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wow t minus 17 seconds start oh can you hear me tonight can you hear me tonight 
let me know if you can hear me because then we   already got 50 of this show up and running and 
panels you made me smile hey no stress today   [ __ ] no stress today let's enjoy because it's 
sunday i hate i hate winter yeah well you know   uh yeah well i don't know yeah i like winter 
sometimes right i think what i don't like is   what we're having right now and what we're 
having right now is rain cold and then   you know you don't feel like wanting to go out 
much in fact when you think about going out you   say [ __ ] going up no you don't say that the 
lions are back jade dub sounds as good guys   guys guys maybe you have noticed a little change 
have you noticed a change let me know if you see a   little change because that wouldn't be interesting 
if you look at me not my face you know we're not   talking about the bell's policy even though in 
case you're new to this channel you don't know   well i got myself a bad case of bills ballsy 
even though it's getting better thank god   um yeah so let me know let me know let me know 
let me know what you see and the sound should   be a little bit worse than it usually is but let 
me know let me know and i'll give you another one   two minutes to figure this out and by the way by 
the way wow i don't know what to say wow wow wow   if any of you actually followed our channel when 
we write when we start it's not because i want   to you know make myself sound like i'm so great 
but and this it's about the polka dot ecosystem   and i got to tell you about a little thing i 
mean i was excited about making i was excited   about making cryptocurrency portfolio update 
yesterday but am i i mean polka dot and kusama   and i'm also excited about it because we got in 
and and and for that matter we're a little channel   that actually at a very very early stage 
really talked a lot about kusama and   polkadot and let me just give you the 
first piece of advice not advice effects   and i'll give you this is a real insider who 
even doula i'm gonna give you now some real   insider hanky-panky so you better watch out 
right it's not financial advice you better i   mean this is a home run what i'm gonna give 
you now you can't find that anywhere else well first of all okay let's just you see as a 
youtube content creator you know it's not that   i like i don't see myself as that but of course 
i can look into the stats right and stats are   very important i can for example tell you that 
when we make and i don't really go by i mean   if i wanted to go just by getting views i would 
make completely different videos i can tell you   that much but for example if we do a polygon 
video i mean that's the best video that we have   has almost hundred thousand views when we do 
when we do i've almost got a laugh at it right   when we do a polka dot video i mean hardly anyone 
wants to watch that hardly anyone wants to watch   that and i thought maybe it could be interesting 
for you guys to have a viewer look at that because it reveals a lot it reveals what's going on to 
wins on the youtube platform right and before i   talk too much it really shows polka dot and kusama 
together they have a lot of aum we know that   a lot of market cap where's it coming from 
if they're no viewers really nobody really   gives a flying hallelujah when i when i 
make a video about polka dot and kosama   all institutional money fact polkadot is the 
number one pogodon kosama is the number one   ranked cryptocurrency held the longest 
and i think also the biggest buy   institutional traditional asset managers now 
you know i like to always back up my things   what i say with some with some slides and so 
on but you know that also takes so much time so   let's take it with a grain of salt but i don't 
think i'm wrong i really don't think i'm wrong so   look at it like that and i want to share with 
you a little bit of stats so that we can so you   can see that yourself and uh and i think i got it 
i know we haven't even started that so now you're   here in the back office of of the crypto never 
sleeps and here we can see the views for example   yeah so let's go down and see the kusama 
okay how much money that was you know   1 000 views that's okay but you know if we go 
down and we look at solana we get oh oh sorry   here you can see it here you can see here you 
can see you know but these are the videos this   is the back office of kryptonite sleeps and 
you can see for example you can see here okay   one cache nobody wants to watch that 742 views i 
mean that is just that's that's ridiculous almost should be embarrassed of myself i should uh 
algorithm 2000 and then of course also when   these these were launched and this now you 
might ask yourself what is this guy talking   about we're supposed to come here and have you 
know polka dots sunday and sunday is a fun day   and but this is this is good stats 
and it's very polka dot related   so um then we can see algorand right we that 
which recently uploaded 2 400 views then we go   to quant 5800 views that's quite good or 
top projects on solana 6 000 views right   so and then what is it here how to exit 
crypto with profit now that's absolutely   that's an absolute fiasco i mean that actually 
belongs to be quite honest on the [ __ ] show   not on the [ __ ] show but on the [ __ ] list 
nevertheless is one of the most important videos   it's it you know see whenever i find that i make 
one of the most important videos nobody wants to   watch that nobody nobody cares about that um and 
then we go scroll down then we can see a thousand   for busana that's okay for our little channel 
thousand it's not bad but then as i said you   scroll down a little further you can see top four 
solano coins has 19 000 right so it goes a little   bit away so um and then you can it's another funny 
thing here so when we made the kusama specific   parachain auction token videos right so you can 
see we did here with this one uh estar and shiden   2 900 views we did then the one with the let's we 
can make it a little bit bigger right let's you   know we don't our eyes are not that good we can 
see a star and and cheetah they only got too small it never really goes the way 
it should right doesn't know   i think it's better like that anyway then uh 
so the best air chain token video was in fact   global finance lower finance with five thousand 
views and the second best is um is i cannot really   is um is uh the one we're doing today is old 
air and centrifuge and we are actually going to   participate in it today and i did it right before 
the show so that you can really see how we do it   step by step anyway this is a little bit of an 
insight why am i showing this you can see here   cosmo 1200 it is just it goes really to show that 
the retail investors let's say that the enemies of   youtube and such have not really discovered polka 
dot but the institutional investors have so i   didn't bore you too much with that and that's what 
that was the leading introduction to today and now   i think it's time to start this show oh yeah then 
we just have a little sip so did anyone notice did   anyone notice what has changed here what is what 
there's something that is missing in front of me what is missing oh yeah anyway anyway see i read the highest 
yeah and south or tony he's right there's so   many things that that you can actually see in 
these basic stats i mean you can also go to all   other youtube channels and then you can you know 
watch the most viewed video and these are these   are statistics that are quite interesting there 
you go my friend panus you are on it you're on it   you and i thank you for saying that the sound is 
not optimal i hope i hope it's not that bad that   you can't hear but you're right it's the mic it's 
gone it's gone look at it i mean i've had this   lapel mic that turns out from road either you know 
the settings are not great but oh i can do kung fu   i can do samba instead of always standing you know 
doing that with the microphone it's a it's a whole   new feeling it's a feeling of bahama mama anyway 
we got things to do and um and that's what we got   to do i want to welcome you to polka dot sunday 
sunday is a fun day anyway we gotta start and um   and that's what we gotta do let me just 
look here what do we have we got the drums   got the drums and we got the bells posing no and 
i believe it goes a little something like this i want to welcome you to crypto never sleeps on 
this wonderful sunday as i said sunday fun day in   case you're new to this channel you want to stay 
on top of the crypto railway then please hit like   smash subscribe so that you can be notified every 
time we upload new videos so that you can protect   your wealth preserve your wealth and ultimately 
increase your wealth i mean just look at this   and um yeah look at that what did happen anyway   um yeah my name is nico arachi and 
i am the host of this little show and first we're going to go in and have 
a look as always as always we're going   to have a look at the market movers and the 
market loses look at this look at this script strong man lion but it's funny that not having 
the mic here i feel like something i feel like   i'm standing naked here really honestly i felt 
like i could hide behind it anyway it i love   this time of the day it is really you know 
a lot and i mean i like it in the terms of   the markets they always tend to change when we do 
here in the evening i don't know if just because   i didn't watch it look so much today but so 
let's see btc bitcoins it's 47 000 week down   one percent then we got ethereum three point 
three thousand three hundred and then we got dots   thirty three point nine seven 
and then we got cardano um   why do we always do that i always like to look 
at that because we wanna identify to what degree   we are seeing the market manipulation remember 
this is a market as being heavy manipulated due   to the fact that it is unregulated i say 
that every day but that's the fact now if   we go and look at all these four it's the five 
minute chart that we're looking at and you can   see that they mirror each other to not as much 
as they sometimes can so we can see the volume   in bitcoin that was pretty steady sunday right 
people sleeping you cannot see the theorem but   then if we go down to kadana we can see there's 
a huge spike there down you know but nevertheless   it's different and i like it you should like it 
too we want to see we want to see the coins mature   we want to see the market mature and we don't 
want to see all coins going in one direction   and that takes me to of course what we're 
going to look at i mean first of all i don't even know what to say kusama polka 
dot it is it is i i really don't know what   to say and i like now i'm a little as you said 
as panel said today we take nice and easy so   i'm gonna you know do a little you know my mind 
is anyway always all over the all over the place   but um i'm gonna jump a little but it's all 
related to polka dots and kosama trust me on   that it is a money-making venture um combined with 
quality that i believe that we have not witnessed   in the blockchain space as of yet now i like to 
call myself number one and i'm the greatest and   the biggest and all of that but i profoundly am 
really happy that i try to promote kusama and   polka dot and it really seems to i mean the way 
that they're organizing things and the way that   you can make money on it it is just it is i mean 
you never i honestly believe that you will never   ever have a chance like this again well maybe 
in 50 years you know never never but that you   will really have a chance to participate in the 
structure in the infrastructure of one of the key   uh players of the future of not only 
finance but everything that has to do   with blockchain and that you can actually but it's 
almost like i want to give you a little bit of an   example it's like you're building up a new city 
a new country right what does this country need   well they need you know they need sewage they 
need transportation they need electricity they   need all these things right and it is like you and 
i can get coins almost for free in all of these um   necessary infrastructure providers that are 
basically having a monopoly to a certain extent   because they're the first and and all of that 
and you get them for free and we're going to   talk about that today i mean it's lovely lovely 
first we're going to have a little bahama mama   because i'm in a great mood today great mood 
when is polka dot sunday sunday is a fun day ah yeah oh when we do bahama then we're going 
to the church and then we'll go through the   presentation it's always like going through 
the presentation it's like that's the hard   work right so who is here today who is here 
today we've got to meet my soul brother we   got blockchain betty good to see you software 
talk always vogue a little chitchat mr antoine   nice to see you i know you are uh mr antoine he 
has a special place in my heart special place   together with che i mean everybody has as well 
but mr andrew and and shahida were the first   people that helped me train with the transition 
from bitcoin channel live to crypto never sleeps and my soul brother as always he's right hit like 
smash subscribe so we can get this channel growing   okay so let me see do we have any good no not 
a new one eduardo romero make a video on on ach   please yeah we'll look into that and uh girl 
you're here i learned so much for the exit   thing are you just a charmer what can i say you 
always just charm me every girl but i'm happy you   say that because i'm really happy you say that and 
i really wanna tomorrow we're supposed to launch   the cbdc video today watch it tomorrow for god's 
sake it's 20 minutes i mean but it is important   because it really will make help you make better 
decisions when it comes to understand the market   okay i think um there's nothing we can do except 
to move on and um and that's what we've got to do the first thing i would like to do is to 
go and look at the polka dot portfolio   that we have been able to create um you can see 
since we started this around this also like before   the management 12 weeks ago but nevertheless 
so kosama 118 up since we started and with   dominion 27 145 percent of polka dot i'm telling 
you guys i'm telling you guys the polka dot   kusama is only i wouldn't say it no it's a test 
it's a test it's a test for what's to come now i   also understand that now the expectations they 
are really being you know they're really being   increased and and uh you know that the 
expectations of what polka dot is going to   perform is extraordinary what i believe is going 
to happen with polka dot i think that's where   probably and we will also talk about about this 
today i don't think with the polka dot perichine   auctions that you will have the freedom the 
liberty the chance to wait as long as we have   done here right i mean remember with karua right 
i mean we had all the time in the world i mean   you could think about it for six months if 
you wanted to participate i think with the   pair change is going to be like what we have 
seen in the past week as we saw with basilisk   uh that got you know full capped they raised 
everything they needed kept quickly the same   thing happened with um was the calamari also and 
i think we're going to see more and more of that   so you will never get an you see also when you 
when you oh there's a there's a fly here nest if   you like also when you look at when you look at 
these incubators the launch pads right i mean if   you go to any launchpad even if it's the gaming 
launchpad you're lucky if you can get allocation   to these new igos for five hundred dollars that is 
you know in some cases the maximum they will allow   you to participate with now wouldn't you like 
to participate with 50 000 of course you would   and that's the chance you have it's not going to 
last forever and i i mean i i i myself am also you   know sad that i didn't put everything in there 
because it you'll never get that chance again   but nevertheless let's go down here and karua 
at 190 since it got listed and remember if you   staked for you submitted some of your kosama 
tokens through the karura very gen auction you got   22 i think it was 22 car tokens for ericosam 
and then it has increased in value and i'll   tell you some of a lot of these reward tokens 
that we have received are already up more than   100 of the contributed kusama we haven't even 
started yet we haven't even started yet i mean   i haven't even woke up we haven't even had 
breakfast yet anyway so chainx you can hear   him jumping a little but it's important 
information genics since we bought up 145   another lovely one when we get to 
that 12 percent since it got launched   but we got it for free because we staked 
our kosamas then we got lucentry we love to   talk about everyday clover finance up 21 i know a 
lot of you expecting more patient is a virtue have   patience have faith faith in the good lord of the 
polka dot and the kusama ecosystem just like kitty   centrifuge is the only one that's down 11 no the 
core is also down 24 i believe they're all gonna   win but hey whatever i know you know it can go 
either way then what else do we have here we got   centrifuge down 11 that's i mean centrifuge and 
all they are that i have participating in today   and i've made a video so we're going to do this 
together i believe this is a this is a this is   a must-have it is one of the protocols it's going 
to be a guaranteed future leader of tomorrow that   actually can tokenize tokenize can get real hard 
assets onto the blockchain it is a lovely lovely   thing and they're the first but i think there's 
lots a lot of goodies there poker foundry gaming   we like that poker foundry has poker smith right 
and it's not going so good at the moment but i   think it will get there paulie knows great 37 
37 and then secure is the only one down but i   think this is opportunities to buy i also have to 
say i'm done with my tiling of 96 lovely lovely   the winner of 74 and ryu defy i have to say also 
one of the best things that has happened to the   kusama ecosystem and one of the worst things 
that has happened to me is moon river i mean ice   do you really know that i i i slept i mean 
i forgot it i didn't do it and that has been   i heard actually today and that's not even 
from i stole that piece of information   that the increase in price that moon 
river has generated or or has given uh   investors who participated in the moon has also 
i'm sorry i could hate myself for that that was   the most successful most successful launch of the 
first batch it wasn't moving and i slipped it out   really but anyway um it was like it was like even 
if you had bought kusama at 600 at the highest   price you would still have made 10x in terms 
of the rewards that you were getting with the   moon river logan it's unbelievable it could 
be am i mixing something up with moon river   moon beam but you get the point i mean highly 
highly profitable and not only remember   don't just think about okay it's a shame that we 
didn't participate oh jim on me no this is gonna   create attention this is gonna create a bang 
that's gonna attract so much more money that's   gonna flow in and ultimately all of these coins 
just like we are now looking at which coins we   should invest in clover sakura uh litandri and 
you know all their and and and akala and karura   and you get um so are the others also gonna do 
right they're just a little bit behind us because   because because because we are lions that's 
the only difference and let me just see here   it doesn't really make sense to look for the 
line when it takes that long does it know   so let's go away from and then go back so 
we get it it's all been very profitable just   buying the coins that are there but 
now let's get in to the presentation   get into the presentation i mean how long have 
i been speaking already let me see i mean i   know my soul brother say he's going to be i 
liked it when he was real full of that boss   bill's policy you know he made short 
streams now we are back to 45 minutes   anyway i want to welcome you let's run through it 
kusama i want to give you some i want to give you   some um some overviews of how profitable it's 
been and then we're going to go through how we   participated in all there and then that's it 
and then we're going to go home and and wait   for monday so here we go we've lie away fly away 
here for those of you who knew this is basically   the infrastructure the first real big 
protocols that's going to be on kusama   and you know most of these you can 
see they're big they have already one   pair chain auctions and these are among all the 
ones that i think will ultimately win a slot so we can see karua as we saw before it 
was trading here 10 i mean it might block   trade a little bit because when we make these 
presentations uh it was ten dollars remember   when it got listed it was a 3.50 so you know it's 
gone up great great great of 442 from its all-time   low and down 22 from its all-time high but that's 
not what i really wanted to let you know i wanted   to show you that at the time when when um when 
the car token got listed uh kusama one kusama   was at 200 so if you had purchased because i'm 
at that price at 200 you know many have bought   it cheaper many have bought it more expensive 
so it's hard to have you know a precise price   what you bought kusama for so i take it at the day 
that they listed in this case karura and for each   kusama you were even received 22 car tokens and 
they are now at 10 30 that means that for every   kusama token you now have worth of 226 dollars 
that's more than 100 that you put in in the   beginning i don't understand that if you look at 
it today and you would look at the price of kosama   because it's around 400 so obviously if you bought 
cosine 600 and it's at 400 then you're down there   but nevertheless that you are getting this 
amount of value on top just for staking   it's quite it's remarkable it's more than 100 
percent in this case than what you invested with   yokosama i personally never ever thought it would 
be this profitable i gotta guarantee you that and i can imagine if i'm reluctant then 
i can imagine somebody that doesn't spend   you know 24 7 his entire waking life 
analyzing crypto that you must have also been   a little bit reluctant i could feel that when i 
made the the live streams about kabura and so on   you need to see it but seeing is believing 
i'm just happy if some of you participated   with the caller crowd loan we got the far token 
and if we again go back that's you know at the   time that they when they won the parachute monk 
osama was around 227 now today the far token is   90 cent and you got 150 reward bar tokens for 
every one kusama contributed and now that is   worth 135 so that would be roughly 60 percent on 
top of the price of kusama of the day they won the   bear chain and i really still think that fala and 
karla they have massive massive upside potential then she is a lovely lovely villa for every kosama 
again i go out from a kosama price when they're   you know they want the perichin around that time 
was 227 and for every kusama you received 84   cheating tokens and currently they are valued at 
5.96 that gives you a worth of 502 dollars that is   double up what the price of kusama was and if 
you want to look at the price of kusama today   it's more than than than the price of kusama 
that's amazing that is amazing it's like you   buy your kusama they come they increase in worth 
then you commit them to the perigee and loan   you receive great tokens that ultimately are 
equal or worth more than the kosama tokens   that you contributed i mean if you i know 
i'm repeating myself a little bit because   you gotta grasp it a few times you gotta hear it 
a few times you know in order to really believe   what i'm saying and that's also what i'm saying by 
the time sister shelley and and and brother jamal   are convinced that this is the true what i'm 
talking about then the train has left then   there's no more train left i mean there's 
no more opportunity so don't think too much   so um that was about um that was about the 
opportunities obviously uh there's no guarantee   what you're going to receive and how they're 
going to perform but until now it's been great   now remember there can be many many many many many 
many pair chains on both kosarum and polka dot so   maybe in six seven months or in a year probably 
it's you know there's also gonna come some   ultimately not market leaders of tomorrow so guys 
if you are ready for how to participate and how to   contribute your kosama tokens to all there well 
then that's what we're gonna do i just need i   need a one minute break i just need to upload 
that with one minute also just to give my my   tire tired old mouth a little a short break 
i'll be back in one to two minutes maximum and here we are here we are so i want to show 
you how you can participate because i believe   that all there is going to be probably the next   the next oh there we go the next token that 
could win one of the perigee and auctions and uh   and i and and again i love all there if you don't 
know about centrifuge and all that what it is   but then all you got to do is go and look 
at one of our videos and then you will   know what it is it's about getting real hardcore 
assets on the blockchain and i love it and i love   it but the first thing we want to do is we want to 
look at and so this is the procedure how it works   you can either and it was a good question that 
i saw do i participate um yeah parents is on top   i love it i love it i love it first of all 
um where do i participate i you can do it   i saw that one of the questions were do i do it on 
some of the centralized exchanges and no i do not   there there's absolutely nothing wrong with that 
i think it's actually easier to do it on cracking   for example i think i i don't know if gate i o and 
so on does it it is much easier to do it on the   centralized exchange it's much easier if you're i 
mean i spent so much time on having you know go to   look there and here and there and there and these 
big big exchanges like finance like craig and   you know the big ones much easier much 
better they deal with it to take care of it   so i would recommend that however you know since 
i'm a channel i gotta share and do the research   and sometimes it's sometimes you'll get 
better and of course when you do it on   the centralized exchange it'll take a 
little cut here and a little cut there and you don't want that so so it's it's all 
up to to that let me just say i think you can   go high everything can go higher my friend 
parallel haiku mm-hmm i know you're right   i'm i i am going to participate in haiko 
because it got a lot of support anyway so   i like the way that you can do it you can 
do it two ways you can go in on the polka   dot i like to call it the polka dot back office 
this is like etherscan but when you really have   access to everything it is really like your 
own it's your dashboard to all pair chains on   kusama and for that matter when it's gonna be 
on pokedot and you can learn a lot here you're   gonna learn a lot more than you actually maybe 
want to do so anyway you come in here and of   course you need to have installed your polka dot 
extension wallet then you go into the pair chains   and then you go to to go away from the mouse 
there and i've actually made a video about   it so i'm just going to go there no before i 
just wanna no nothing i'm gonna do it it's the   video you're not gonna see me because i'm gonna 
make a full screen but i'm gonna talk there's no   voice in that video so i'm gonna talk through 
it so i'm very much here yeah just so you can   see me and i think that's a good thing so and 
it's six minutes a little bit longer let's hurry so i think you can hear me here too in case 
you cannot hear me then you just let me know   first of all what i had to do i had to go to 
kraken so i went to kraken and i had to withdraw   some of my lovely lovely broken cosmo tokens i 
also have to say that on alt air um you know i   only contributed 24.

Uh it's not a lot it's just 
that you know i have who i got i feel like got so   many everywhere else like a hundred something 
in in uh in kilt and i'm something in karura   so you know um and also i feel that the price 
of osama currently i mean i've maxed out all my   kusamas so you can see here i have a little bit 
of a problem i need to i need to make sure and   that's why i'm i'm showing you so you can also see 
that it does take a lot a lot of time you go back   and forward and make sure that you get the right 
that you get your you know the right address from   wallet address from from the poker from the kusama 
ecosystem and make sure and then go to binant and then and then um yeah i i'm always a little 
scared when you do that and withdraw them   and then yeah all your codes i mean i'm really 
like i am so conservative you can't even imagine   so conservative and then oh yeah and then you have to go in 
and get old i'm also showing you these things   i think it's worth watching because you can 
see rather safe than sorry right it is a lot   every time whatever i do i have my email 
verification code i have my phone verification   code and i have my authenticator code it's 
a lot when you do many transactions but   i did get scammed hacked once or twice i 
know mr antoine he remembers that and she too   so i don't want that to happen again so 
rather safe than sorry so you can see it it's   time consuming but again this is what you have 
to do if you want to play in the big league i   suppose in the save league so we got that done 
it is now complete and then go away from finance   and then you sit and wait here and i and i will 
tell you because this we're not going to sit here   and just wait and look at that screen but it took 
approximately i think three minutes three to four   minutes to get my osama tokens from binance on 
to the kusama extension wallet which was great   and then we looked a little bit of you know of uh 
some bad movies no we didn't and then i go back to   the poker.js as i say kind of like the back 
office and then i want to you know go in to   the kosama we go in and then we're going to look 
at the as i just showed you we need to look at the   error chains and we go to the auctions yeah hope 
i'm doing that sometimes it takes a little longer   and then it is a i would say that the interface 
maybe not the most user friendly not maybe not   the greatest user experience in in that you've 
ever had in your life it's not that when you   know that you have to go in and do some things 
on poke.js that you are full of happiness and joy   maybe it's more like when you know back 
in the day when you had to bring back   the videos to blockbuster that's what 
it kind of reminds me of a little bit   but you know nevertheless blog was it was 
nice to have a video anyway so you can see   here i'm waiting i'm waiting i'm waiting 
uh in the top you can see tess courrera   rare kabroora couldn't even say it at that time 
when i made it but it doesn't they can see the   24 arrived right so that was around three to 
four minutes then you go in to the purge then   you go into the crowd loans and then you actually 
got here now i gotta put an unbreak you actually   got two ways that you can contribute three ways 
always maybe you can either contribute right here   on the polka dot dot js site with your polka dot 
kosama extension wallet or you as i'm doing in   this instance i'm going to the home page why am i 
going to the home page well that's because of that   that irritated me by frost they were giving more 
rewards when you did it through their website as   opposed to if you just did it on the poker.js 
site and i've i hate them for that because they   confuse you um they make you you know why just 
because i go through their website i should get   double rewards as if i do it on on the polka dot 
main site and that's also another thing you got   to watch out for where to do or not to do anyway 
so in this sense i go to the home page so i press   boom and then you also know that you get 
directed to the right site right not to some some   some nigerian scam kissy kissy thing yeah then we 
needed to go and look a little bit of kilt i wanna   kill us of course it's we haven't received our 
kill tokens yet um but no need to worry about that   so i just wanna i think what am i doing 
there there we go so we're back to all   there and then you can see you can stake your 
ksm and um then they offer you referral bonus   heavyweight bonus you know you get lots of bonus 
but in the reality what you really want to get   is how many reward tokens are you gonna get are 
you going to get off the new protocol right so   you stake your cosmos and you get reward tokens in 
this case alt air how many do we get you want to   get as many as possible and you want to stake as 
many pesar as you possibly can afford as at least   the way i see it and i think i think centrifuge 
is obviously the big brother on polka dot and   alt here is going to be on kusama so while we 
test a little i'm going to put in all my 24 kusama   and then you can see what only 
24 we need a little bit for   transfer fees and so we can see i'm going 
to get 9600 air tokens and then you stick   and that's what you do then you put in your 
code sometimes i forget that it's important   that you remember that remember your password 
my mama said please don't forget your password you're really seeing the whole procedure 
um i got so many passwords that i   forgot it you're really seeing the whole entire 
procedure here really taking your kosamas tokens   out from a centralized exchange onto the booger.js 
ecosystem uh to um participating in the crowdload   and i i might actually contribute more 
to all there i really love what they do   and you can see here why nothing is happening is 
because they had to go and look for the password   so you know to make sure so oh thank 
god i've got that right then finally and what i have to say using polka dot back 
office is a little more complicated that the user   experience and user interface is not the 
greatest but it sure is fast and when you   have spent a certain amount of time on it 
it's great stuff i want to say and that's it   that's it that's it and last final finally 
you want to of course go back to poker.js   not in the youtube studio i want to see is 
anybody there then write a little something you can see how i criss cross here in my mind 
doing everything but then you can see i go   i should show you where we end in the poker.js 
because there we go and then you can see your   contribution you can then go in and you can 
see we've contributed 24 ozama tokens and and that's how you participate in the ald air hair 
chain auction and here we need some background   music and any everything um so let me take you to 
let me go to the chit chat and no let me and see   if anybody has any questions or anything oh okay 
johnny herlix how are you doing you are a newfound   friend i suppose good to see you cryptography 
as always um how are you my friend mo hey i   announced okay thank you amy are you 
buying oh jtubs are you buying right now um   if yes i'm like sakura that is down i mean i 
tend to try to find that's also i don't tell you   you know i tend to i always share if i do like a 
major something but in reality i mean if i say i'm   gonna participate in in a pair chain and cheating 
and if i say i'm gonna buy sheetan at six if it's   gonna go down to five well then you can anticipate 
that i will also pick up more i actually like   i actually like to enter a coin that then goes 
down where you can buy more uh then then you   just enter and just goes up so but buying but 
of course kusama is um what is it that's a 400   nobody likes even though it's it's it's off 
it's you know we all know it's far off it's um   it's all-time high but it's been going off 
no when you can get it 200 two months ago   you don't want to pay 400 right so it also 
changes the budget but um that's uh that's   that's just how that is there's not so much 
to say so if you got money i would participate   that's that's what i got to say in years to come 
we will look back to this point and wish we had   invested more you are so right peter you're so 
right you're so right all i can say is this is   not financial advice um i think that if one 
has dedicated to uh investing in this space   i really think that i really think that there's 
an opportunity we're not gonna get very often   and i'm not saying that because i don't benefit if 
you're gonna go and buy some cheating tokens right   i mean you know that so really it's 
it's not financial advice you do you   i do me we don't do each other and and that's 
about it but i do think it's great opportunities   and let me see here please join yeah please 
join our telegram group that would really   be nice i can lead a number of questions there 
was something about matey's i can see our good   friend jade dubs he's buying metis um i'm taking 
a cut at least i won't screw up yeah that's also   right shahid i agree with you with shaheed 
that it's good to use decentralized exchanges uh yeah well as you can hear i can also pick 
a little bit of danish here my old friend from   from denmark in austria here yeah so um i can 
see there are no real big questions so thank you   and this i think and let me just say so that's it 
with polka dot sunday sunday is a fun day sunday   was a relaxed day i also think if any of you 
really watched this entire entire episode with   me you did 45 minutes i'm proud of you what can 
i say i'm really proud of you you did good and um what can i say i just want to give you a few final 
words i think there's a lot of upside potential   basically in the in consumer i don't think it's 
gonna i don't think you're gonna last favor this   is not a joyride i think it's a it's a window of 
opportunity some will participate some will jump   on um and and i think that's that's what it is 
i really like when we did our karua kharura live   stream a few months back um and i even did six 
months back last year in in november i made uh two   nice dots uh on the poco.ecosystem and they're so 
underrated they're so underrated because when you   got institutional money as i said polkadot is the 
dot is the coin that is most held by traditional   investment managers how do they get their 
insight i wonder why am i number one i wonder   and you know guys i'm not number one all i am 
is the one-eyed chicken among blind chickens   that's how i see myself guys i love you that's 
it from today um yeah tomorrow we're gonna try   to be more structured as i always say we will 
be structured in the end we never are i love   you i wish you a wonderful wonderful wonderful 
sunday and um and that's it and don't give up   never give up that's the only thing that you need 
to know you're lying i love you see you tomorrow   a man who views the world the same as 50. 
when you feel like quitting remember all of   those who said you'd fail when you feel 
like giving up remember why you started   when you feel like quitting remember what you're 
doing it all for when you feel like quitting   remember pain is temporary and greatness 
lasts forever when you feel like quitting   remember that the pain you feel today will be 
replaced with the strength you need tomorrow   remember that every ounce of pain you feel is 
building a stronger you a stronger body a stronger   mind and a stronger character so push through 
the pain don't let it stop force it to grow you   don't back down from the pain face it feel 
no pain there is no pain that painful last   rip that's nothing give me more push harder too 
tight too hard too busy too early too stressed no   excuses too tired no excuses too hard no excuses 
too busy no excuses too early no excuses no stress   no excuses when i feel like quitting i remember 
there's too many people i need to prove wrong   when i feel like quitting i remember i 
have too much to fight for i will not quit   sleeping there for grandmas i'm up i'm ready 
to go quitting that's for those who have no   heart i do not quit your greatest physique 
your greatest health your greatest strength   it doesn't come with average effort if you 
want average results keep showing up and giving   average effort if you want to be at your best 
you will have to give your best effort make an   oath to yourself that you will not walk out of 
any training session any game anything without   giving 110 of your soul whatever you think is your 
limit push past it whatever you think is your max   see if you can get 10 percent more out results 
don't lie it all comes down to one simple question   how bad do you want it and when you 
feel like quitting give me ten more nothing great is going to come 
if you quit i know it's hard   i know you are tired i know 
it seems impossible but going stick it out and get your reward you

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