La criptovaluta di sta per esplodere?? Vi spiego perchè

hello to all guys and welcome back to a new video as you are I hope well in today's video and I promise you it will not be very long we will talk about crypto puntocom because we are talking about clips indeed more specifically I would like to clarify that we will talk about cro the crypto currency dot com because only the big big news are coming before all this but as always the initials as already anticipated in the preface we will talk about the clip currency cro all this as I have already said because if I do not arrive the big news that is first of all the platform is arriving nt in collaboration with the fc and therefore in short a great collaboration that will see a leap forward as regards precisely the search for aggregates on the crypto platform dot com second thing instead we will also see the creation finally or rather the consolidation of the creation of the maine of kronos it will be a block chain parallel to that of crypto punto jorge which will increase and help again by p iù precisely decentralized finance as regards precisely the cro currency all this obviously we will face this video so as always if you have not already done it remember to be able to write to the channel put a nice like this video to help me reach as many people as possible and always if you want to turn on the bell to stay updated on all the lives that will always come out on the channel well but before doing everything this is without deepening these topics well let's move the computer let's actually see what is happening to the coin but well moving right here on the computer we can actually see the crow graph in the last seven days, however it is how much it is actually increasing but if we go to see a slightly more enlarged graph we see that it has only recently broken so in the last present 24 hours and forty-eight hours its old maximum in fact now the dot com clip coin is a rrivata to a new level both of historical highs now reached all this obviously as we have already said at the beginning of this video because because different things are happening and all these things that are happening are bringing investors to the platform and therefore also investing in the currency that up to now, however, both as regards its unique value it has always remained low in fact a direct competitor in the rival sign of crypto dot comics would be by mans has seen its currency that would be bnb grow more and more and become practically the third by market capitalization on the market of the ghetto currencies while instead the crypto coin puntocom despite everything that has already existed for some time has always remained low this could finally be a launching trait to be able to increase what is the market capitalization of creo and above all increase the unique value of chrome well let's say in theory yes but in practice there are obviously no particularities at the level of also distribution of the token but above all there are quantities of el toque and it is distributed that are much greater in that regard, however, compared to bienne be but this does in the video precisely to be able to talk about it deepen the topic if you obviously want the comments tab below nor will we deepen and we can talk about it quietly what we are going to see at this moment now are the holders or even called hodlers are practically the people who are at this moment buying and giving in their wallet the take crypto point cover then cro we see clearly how in October precisely for the games last seven days how much they have increased just now close to 8 November because you turn it on never born of kronos will be left released on 8 November so that will be the date in which we will probably see a buy the rumor sell the news obviously i or I hope not this because obviously there will certainly be on that date wherever it is close to that date of the people who had already bought and a given the cro in the past who will sell that coin in order to maximize what but at the same time I hope that the blow from the seller networks will be well managed at the latest anti new bayern as regards precisely the currency itself in fact as we were saying we see that in the last week they have increased a lot while in the last month we want to go and see here too we have done a truly immense leap and as far as the holders of click dot com are concerned, but as we said about a pawn before the news a little more in detail to be able to actually understand what is happening and what awaits us in fact the most important event of the next few days it will be the arrival of the maine kronos linked directly to the crypto currency cross as I have already said in fact it will be the parallel chain compared to crypto org which will allow maximum scalability in the field of decentralized finance therefore the file not only this because kronos will allow instant porting of daps and contracts that have been developed for this quite important thing because it was not possible to transport those which are precisely the tabs and anything else from the blue chain of puntocom clips to the blog chairs tyrion instead thanks to all this contracts everything else will be possible to be able to exchange and therefore also to be able to move on the arms on TV a very important thing this it is also for the blog there is incompatible as with and there was a technologically very interesting situation that could further improve the value of the crosos the market is improving it a lot because as we have already seen at this moment cro is exchanged let's say compared to all us of in with 0.26 while instead we generally had a price of 0 20 0 16 however, this news is really pushing up what concerns the very value of cryptic rho obviously a small reflection that I want to do at the moment is that surely all these news also know leading to an increase in value and therefore of capital with regard to precisely the same blue lights and rue because so many projects at the moment that are finally coming out that are consolidating are continuing to increase even the value itself delirium that the same coin point of rue has again reached new values ​​we historical highs this currently it is a small reflection of mine let me know what you think below in the comments the other news instead of which we talked about the participation between the cryptochrome platform and mt of the web will actually debut in the near future in fact Tuesday that would be the point is that of the week trading platform crypt dot com payments company ha r ilevato the launch of the first round fangi warner who authorized us from the web therefore effectively a partnership that they have entered into with web there in fact the nt collection known as web 568 pax will be launched next Thursday not Tuesday Tuesday only the first toghe then sum there will then be the taste of this engine there will also be the race to have to buy and buy this engine because it will surely be the one that maybe might want a little more than all the others but there will be all this collection that will come later released on Thursday and obviously it will be, let's say, available until stocks are exhausted that is let's say at the base of everything that will not be infinite using maybe I know 50 60 of these nt and they will be connected directly to the crypto platform puntocom as reported in july from coin telegraph the largest organization of sweet martial arts good a sponsorship agreement of $ 175 million with crypto dot com there are always more companies than the other companies can be one that is in the football field in the field also in this case of martial arts also in the basketball field such as plan be iii which are starting to take the sponsors of crypto currencies come exchanges like bynight script dot com like ruby in short, really many companies are starting to take these exchanges as sponsors, the collaboration of the other and another significant step towards the integration of grito in the sports sector in fact your point com was strongly interested in the global fan base of the ac which has over 625 thousand people all over the world that is you really think that will never be the total conversion but you think if indeed all the people of the there should be interested in what is the possibility of being able to buy one of these n arts maybe it will not be read the 100 percent or conversion but already only maybe 78 percent even if you have 125 million percent of people actually going to take an interest in registering clip bought cro because obviously in order to buy that npt I would have to buy grows first and then later of which with those created I could buy mt in short there will be a few things that will bring the unique value of the crypt that increase a lot of other things I do not know about you but it is a bit of the crypto tongue twister puntocom cro but recently clip against among other things has made and signed a partnership with matt damon matt damon and the actor famous for the film is indeed from elysium sobon but many others who made it started this collaboration with the montréal canadiens team of the hockey league company and formula 1 i facts when you see for example the formula 1 example I am a great fan and there is the banner behind there is always a click against como because in any case it is today one of the official sponsors for or it concerns formula 1 that is if you think about it a few years ago something like this unthinkable well guys basically away today ends here a small final reflection on what could actually be the value of crow as I have seen time is always on the side of crypto currencies because the more time passes and the more we move forward and the more there are projects those crypto rude are expanding there are fields where the publisher is actually taking hold my consideration on this token and if you have to buy it today do not think about selling it on November 8th or whatever it is I hope for you that it can really be a for 5 or less for you to be able to sell but I think it is really difficult what I can tell you is definitely buy it because it will acquire a lot of value over time because these projects are bringing new freshness and also new interest in this platform certainly to date cryptococcus is not one of the platforms more let's say a chip passes you fear the term of cheaper because in any case the price you are going to pay is quite heavy, including all the [__] you have to pay to be able to buy it, swap send in short, it is one of the most expensive as a platform but at the same time she is also the safest in the world at least for this year she is 21 she has been elected the safest in the world said that we will obviously talk about your thoughts on the case as always not followed simply my video I have my idea is a guest the actress that I said certainly the currency clip is worth the possibility of being able to buy it being able to say exchange it between the giving is valid above all because at this moment, however, it is worth little and if you really need it created it to be able to exchange them with the institutions that will be launched in collaboration with the arci well it goes without saying that in any case it is in this moment that they cost little to be able to buy certainly more among other things but I never do it in this ca I know I want to do it if you are not registered at what point how can you register you can also participate in this thing here some anecdotes on the web there of this collaboration that they have and precisely clips point com and lights well I remind you as always that there is a link below in description which is my link and affiliate at what point com that you can click and receive a bonus after uploading a bunch of crow on the platform so always times it should be of interest well you remember the linking description beautiful guys I thank you again must be in the video until the end let me know what you think especially if you think that created can really grow as much perhaps as balance I do not think that particular political things will not be done that will actually lead the coin to grow so much in value I guys thank you again I remind you to subscribe them to the channel put a nice like this video to help me reach more people as possible the bell I recommend and we as always see you in a next video gentlemen there bye bye

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