Krypto-Selbstversuch 1/2: Investieren in Altcoins – verlockend, risikoreich | Team UPWARD

Helena: You are investing! I can see you have Ripple and Cardano. Type: Cardano yes, Ripple no. Helena: It feels like everyone is talking about crypto right now
. Guy: I invested in Tron, it's called TRX
. Woman: In Bitcoin. Type: Then in Cardano, ADA. Helena: How's it going? Like life, it goes up and
down. Helena: Most of the time, it's about the really
big currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. But in my circle of friends and acquaintances
, many also talk about investing in altcoins. You should be able to make a lot of money with them in a short

I ask myself: is this particularly smart now
or is it particularly stupid? Helena off: Especially for people like me
who didn't get any financial education at school. Martin Brendebach: We talk a lot about
Bitcoin now. This is also such a fashionable topic right now. I don't know whether we'll be talking about it like that in two years' time
. Helena off: In this film I would like to
try out whether I, too , can increase my coal as quickly as possible with an Altcoin. And I want to understand how these coins
work and why many of them are also mega risky. But which one should I take? Helena: One who allegedly made a lot of
money with such a coin is Sasha.

I made an appointment with him to shoot
and then he jumped off and said he didn't want to be in front of the camera now. But he said we'd talk on the phone. Helena: Sasha, why don't you want to be in front of the
camera? Sasha: Because, well, anonymity is a
big issue with the sums I 'm talking about now. Helena: Regarding the sums: Our mutual acquaintance
told me that you will soon be a millionaire. Is that correct? Sasha: Let’s put it this way: I’ll soon be a multi-

It's always in the eye of the beholder,
but I'm definitely a little over it . Helena: Seriously? Sasha: Yeah, seriously. Helena: Send me a screenshot of
your portfolio! Sasha: So I'm sending you this from the Peak, which is
where I really had the most. Helena: How long did that take? Sasha: The project started at the beginning of February,
yes, three months. Helena: What? OK. Wacky. Helena: That sounds very tempting. But it also sounds super shady, I think. If I were to invest 100 euros
in the coin that Sasha invested in and that would continue as
before, then I would have, at the same time that Sasha became a millionaire,
I would have 14,000 from my 100 euros Euros made. Helena off: Sasha got rich with the FEG token
. I'm trying to find out how to get this
coin and I feel like I'm in a permanent commercial.

"How to buy FEG Token." "One of the biggest tokens on the market
right now." "My mission is to help you successfully
learn how to make money online and build wealth for you and your family." Helena off: Of course I also ask myself:
Is all this serious? But still, I want to go in with 100 euros. The app installs quickly, but how
do I get the token now? Helena: It's all so incredibly complicated. F *** my life. Helena: I did it three hours later. That is now about 107 dollars, so
100 euros and let's see what it looks like tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Helena off: The course is right now. But three weeks ago it
had skyrocketed.

Now of course I hope that it will
happen again. Helena: First check after 24 hours: 5
percent plus. Runs. Helena in the off: But the 5 percent are
gone again quickly, volatile course. What did I actually buy there? Helena: Since I invested in this token
, I've also been in this Telegram group and there is so much going on. Sometimes it feels like 60 messages come
in a minute. You have posted a pdf in there, namely
the lite paper of the token.

It's kind of a technical description
and I'm going to print it out now. Helena: Circuit Breaker, Cross Trade Multi
Asset Pools. Whenever I think I've got it
, such terms come up. I'm out. Helena: Hello Christian! Helena off: Because I get through zero
, I sent Christian the white paper of the token. He can explain to me what it says. Because token screening is his job. And I'm about to experience my first altcoin damper
. Helena: How do I recognize a Shitcoin? Christian: A Shitcoin is mainly
recognizable by the fact that the use case is really missing. Every serious token project wants to
solve some problem or improve the world in a certain area. Whether that is Bitcoin, for example,
is that everyone should have access to the financial system. The people who don't have a bank now, for example
, etc.

And with projects like this, if you
read “deflationary”, “hyper-deflationary” tokens, where sending
tokens from the start doesn't really make sense, then You can tell that there is
no use behind it. And if there is no benefit behind these projects
, it is usually also a shitcoin. Helena: Who is that good for, this token? Christian: Well that's interesting
when you look at the whole thing, that's the great thing about the blockchain that you
can see every user how many tokens they hold, and then you will quickly notice
that the makers of this one Projects hold a majority of these tokens.

The idea behind it is then as follows: If
I now create a website and also open social media channels and advertise
this token and I gradually manage to generate more and more users for
this network, then the token value will also start to increase rise. Helena off: This is exactly what happened to the FEG
token about a month ago. Suddenly the price began to rise sharply. A pump. Christian: And the interesting thing about it
is that outsiders who often do not deal with the matter in great detail
get FOMO, i.e. Fear of Missing Out. It's very interesting to see. You then think to yourself that the token made 200% yesterday, the day before
yesterday 100%, tomorrow it does the same again and the day
after that again. Helena off: The FOMO probably also pumped
the price of the FEG token. Then there were two peaks in a row,
the previous all-time high was on May 13th.

Christian: So, but the problem is,
at some point this token value has reached such a critical value that the makers of this
protocol think: We are now sitting here on such a large sum of money, a huge
sum of money, that it actually already has is far too risky again if we do
n't start selling these tokens now. Then it comes to these massive dumps,
where there are really losses for many users. The problem is that a lot of people
get in late and these people all lose money too. Helena off: Pump and Dump. The price of the FEG token also collapsed completely on the
same day.
In retrospect, it is not clear whether the makers mainly cashed. Helena: [ __ ], Christian, you know what,
you just describe me exactly. I'm the one who got in so late
because I thought: Oh, it's a mega blatant thing and I was told

Christian: But I also have to admit that it
happened to me before, when I also invested in a token. But luckily only a very small amount,
just for fun, and it's not really worth much anymore. Helena: I don't think I have
any basic understanding of the whole thing. Helena off: My investment is just 20 percent
in the red. I really don't get any further with YouTube and Co.

But how do you actually learn to invest properly? During my research I found an institute
in Berlin where state-certified traders are trained. It seems somewhat independent to me. Adrian Schmid: Here we are practically in the center,
in the trading room. We come from professional training. We have a direct connection to all
stock exchanges in the world. Helena off: Adrian Schmid and his team
provide training on the subject of crypto, stocks, stock exchanges and investing. Helena: And what do you think about it if someone
comes up now and says, hey, I have a token like this, it has a little gorilla face
or a dog face and it goes to the moon in three months.

Schmid: Then I'll keep my fingers crossed for him. Everything is possible. In the end: Nobody has a crystal ball. We have seen many success stories in the
past. I would just point out that
you just have to find out more, and you can live with it if it goes the other
way. Helena: What is the danger, in your
opinion? Schmid: So the danger as such, first of all,
the stock market is moving. Ignorance, greed, is the greatest
danger. You mustn't forget that when someone
collects and invests 7,000 euros from their savings, they first only think about what they
can earn. But you have to ask yourself, you have to take the money
seriously. Even if you say it's not much,
how long will it take you to save 7,000 euros net ? What is the sweat behind it? And simply investing that
without finding out beforehand is grossly negligent.

Helena off: I understand after a few minutes of
conversation: In order to invest successfully, you definitely need more than a few tutorials
on the Internet. I am taking three important basic rules with
me: First, only buy what you really understand. Second, don't let emotions guide you. Third: Set yourself a clearly defined goal. Helena: Why don't we learn anything
about it in school? Schmid: I don't know either. I would say that is completely
wrong, because it is all about how children can deal with money, with pocket money
, and financial education is so important. Because it shapes me all my life. If you come from a rich, successful entrepreneurial family
, you have learned from home what a normal person, if he
does not come from such a family, has no access at all.

I don't learn that at school, I don't learn that in college
, I have to work it out for myself. Helena off: Krass, we just don't have any
education when it comes to coal. Adrian Schmid's company turned this into a
business model. At the same time, more and more young
people are investing in the stock market. In the last year alone, the number of 14
to 29 year olds rose by 67%. Helena off: The problem is not
just ignorance, but also the great potential for addiction. I find out from trading psychologist Roland
Ullrich. Ullrich: That is precisely what is compulsive
about speculation. You lose control. And it is this inability to
stop. You just can't do it anymore and it's a
compulsion. You then want to recoup the losses,
you want to get your money back and then invest even more, you
then borrow money. There are online casinos, there is
sports betting, there are of course warnings on a large scale and preventive action.

In the case of the stock market gamble, however
, there are no warnings. Helena off: half time. Six weeks are up. Helena: It totally wears
my nerves. This rate is so volatile, for a few days
this thing has just been sinking, I was under 50 dollars in the meantime. More than half of the money is gone. To the moon my ass! Helena: So why isn't financial education
in our curriculum? I want to find out and I'm on my way
to the Senate Department for Education. There I meet Martin Brendebach, who is
responsible for socially relevant subjects and whether they are included in the framework curriculum
or not.

Of course I want to know from him who
does not think financial education is relevant enough? Helena off: Curricula are a matter of the country.
clear. I'll take a look at this in Berlin as an example
. Helena: Unfortunately I don't have a pen with me. Otherwise I would write down financial education here in
education. Helena: Mr. Brendebach? Hi good afternoon! Yes, from a distance. Martin Brendebach: These are the framework curricula,
there are several of them. Helena: Oh my goodness! Helena: Mr. Brendebach, where is
financial education now? Brendebach: Well, it's in many places. Helena: Really? Brendebach: Yes, indeed. And then at some point there comes the subject of
political education and then you have an area that is about the social market economy.

And it is clear that finance is, of course,
part of the whole. Of course, if
you as a teacher realized that this is a topic that interests my students
very much right now, that is also coming up more and more, it would be possible to deal with it on the
spot. It is not explicitly in it, you have
to deal with financial management now, and it certainly does not say you have to deal with it now,
how can students trade in crypto currencies, this
is never, in any way, at this level of detail.

Incidentally, that would also contradict the School Act
, because the School Act of the State of Berlin expressly states that framework curricula
are to be designed in such a way that they offer space. Helena off-screen: In concrete terms, that means, depending on the
focus of your teachers: you will learn something about financial education or
not. Helena: How many hours can I imagine
this page being treated? Brendebach: That is a very good question. If we take a purely mathematical approach now
, I think we get 4.5 hours per subject. That's what it would look like. Helena: If you can't be absent in four
hours, then in the four hours in which you would have the chance to learn something about building livelihoods
for the whole of life. That is not enough, Mr. Brendebach! That's not enough, be honest! Brendebach: I would say
that interpreting poems also teaches you something for life. That is, I believe, the discussion that is being cut short
. Helena: Yes, but now it's clearly
about building a… Brendebach: Don't we want to talk about
Europe in the world? I think it's also very important.

Helena: Also, gladly. He wants to distract. Europe in the world. Brendebach: No, that is the question that you
have to ask yourself: if you want one more, you need the other less. Helena: I see the problem that you have to
tweak something somewhere. But again: 4 hours? Brendebach: Yes, but as I said, then
I would have known specifically: where? What should go? Sports? Music? What are we not doing anymore? Helena: That's a good question for
you guys! What would you delete to find out more
about how it works with money in the world and how I can save something so that
I can someday make a living from it? Helena: Based
on my research, I ca n't make such a general assessment of whether investing in altcoins is particularly smart or particularly stupid.

It is clear, however, that not only the profits can be
super high, but also the losses.
Personally, I find it really questionable that we have no financial education in school, because it is simply an issue that affects all of us
in one way or another. I would be very happy about
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