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stop let me know if you can hear me tonight let me know 
down below do you hear me because then we got 50   of this wonderful show going i always say when 
it's monday i miss you i miss you i missed you   i miss you always nervous but monday what a great 
day what a great day i mean i have to say at the   moment everything is great right the markets are 
up you are up i'm here and you're looking sexy   and what could be better what could be better 
oh yeah i hope you had a good one swab once wah   french is a is a country a language that i don't 
master oh i forgot to shave that's why i was late   can you believe that i forgot to shave if you 
can hear me okay you can hear me that's great   good to see your pandas but let me take this 
one on me oh you know first we gotta have a   sip you know because always having make it made 
it to the live stream is always always something oh okay so let me know if you yeah let me know 
if you're excited are you excited about the   the polka dot upcoming pair of chains are you 
going to participate have you participated in any reconnection is successful you know what i noticed 
today i'm twin it's like i'm i'm 10 seconds behind   you which could lead into like 20 seconds delay 
from when you actually ask a question so i get   until i answer you i mean that's a very slow 
boat to china hallelujah i didn't know that so um   yeah so sometimes if i you know answer you like 
so much later it's due to that anyway today   we got so much to talk about and i am gonna do it 
quick we don't make it more than let's say 30 to   40 minutes it's gonna be packed with information 
and in a way i'm happy because we are kind of like   summarizing recapping concluding the first i mean 
in reality it's like 12 but let's say the first 10   pair chain auctions and that is important it is so 
important for the future finance it is important   for the future of polka dot and it is important 
for you if you're going to participate because i   believe i believe that the polka dot hair chain 
auctions like everybody believes it's gonna you   know it's gonna pump but i think it's gonna you 
know be over i think it's gonna be over subscribed   and i think there's gonna be lots of people 
putting money into it it's not going to be here   like with the kusama problem where you could think 
about it you could allocate as much as you wanted   i don't think so but hey that is just what 
i think anyway i think that we gotta start   but first of all let's talk about what are the 
topics of today i'm gonna try to provide you   with some definitions and that's the information 
about crowd loans i wanna do that so that you're   prepared for the upcoming polka dot pair chain 
auctions it's gonna be it's gonna include lockups   and also rewards because rewards is important 
then we're gonna recap the first 10 pair chains   and also the rewards system just remember it's 
all unique every project is different and then   in the end we're going to do a little chit chat 
about deontay wilder and tyson fury what a match   it was i really have to say i enjoyed that a lot 
i don't know about you but i did anyway so um   it is time to to it's time to start and um and i 
think i think it goes a little something like this i want to welcome you to krypton never sleeps 
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my name is nico arachi and i love the thoughts well even though it is kusama uh i wanted to say 
friday pogba friday we need to see just together   together how how's the market doing mike i can 
see it's good 57 000 for bitcoin ethereum 3500   dot dot dot so let's look at the dot chart right 
and kusama ultimate i'm not going to talk about   bitcoin and ethereum got lots to do so that would 
be a waste of time you know smart smart analyst   saying and i would have to agree on that one right 
polka dot hasn't really been performing as as one   would expect and everybody thinks especially coin 
bureau who i love really thinks polkadot not only   is going to see you know their recent all-time 
highs but massive massive spikes in volume   and in price i think i think it could be the 
same anyway so i think a lot of people are now   gonna cover themselves with polka dots many dots 
a dot here a dot in the right pocket in the dot   in the left you in the back i think that's what 
we're going to see and let's just see kusama there we go i mean this is the daily chart you 
know we covered very very good here from down   there 144 right cup recover very good and um i 
want to take you into we'll see let's go there now   let's let's just go and because that's what 
we got to do we gotta do two slides and then   a bit of chit chat that's awesome happy happy 
happy happy as larry and as of course that's kitty   so we're going to start now because i'm going to 
try to make it a little quicker you know i know   that i do too much chitty chatty so let's go ahead 
and look at some and look at some quick facts all   together there has been 731 million usama tokens 
locked in in kusama let me just check the times that is 22 of the total supply and um that 
has been raised of locked funds on kusama   during the pair chain auctions now missouri i 
don't know you know them but they expect you know   it's a big analytic company they expect that we're 
gonna see similar numbers in the incoming polkadot   auction and that could lead to almost 8 billion 
and that would be locked in only remember the 10   first 10 options i mean they're gonna be many 
many many many more para para chains so it's   quite substantial you know this is not the end 
this is the beginning so never nevertheless they   expect that this could lead polka dot into rank 
five according to total value locked in so um   maybe we should go and look where poke 
where where is that currently are they um eight eight move up to five overtake 
except b well i guess that could happen   anyway let's go back here so only two 
slides are going to be a little bit heavy   but we and that's going to be about you know 
that's actually going to be what a pair chain is   but very quickly and let's do that before we say 
hello to the chat very chains are layer one block   chains and they actually run parallel on the polka 
dot and obviously also in extension usama network   so in order to get and become a para chain the 
project right this you know the like moon river   or like sheeden or like karura they need to win 
an auction as we have seen in the past 10 times   and then they leased a slot or given period 
all this is gonna be applied to polka dot   so in order to win this pair of chain slots the 
projects they're using crowd loans to raise from   their supporters investors and the community great 
way to do it now during this crowd long period   everyone can send in that manner.later and ksm 
tokens to support one or all of the projects   yeah so if a project wins the ksm tokens become 
blocked this is important you don't you get your   ksm tokens back you're basically just lending your 
ksm tokens see many they misunderstand and think   what's gonna happen with my kusana tokens no you 
just land them they're just blocked they are put   away for a year let's say 48 weeks but watch out 
because when it comes to polka dot there could   be longer slots just so keep in mind i think 
it'll be like up to two years so that you know   that if you commit your thoughts might 
not have a dot for the next two years   but you will be rewarded with other tokens 
so yeah the question is what happens   if your favorite project is not going to win you 
get your ksm because hammer tokens or dot tokens   back even quicker now and this number four is a 
little bit tricky and that has made it complicated   for me because i've participated in almost every 
in every project that is that every project has   its own reward policy so usually if the projects 
win a slot it will send a number of their own   native tokens to the crowd loan contributors 
in proportion to what they've contributed   so it's with every project it's different and moon 
river we're by far the best nevertheless this is   important if a project i'm gonna repeat what i 
said basically if a project wins a slot but within   the crowd loan you do not swap your ksm tokens 
as i just said you stake block your ksm token   you will receive your ksm tokens back after 
the slot leasing period which is up to 48 weeks   and you also get the projects tokens with an 
unlock schedule the unlock schedule is important   because and there won't be no pump up and the last 
thing here it doesn't win well then your timer or   dot tokens will be sent back after the final date 
of the slot auctions that's it not so complicated   not so complicated but it's important you know 
and if i think about it we started with all this   i don't know three four months ago right so i 
think it's time to go and have a chitty chatty   let me just let's go let's go now it's time for a bahama mama moment and it is 
good to see color roll i haven't seen you boo hoo   how are you doing blockchain betty is here and 
so rooney good to see you ollie good to see you   and then i have to sell some crack now because 
of my uh you know i think you can't sell that now   and and get you know btc that's that's that that's 
no longer available anyway crypto wall is here   good to see you gary kovacs how are you doing 
persian empire good to see you and lovren hey   samuel yeah i always see you and i always 
forget to say hello i always say that after   good to see you you're really here always 
nigerian the house good to see you samuel   and tommy loss and let me know where you are from 
that would also help me and of course i want to   know do you think the markets are going to go up 
or not it seems that the markets are going to go   up and what i said to you last time in the live 
stream it seems like we are low volume though   but what's going to happen ask you that last 
time what's going to happen if we are going   to see bitcoin go to 64.

Should it even go to 
a hundred would that all happen within a week   then what anyway let me know field marshall i love 
it i love it i love it i also love the dodge i   mean i love thoughts more than i love kitty just 
don't tell her that and we got vex 989 good to   see you premier singh uh sri lanka that's good to 
hear that's good to hear and we've got cryptozol   anas of course is always here digicol good 
to see you and we've got vajid i mean some   of your names are hard for me to to pronounce 
nevertheless i'm so happy to see you guys   and crypto millionaire uh let me know let me 
know how many kosama per chance will occur well and i think we need to move on um to   through the presentation basically that's what i'm 
being informed of let's let's go go go go go go   okay so here we are here we are so now i gave you 
a little clarification of how that really works   you got to inform yourself remember that's also 
important everything i say is not financial advice   all i do is i try to gather some information i try 
to share it with you you've got to go through it   yourself huge opportunity but also risk and 
it is complicated so please please please   not financial advice you do you 
i do me and that's how that goes so the next thing i want to take you to this is 
the crowd loan rewards and i also want to let you   know you see when i started when we started this 
you know stream polka dot and kusama i don't know   three to four months ago i hadn't participated 
i didn't know at all how it was going to be   just like we're now doing with the gaming 
my experiences it has been really really   a success i mean my experience is that it 
it has been lawless without complications   i mean i mean i gotta say this the user the user 
interface and the user experience now that is   that i mean that almost belongs on you know if we really want to adopt if we really wanna 
achieve mass adoption they gotta get you know   gotta get that make it too many steps but it's 
quick it's reliable um i mean in that ecoverse   it all works very very very fine and good but you 
gotta spend a lot of time on informing yourself   anyway so when it comes to rewards yeah i asked 
for profits there is some similarity with ido's   icos or you know what it is called initial 
decentralized offering initial was a coin offering   or initial game offering because you do receive 
tokens of high potential blockchain projects   before a list of public sales stats i only 
say similarity because it is different   and i wanted to you know highlight the four 
main differences that i have experienced   you got less financial risk from my 
point of view because in a crowd loan   you do not buy project tokens you stake your ksm 
or dot tokens and you get rewards in the new coin   if i now look back both at the gaming and at the 
kusama i have now increased so many positions   where i have new projects points in projects that 
i believe have a real chance of becoming something   big in the future i mean this is massive this 
is not just that my current position increased   because there's more market care coming into the 
to the overall industry these are real new coins   new tokens from new projects i love it so that is 
true um so let's financial risk in crowd loan we   do not buy the project tokens we just stake the 
ksm tokens and we get our rewards low barrier   to entry i mean you can participate with i think i 
don't know 0.1 kusama that's it and yeah 1.0.1 and   the transaction costs are nothing like they are 
on ethereum public access you do not need to hold   launchpad tokens to participate you don't need to 
be a lion an eagle or a legend no and there's no   lengthy process of white listing and you don't 
have to tweet or do all those nasty things they   ask you to do i mean i get i never go i never go 
on twitter i only go on twitter because i want to   participate in these white listings twitter blog 
my account and and they make you do all this nasty   [ __ ] no none of that there and no kyc and of 
course residence limitations are you know i don't   really know that but you need to perform kyc steps 
and there is no you do not need and there is no   residence limitations i mean there are some 
slight um limitations but very very little   when you compare it to uh to the to the launch 
pad with the launch pad you are certainly not   anonymous i mean you really got to go through an 
entire white listing and that's benefits the new   projects that are you know collect your data 
anyway these are differences but they're   substantial you see i also don't truly 
believe and this is a this is important the launch pads they just want to launch as 
many coins as possible they make profit and   they know that the demand is huge so ultimately 
you don't not know if that coin that you're going   to participate in where you can allocate it at 
52 is that going to be a [ __ ] coin or is it   going to be a good project i actually do believe 
the polka dot is going to play a big future in   in in the future in finance and i don't think 
that the first 20 30 coins that are gonna launch   they're gonna be [ __ ] coins i actually think 
they're all gonna be market leaders off tomorrow   here we go these are the first and we've got 
some of their not so this is old slide but the   first ten that one you obviously know 
well statement cabra moon river sheetan   kala basilisk calamari kilt by frost 
out there taiko that's about it so we made a list for you um and that also took 
some time because here we've made a list of   all the error chain winners now kimsugi is not 
confirmed but it looks like they are gonna win   and actually there's 12 because as i 
said the first one what is it called here   a statement but statement is kind of like it's 
good it's good for the overall community so   here you go so what we tried because 
everyone wants to know what are their rewards   and out of those 11 you can see that 
only karura moon river sheetan and kala   have their tokens listed for the reward tokens 
that you received like the car token the move   token the sheeting token and the file token there 
you could actually cash in and you know what it's   worth the wife has killed calamari basilisk 
altair parallel haiku i don't know by the way i do a lot of this research by myself i 
mean kitty and betty they're also here   so if if there are some mistakes here then i 
apologize and please share that with me because   you know there can be some mistakes and also all 
these rewards we're going to go through um because   each coin if you invested very early early bird or 
late birth did you participate in the first or not   so there are some differences there so what 
i'm you know sharing with you is what i got   i've got more some good less so yeah so the way we 
have done it is that for each we're gonna you're   gonna go through it that's for each kusama token 
that one is contributed we took today's price   and then what we found out you know how you 
would be rewarded according to one kusama   and we will update this as it goes on first of all we gotta we gotta say 
hello to haiku hi go high call studslund who would have thought that high goes 
deutschland he would come in there and   and sweep out nevertheless heiko one the tenth 
and um it's just also another decentralized um   protocol but you know now we've got three or 
four of them already but nevertheless the one   number ten i am exposed to high quality i think 
he's a good man couldn't go to oktoberfest but   nevertheless so with high co finance a reward 
token that we're gonna get is called h what's   it called hko promising of hong kong and 
for each kusama you will get 200 hko tokens   not listed yet now there was something 
that i did like about haiko you see   and i'm not 100 sure you maybe you 
know they've dedicated a certain amount   of tokens to the ones who contributed to the 
crowd loan but they only raised 50 percent   of what they you know they could have raised 
up to 400 um 400 000 ksm so i think actually   we're going to get double rewarded that's 
the good thing of participating in one of the   points projects that don't get to the limit 
you know who got to the limit it was like   just the other one it was like um it was a 
calimari or we will go to that because then more   people have to share the reward i think here less 
people are gonna share same amount of rewards so   congratulations to number 10.

I want to go now to 
number one now the first one who won on osama was   obviously karura i also think that their mother 
uncle akala is going to be among the first to win   air chain on polka dot so watch out for a car now 
with the car you got and and and they're they're   actually the ones that already have their app that 
working i mean i i i do a lot there i like it and   it's fast it's quick and it's good it's good now 
with the with karoon as i said you got for each   you can see here for each ksm you got 
22 karura tokens and the card token   two hours ago the price was at eight dollar 
ten cent that that means that for every kusama   that is now valued at 325 you got 178 dollars 
that's good remember our hasn't even started yet   the whole ecosystem hasn't even taken off 
yet i believe there's a lot of attention   let's move down to the ultimate the 
ultimate winner i mean this is unbelievable   moon river can you believe it that's the only one 
i didn't participate in because i always left it   i almost left god damn it i even made a video at 
last year in december about moon river moonbeam   and then i miss out on that shame on me and i hope 
you participated because that was the ultimate   warrior here so moon river they actually and i 
mean i mean look at that let's go back do you know   i mean do you know for each kusama token how much 
profit you made there unheard of moon river so one   kusama token would to today be worth you would get 
uh you you will get the 50 uh you will get 15 moon   rivers and moon river is now at 268 that means you 
got 3 900 for each kusama and now if you bought   yukosama for seven dollars unheard of unheard of 
wow yeah so moon river is really and of course   moon river's uncle father whatever probably could 
compete with akala about winning a first parachain   watch out for carla i mean for moon beam movie 
movie there we go there we go are we right yeah many of you i mean i mean this is just 
unheard of um yeah so the next one the i mean   look at this moon river they already got a market 
cap of 500 million and they haven't even started   yet the third one that won a pair of chain on 
kusama was shiden multi-chain tap hop on kusama   and with jiden you got an and they have listed 
their their corner proud of them proud of them   uh and there you got for each kozama you got 84 
yeah there was also different stages but i got 84   and sheetan as we looked earlier was at 4.65 
that means that for each kusama currently today   worth of sheetan you got more than kusama a lovely 
deal so you block your kusama you get rewards   i mean moon river is probably not i don't know if 
that's going to happen so often that i mean you   can see here we all minimum 50 or more i mean i 
find this lovely lovely lovely anyway and sheetan   i wanted to touch up on some news on shiden you 
can see they got listed here and they're basically   you know they're not it's not working yet so you 
gotta wait a little the news ah from sheden and   big brother that's gonna launch on polka dot is 
they're launching a 30 million a star and cheating   ecosystem growth fund why is that good news that's 
because they're going to invest their own money   in new projects help the developers fund them in 
order to bring more decentralized applications to ecosystem now now we don't want to go so much into 
these things you can go look at that   a second thing that's great microsoft japan 
announced support supporting building a star and   sheen ecosystem go in and look at that the best 
thing is when we see traditional going digital   microsoft is very digital but they're supporting 
a blockchain project like this it's big i believe   so with the color network we also participated in 
that and here you can also see that with the with   the with the color there and i have to go back 
now in the presentation it's the last one that   has a reward token listed so the carla for each 
ksm we received 150 tokens currently the far token   is at 0.8 that means we got currently for one ksm 
worth one that worth 118 dollars i believe all of   it is gonna go up but that's just my point of view 
now the rest of the tokens they're not listed yet   so it's still very much in a black box are we 
gonna make lots of money or are we just gonna anyway yeah i mean that that's that's up 
to everybody to make their own decision   and then let's move on so here we buy frost uh 
yeah buy for us that that's you know you know i first we also got rewards but since you know 
now you can go in it doesn't matter now if you   got 2000 or 100 right because in the end 
of the day we gotta wait until they list   and this is one thing that i also wanted 
to tell you being a real dedicated investor   to crypto takes a lot of time jesus christ 
it is not streamlined it's not like you got   a centralized place that you can follow it 
you gotta under you see also each of these   projects they have to i'm this just shouldn't 
sound bad but just so you know where to get into   each of these projects they have their own tabs 
they have their own you know system and you got   to go and you got to understand it learn it 
so that you know how you can you know stake   and make more money and it's a long i mean it's a 
learning curve but i think it's worth it tilt the   next project which won killed one there is here 
now a little what did kill oh my god we got anyone guilty one there auction number six and they 
wanted big time i think they're also from germany   and i think kilt is a project that i actually 
committed a lot to i believe that they   will have a huge huge future and i want to read 
this for you kilt is an open source fat blockchain   protocol for issuing claim-based verifiable 
revocable and anonymous credentials in the web 3.0   anonymous that is important it allows end users 
to claim arbitrary attributes about themselves get   them attested by trusted entities and store the 
claims as self-sovereign credentials certificates   as trusted entities okay i will tell 
you i mean we read that you don't   really understand it's about that as the 
world is going to be more interconnected   you don't want to you mean you want your data to 
stay with you right so what kild is doing is that   they will verify for example you want 
to go purchase something or you want to   you know buy property or they will they will 
verify that you you you are legit you're real   but they won't share your personal data with them 
so kilt is kind of like you know they verified you   they can guarantee to the third 
party that they have verified you   that way they can make a trend transaction 
but you remain anonymous i think that has a   lot of potential but that's a good talk 
for another day so the next one was uh you see killed they were completely subscribed 
they were looking i mean all of their protocols to   have a cap and kilt reached that cap so compared 
to haiku they had a cap of 400 000 ksm they only   had like 50 reach still one to ten that's what i 
mean with i believe that the contributors to haiko   are gonna you know fifty percent are still 
going to get hundred percent of the rewards   where we killed 100 of the contributors have 
to share 100 of the rewards but nevertheless   just to think about the next one calamari funny 
names calamari network one auction number seven   and this is a plug and play privacy 
preservation protocol built to service   the entire device stack on kusama today we're not 
we shouldn't talk too much about you know each   potential but it is important in the end of the 
day that you will look what can these protocols   do what are they there for since they're going to 
be a part of the main infrastructure of the future   anyway oops calamari they um there you get you 
know for each ksm you get 10 000 plus some you   know here and there but see when they're gonna 
list basilisk was a surprise as the second the   only one only in moon river and basilisk i 
didn't get to participate i think vasiliskis   is an animal so look out for the big brother 
the uncle the father that's also going to win   i think a pair of jeans and polka dot i'm 
certainly going to participate in hydra x so and then my all time favorite i mean this is my 
i believe this is my home run i don't know but um   all there and centrifuge also if you watch chico 
he likes interviews too so let's give that up for   the future and all there and there's 
so much room so little market cap   still compared to what they can do and 
what are they doing they're transferring real assets tangible assets 
onto the blockchain it's amazing so anyway there that is you know for each 
ksm you got 430 air tokens not listed yet   you should actually go in here and read 
all about it yourself if you are interested   and then i think the final and last 
one that's gonna win a pair chain   not confirmed yet i think we still got one 
day you can actually look at we got one day then we got one day and a few 
hours left until we're gonna see   who is ultimately going to win it but go ahead and share this with 
you so you can see it yourself   what i do now is that i go into the polka dot go in now we're going to follow 
obviously the kusama proud lone rancher live things could have changed but i get used to 
this if you want to participate in these things   there's no way around it actually you want to 
make good money and you know this ecosystem and i make so many videos and share so and turn 
it here you can see all the ones that have won   yeah and you can see in is kept let's 
go there's still one day and some good tomorrow it will ultimately end so 
let's see how many the other tokens raised i'm nothing most not not a lot of 570 uh asm 
pokersmith i had expected more from them they   got 27 300 but i expected more plus 2989 uh no 
anyway so you can see that nobody's close here   right who's closest that is giancio 
and picasso with sick almost 17 000.   now when it's gonna end tomorrow that's what i'm 
gonna say i've participated in some of these i'm   gonna get my osama tokens back but there will be 
further perigee and auctions i'm sure all of these   will eventually get a pair of chain so don't think   that these are out they are still market 
leaders of tomorrow and if they go down in price   i mean i would buy i would not financial advice 
but i would look out for these i mean i do so anyway i think that so i think that the last 
uh pair chain will be a water rewarded to kinsuki   and um an inter interlay 
which is the big brother that   probably also going to win a pair 
very chain very soon on polka dot ah that's it let's see how much time depending 36 minutes i mean wow this great 36 
minutes and and we're over it's done we can   we can go and say goodbye and see each other 
tomorrow that's great let's go to the chat that's it i mean i hope you enjoyed it 
i hope um you know i love coin bureau   for example and he launches videos every 
day and when i see his video first i think and i know i gotta listen to it but when i listen 
to it after i feel okay it's something good for   myself i truly believe that if you listen 
to my videos or you listen to me that you   you know you will do something 
good for yourself at least you will   you know you will broaden your your horizon 
i also wanted to give you one personal   um advice when you look at the youtube channels 
all of them they're out there i want you to look   look for different character traits 
there's one type of youtube channels where   they just promote affiliate links and um and 
they are you know when the market goes up i   mean the only message they have is everything to 
the moon everything to the moon and just affiliate   link here affiliate link there they don't 
care for you they care for their own channel   the views and what they can you know promote 
they're not so dangerous because you probably   identify them yourself and the second level is 
that there are some relatively good analytic   channels out there that will be able to you know 
analyze the market the trend is pretty good and   be sweet and have identified a certain trends at 
certain moments but you will notice and they are   sweetie pie they're sweet ass cherry pie but 
you will notice that when the market starts   not going in their direction you will notice that 
they are then not they get angry you know they   got a short position and the market keeps going up 
keeping up they will defend it and if somebody in   the chats right here i mean you know goes against 
it if he gets angry if he loses his temper even   slightly that means he is emotional not good to 
listen to not good to listen to so i just want   you to watch out and and that's why i always try 
to say to you it's important to be unemotional   and on that side note i wanted to give you three 
channels that i truly believe are great for this   point bureau is great he's really unemotional 
chico probably the guy with the most heart in   this industry and look at mark moss mcmaster's 
however not really into crypto he is however   into explaining you the things that i love 
the most monetary system history of money   need standard they don't promote 
they don't [ __ ] you they don't   they try literally but most of all only chico 
tries to provide you he goes out of his way   to give you research that you can benefit from 
ultimately i would like to look at myself like   chico so that's it for me today um in case you got 
any questions i will look in the chat and i will   go over them and i will answer you in a separate 
video i look forward to seeing you tomorrow   tomorrow we're going to talk about gaming i am now 
you know the prime leader on gamify on red kite   still on doc starter we're going to look at that 
tomorrow and i'm trying now to purchase enough   slim tokens so we can participate in the solana 
ecosystem remember don't give up don't give up   i know you will succeed one day we will 
tell each other the story of a lifetime i   will tell you my story of a lifetime that will 
be on december 24th stay safe stay home until i love you so much and thank you for being here courage strength leadership bravery sheep follow the leader they follow the 
herd they don't know where they are going   many times they are led to the slaughterhouse 
but they keep following they don't leave   they don't use their mind a lion leads it's about 
having the courage to stand and fight for your   life having the strength to go bravely in your own 
direction even if others walk away you tread your   own path only you know what's best for you only 
you know what path to take only you know your   courage your strength your heart everyone has 
the heart of the line inside of them let it out   let it scream out of you like the lion unleash 
the beast in you attitude is what you think   what you do and what you feel about yourself 
attitude is everything in life guess why   whether you rise or fall everything is based upon 
the attitude that you showed up at that moment   your attitude determines your altitude 
listening carefully i've been through tough time   i've experienced it and i want you to know 
that it wasn't my money that brought me this   far it was my attitude towards life it was 
my attitude to keep going when the growing   gesture that is the lion attitude i'm talking 
about the question is what is your attitude   towards life what do you think of yourself 
as i'm talking to you now do you think   of yourself as how god thinks of you or you think 
of yourself as how friends and family members   think of you you need the lion's attitude 
the attitude to take charge of your destiny   you need the lion attitude that says i can you 
need the lion attitude the attitude that says   i will because i'm bold enough to fight you 
need the lion attitude if you are standing in   for greatness realize they're hungry when the time 
comes for their mission lions are not followers   they are leaders who lead the rest of the animals 
become a lion be fearless don't talk walk the dog realize they demonstrate who they are a lion 
does not seek respect their command respect   and authority because they know they should be 
respected be a lion and ship for us the leader   a lion leagues is about having a courage to 
stand and fight for your life having the strength   to go your own direction even if no one believes 
in you follow your heart only you know what is   best for you only you know the birth to deck you 
have the heart of the lion inside you let it out   don't fit in stand up and use your gift the lion 
is certain there are no babies with the light   this is my decision and i will 
attack until the outcome is mine   no one will push me around no one 
will tell me where to go or what to do   if i want something i will go after 
it with everything i have inside me   the sheep is not certain that is why the sheep 
follows the herd not knowing where they are   going not caring just drifting through life being 
pulled and prodded being sheared from head to toe   until there is nothing left to give and that 
is what i see in many of you life the world   and society is shredding you of your very self 
head to toe you lose your own unique footprint   you become what others want you to see not what 
you want to be don't let anyone push you around   be like a lion roar so loud with your own 
spirit that no one will doubt you ever again   no one will question your goals no 
one will dare challenge you again   because you certainly will 
shine through like the lion you

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