video. But in short, you have it and you have it in your account. So one of the advantages as I told you, is that in the account, we can also harvest the GAS. So, to make money just by storing for example these NEOs and that's pretty good. The second thing is that they have apps available on iPhone and Android. Not everyone can brag about having this. But suddenly, I said to myself: okay, they have applications, but what is she going … So, I'm going to throw it and I'll show you this.

One can directly consult in fact as on the computer. I can see in Ethereum, in Bitcoin and others. I can look for a change. So for example, we are going to take NEO again. It's kind of an example of all the videos, I get the impression. You choose which one you want to trade on. So NEO / BNB, NEO / BTC or whatever. You have all the lessons. You have your Binance dirty so buy and sell. And this actually allows you to do your trading directly from your phone. And it's still super practical. I can put my purchase amount and place my purchase order directly on my mobile. So precisely the point that you may have been waiting for and I hope you stayed until the end of the video, it's the Binance Token. Why I spoke to you since the beginning of the BNC that we saw everywhere on the platform.

The goal of the Binance Token, for the most part, is to bring value finally reward those who support the Binance project, either by the ICO, or by buying on the platform with Binance tokens. So already, Binance's fees, you will agree with me probably are not very high. If you buy with Binance currency, well you have 50% less fees. Suddenly, it's 0.05%. Which is really, I think, the cheapest on the market overall. It's smart because suddenly you buy everything, for example your currency trading, you will take it in Binance. And suddenly, it allows you to trade super quickly between all the different currencies. So in addition to that to validate transactions, therefore of this currency, the Binance Token, well you will be able to recover some GAS.

So you will have, in addition you will be able to earn money with the currency you use for trading. So after, we'll see. But normally what he wants to do Binance, it is to move more towards a totally decentralized system. So suddenly, you will have even more rewards on the currency. But, that for the moment, we cannot project too much on it. So of course when you look at a project like this, because there, in addition, it gives me a double analysis, you see analysis of the trading project, more local analysis.

So what about the team? Okay, you've got to have the limbs showing up there on the side or at the top. I'll see how it looks on the edit. So you got Changpeng Zhao, well I'm sorry, but these are Chinese names, so the pronunciation is bound to be, it will be scratched. I still try to make an effort. So he already had a business in the cloud so exchange and the like which performed quite well in 2015. So frankly, he's someone very well known in the business over there in China.

and who is very knowledgeable. So on top of that, at the level … Well then, you can look at all the profiles, they are really … These are rather senior profiles. These are people who have a good grasp of the subject. On top of that, what I'm looking at is if they are interacting well with the community. Well, they did ask me anything, so answer all the questions on Reddit. They are rather active on supports and others. They very quickly put new currencies on the platform. It is frankly one of the fastest. And on top of that, well you get to see a lot of interviews, so CEO's and the like. So another detail, Binance advisors are still heads. There is for example precisely the creator of NEO, the founder of NEO. Which is really surprising. And I mean which is a very good thing which precisely allows you to have 0% of costs sure ??? by NEO. Besides, I put the link for you just below. You will be able to see all the fees that there are per currency on Binance. Precisely NEO, suddenly is not at all fresh. And what also allowed Binance to offer, to recover the GAS just by storing its currency on its exchange platform.

So at the level for the investor side, Is it worth putting money on the Binance Token or not? This already will be yours to see. But know that the promotion I told you about in fact that you have 50% less fees when you buy with Binancecoin, it will decrease every year. And after 5 years, there will be no promotion at all. So how is this going to happen. Well, listen, Binance is going to buy back Tokens at market price from investors step by step, so each year and at the end of the coup, they will have redeemed 50% of these Tokens and they will burn them. So I don't know if you realize but it's when we say in the crypto-currency market that we're going to burn, that means they will be deleted.

So, guys, they're gonna buy you back at the market price. They'll buy you plenty of it and burn it down. So in fact, your investment, theoretically after that will depend on supply and demand you know that very well well, it will be worth X2. Which is just huge. So, that's why it attracted a lot of people to the platform. Besides, they're smart. They put in a referral program. Again, the link there is below. And suddenly, people are talking more and more about the platform. There are contests on it. The platform, it holds up. Frankly, compared to the others, it is much faster. They have the app on mobile. So it's hard enough to fault them for now. Since in addition, you can participate in ICOs directly on Binance. And finally, the last point is that entering Binance is super easy. Finally what I mean is you don't have ID verification as much as you trade for less than 2 Bitcoins per day.

And at the Bitcoin level today, I think in most cases that will be enough. Well then, precisely, otherwise he'll have to verify his identity. But hey, I think that for the most part, that will be enough for all of us unless we trade a lot in daily. Anyway, right now with the 50% less fees, it's pretty hard to say no. So listen tell me what you think about Binance in the comments if you want to invest in it or whatever. I'll admit, I'm using it now since it's much easier to trade on it. They have a lot of corners besides that you can not find elsewhere and other cryptos ??? And frankly, I think that can very well, very well evolve. We will see that in the long term. Anyway, I hope this video gets you more. Of course, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them in the comments.

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