Krypto-Selbstversuch 2/2: Das System hinter Altcoins | Follow-up | Team UPWARD

Helena Daehler: Is that a serious product? Peter Eulberg: No! Or let's put it this way, it at least has self-irony. Helena: [ __ ] Emily Goetz Token. Who is Emily Goetz? What does that mean exactly now? Eulberg: Welcome to Blockchain. Helena off: Almost everyone knows the big crypto currencies
Bitcoin and Ethereum . In addition, there is a completely confusing
number of highly speculative tokens, of which new ones appear every day and are blatantly
advertised. They promise super high profits. Helena: What is such a product really good for
if you want to invest long-term in order to benefit from it in old age? Helena off: I'm one of those people who
have no idea about money because, like most of us, I
didn't learn anything about it at school. Nevertheless, I now have to deal with the fact
that my pension will probably not be sufficient in old age .

Helena: About the sums … Helena off-screen: In the last video I
spoke to Sacha and he gave me an idea. Sasha (on the phone): I'll put it this way, I
'll be a multi-millionaire soon. Helena: What? Helena off: Sacha made
over four million euros in three months with a stake of 7,000 euros – with cryptos. More precisely, he invested in a single altcoin
, the FEG token. Helena: In the last video I wanted to find out
whether you can really make a lot of money with an altcoin in a short time. That's why I invested myself and started a
self-experiment. Helena: If I were to invest 100 euros now
in the coin that Sasha invested in, and the coin would go
on as before, then I would have been out at the same time that Sacha became a
millionaire made my 100 euros 14,000 euros.

Helena: It didn't
even look that great after half-time. Helena: This rate is so volatile, for a few
days this thing has simply been sinking into the depths. More than half of the money is gone. To the moon my ass! Helena: Did I just get in too late? Several weeks earlier, in mid-May, there was
the strongest increase to date. After two peaks, the price collapsed abruptly on May 13th. I asked Christoph Viehof from ITSA about this
. His assumption: The price was artificially
pushed back then so that a few could earn a lot of money with it , a so-called pump and dump. Helena: After my first video there was a
comment that really bothered me. Helena off: It is said: It would not have been
pump and dump, because the severe crash allegedly had to do with targeted false reports
against the token.

Winnie the Pooh and Chinese President
Xi Jinping also had something to do with it. Shitcoin? Or maybe not? Helena: What's wrong now? To find out, it is first important
to find out which properties make a blockchain so interesting. Helena off: A blockchain is basically
a piece of software that you have to install on your computer so that you can become part of a
network and exchange data or digital money with others. The highlight: Nothing can be deleted or
duplicated. And: Everyone can track who moved what, when,
where. Absolutely transparent and forgery-proof! Helena: But if the blockchain is really
that transparent, then it should n't be a problem to find out what happened in
May when the price soared.

If only a few made a lot of
money, then that suggests that this is a classic pump and dump shady
shitcoin. Helena off: During my research
I found a company that earns its money, among other things, from analyzing crypto infrastructures
. Can they find out what was really going on in May
? Helena: Hello, Mr. Eulberg. Eulberg: Hello. Helena off: Peter Eulberg is the head of the
company and a mega blockchain expert.

Helena: What does your company do exactly? Eulberg: Lots of things in this environment. Plenty of things. Among other things, to see who has how many
tokens and when. Helena off: This makes it possible to see
who has influenced the course with his investments . And that would be an indication of whether it
is a shitcoin. But first he looks at the programming
of the token.

Eulberg: I looked into the source code. Helena: Did you look into the source code? If you've looked into the source code,
what can you read from it? Is that a serious product? Eulberg: No! Or let's put it this way, it at least has self-irony. You can also look into the source
code. But I can also send you a URL
, so you can click on it yourself.

You can read the first four lines there, they
are commented out. Helena: [ __ ] Emily Goetz Token. Why? Because [ __ ] you, that's why. Eulberg: Now you know what to think of the
token. Helena: Who is Emily Goetz? Helena off: The token's program begins
with a sexist message: [ __ ] Emily Goetz. Hence the name FEG Token! Whatever that means, it
certainly doesn't make a serious impression on me. Eulberg: Welcome to Blockchain.

Helena: What exactly does that mean now? Eulberg: Don't ask me how did you come up
with the idea of buying this token? Helena: There is this unbelievable community
of what exactly were they, 120,000 people, who celebrate it on this Telegram Channel
and say: This is the future. Have a look here, that's 119,000 members
in this chat. That's the way the main chat is. Eulberg: Whoever advertised it in which
schoolyards did a good job! I don't know if [ __ ] tastes good. Can 120,000 flies be wrong? I have no idea, ask the flies! Helena off: 120,000 users who
are supposed to believe in [ __ ]? Can it really be? And what if they are right and the token
is THE revolution and goes to the moon? Part of me somehow
wants to believe in it. Helena: Hello, hello.

Caron or Karon? Caron: Caron. Helena: Caron, okay. How do you do it exactly that you find out
what exactly happened at this peak? Helena off: We remember. Originally, I wanted to find out why
the price rose so rapidly in May and then immediately fell again. To check the peak, Peter has now
referred me to one of his analysts, Caron Schaller. Schaller: We can see when the large
wallets have sold or bought. And then you can see all the data. Helena off: Caron suspects that a
few drove up the course and then ran away with a lot of money. In order to prove this, he programs a
table in which you can see who bought and sold the most tokens, exactly
during this period.

Helena: How long do you need for that? Schaller: I think it
would take me about an hour for that. Helena off: My cameraman Rossi is at
Caron's home in Munich and films everything. Helena: Are you looking over Caron's shoulder? And I'll get back to you in an hour,
fits? Rossi: What do you mean to look over your shoulder? Helena: I want to know exactly
what he's doing on this screen.

Helena off: I'll wait, Caron programmed. Schaller: Let's take a look at the whole thing. Helena off: It all takes longer than
expected. Schaller: Here we have when the transfer
went through, what address it came from and what address it went to
. Helena off: I get a feeling:
If 120,000 people believe that the token has such and such a value, then maybe it has
it too. But: who really believes in it? Just people like me or the makers too? My head is bursting! Helena: So, so, Caron, did you find out
something? Schaller: Yes, it actually amazed me! It wasn't what I expected.

I was expecting the Whales to
have bought a bit more to get the whole thing started, but it wasn't like that. Helena off: So it wasn't a
few with a lot of money, but a lot of small investors who pushed the price. But who benefited from the crash? Now it's getting really interesting! Helena: Who took the coal? But those were also the ones who got on early?
Schaller: Well, I've added it up
again: 26 million went to people who had bought before May. Helena: But that confirms my assumption,
which I had, that actually those who invent the thing, that they leave with a lot of
money? Schaller: Yes, definitely.

So the only purpose of this token is to squeeze
money out of new people, i.e. new investors. Helena off: And then I read Caron
the user comment about the Chinese investors who jumped off and the
alleged false report. Helena (reads out): As a result,
all Chinese crypto exchanges have delisted the token. Schaller: That sounds like fake news. That sounds reasonably plausible
to people who don't read deeply, because China has often triggered some kind of crash
, you can easily point your finger at it and people believe that. So here on Coin Gecko you can see where they are being
traded So I don't think the Chinese stock exchanges have
anything to do with it. Helena: I still say thank you very much, despite
the disillusionment. Mega crazy how transparent it all
is. And it's good that someone can read that out,
like you, who really knows a lot about it.

Thanks! Helena: Three months have passed. And my investment has halved. Of course, I also confronted the
FEG Token community with my research results and I wanted an interview. But they refused. But they wrote me a long email. I wanted to know what
they said about the analysts I spoke to saying that only a few
really filled their pockets with money on that peak in May . And I wanted to know what the sexist
[ __ ] in the source code was all about.

The email I got about it is
super long and super detailed. Thanks a lot for this. Emily Goetz was involved in a mega-scam
and they took the name [ __ ] Emily Goetz because the token I invested in should
be super safe. So kind of a little act of revenge. And the whole mail from the FEG community on my
many questions that I had, you can read them in the show notes. Helena: In this film I wanted to find out:
What good is a product like this for investing in the long term so that you can still benefit from it in old
age? And I'll put it this way: You can win the lottery, but it
is more likely that you will lose.

But I'm really sure that such
tokens only work because people like me still believe in them and
bring in fresh money and then lose anyway. What is your experience with crypto? Won a lot? Lost a lot? Write it in the comments..

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