Kripto Para Grafik ( Teknik ) Analizi Nasıl Yapılır-1 📈 Mumlar-Destek-Direnç-Trendler Basit Anlatım

Hello to all my friends Today we are starting our "Technical Analysis in Crypto Money" series, which is the video series you are all waiting for What are we going to do in this series, my friends? Again, as always, friends, we will teach you fishing You know, this is how our work is on our channel First, I'll have a few comments about technical analysis my friends Let me comment on these, and then quickly tell you what I'm going to talk about today Today we will talk about Candles, Support, Resistance and Trends I will try to explain very very simply As you enter my friends, I will make a narration through the normal and reset Trading View While doing technical analysis First of all, when this series of videos is over, I will repeat the same thing in every video Don't try to get a rabbit out of the hat while doing technical analysis So constantly, We will tell you about the Formations, Indicators and all of the technical analysis after this but, Don't make up your mind just to draw and to proceed Because technical analysis is such a thing So if you want, you can actually interpret the shape you want as it passes through your head, a little bit like that So it is useful to look at the technical analysis as I explained I advise you not to use technical analysis to process every minute, constantly Technical analysis is of course very important, but I say don't forget to add basic analysis and psychological analysis to that What are we doing first friends? When we enter the Trading View site (, look there is the "Search" symbol, we will hit on Search I'll tell you on Ripple today look I will tell by Perpetual side What does "XRP PERPETUAL FUTURES CONTRACT" mean my friends? it is Ripple/USDT pair in Futures on Binance as you know I opened it here, as you can see, this is a blank graph, a graph you see Now here, first of all, what do "Candles" mean? Let's zoom in like this.

If you ask how i am zooing to, I'm using the mouse wheel by using mouse wheel i am zooming in and out Now here, the first thing we need to look at is the "Time Zone" over there, see the "Time Zone" In general, technical analysis is viewed in 4-hour time frames in the long term, this is a general opinion and it was seen that the right decision was made in this way But if you are going to trade shorter, you can change the time here and use time zones such as 1 hour, 45 minutes, 30 minutes Now on the 4-hour chart, what do these green and red candles mean, let's get started with that first green candles in the designated zone, see this is a 4 hour candle in the specified zone each candle represents 4 hours The lower point of the green candle, look there, is the "opening price" in this time zone the top point, look over here, it shows the "closing price" in this time zone The places we call "wick" below, look at this green, look here, the places we call "wick" here the lowest point at which the relevant crypto currency drops in this time zone, at the top point, look, the end of the wick shows the highest amount of this crypto currency in this time zone "Now what does the red mean sir?" Reds also indicate a decrease in this time zone It's a little different, let me explain why right now this time the top dot in red, look at that upper dot, look over here the upper point shows the opening, the lower point shows the closing again there is no change in wicks The lowest point of the wick is the lowest point in this time zone, that is, at 4 hours, and again the top of the wick is the highest point where it rises now let's take a slightly wider look, let's look like this, See I'm doing it with the mouse wheel by the way How are support and resistance points determined now? Friends "support point" generally means that, first put that in your head The "support point" can be called the point where the coin comes and bounces itself up more than 1 times What is the "support point" my friends? It was the point where the crypto currency came in more than 1 times and went up again reacting from there How to interpret the "resistance point"? The "resistance point" can also be called the point where the relevant crypto currency pulled back after the reaction it saw at the top Now let's see how to draw "support" and "resistance" together Look, I enlarged the chart like this here, look right over there you click on this Here you will click where it says "Horizontal Line" After clicking "Horizontal Line" you can see here you can change its color, you can change its thickness I'll draw bold and red line like this Look, I see support right over there, look I drew it Now what is the reason we call this "support"? Look 1, 2, 3…

3 times, this support is broken here now, it's gone downward Here, we should expect this on the support points, It should test this point at least 2 times in support points Look, it has to come to this point at least 2 times, it has to react from this point and go up, it should come back to this point and it should go up again at the point where it went a little further down there We will talk about "Traps" in our next lessons Now we made a simple support drawing here Now sir, what is "resistance"? Let's also look at "resistance" What did we say about resistance? Look Lets come right now We came again, look, if I click here, it pops out, but I'm showing you from the beginning, I clicked here I hit the horizontal line See I have a selected thing, let me choose for you again By the way, look here if I want to, I can mark it right here so I don't need to bother again Look again simply, I can draw it like this I clicked like this lets draw like this my friends lets erase this now look my friends, what are the resistance points? As you can see, it has reached the resistance point 1 …

2 times and bounces down So look I clicked right here too, look there is a resistance here too did you see my friends? For example, we can get a support here, although it is not a very healthy support, look here we can get support like this As you can see, what has the crypto currency done about it? 1, 2, 3 times came to the point of resistance and returned As you can see in the support, it has come to the support point 1, 2, 3 times, so what happened? moved back from here in my support and resistance points drawing See also this support has worked before Look, when we go back a little more, we see that this support we have drawn has worked more than 1 time as you have seen before The more a crypto currency is touching the support point, the stronger that support point becomes Therefore, purchases are more frequent here, Again at this point of resistance, look as you can see here, You see it broke this resistance 1, 2, 3, 4 times here, it seems that it touched 4 times Therefore, you can easily understand that we are doing a healthy drawing Now friends, the second issue is "Trends" Let's remove the drawings right now Let's talk about "trends" issue trends are divided into 3, not divided into 2 as some say There is Rising Trend, Dropping Trend, and Horizontal Trend Some forget to add this Horizontal Trend Now what is the "Rising Trend" and how to draw it? Look I'm clicking here again I'm hitting on "Trend Line", look here I can adjust the thickness and color again I am coming again, see I will use this so I can add this here as you can see Now I came, clicked, look I took this point, I held it, see This is a "Rising Trend" as you can see see this a "Rising Trend" What's the Rising Trend? Look What is the relevant crypto currency doing along the curve we have drawn? continues to increase In our next lessons, we will talk about "channels", "rising channel", "dropping channel" I came again, look I came, I clicked on that, see look here too, what happened here too my friends? What happened to the crypto money, my friends? Friends who are on a dropping trend Rising and Dropping Trend means this my friends Although it is not possible to draw with a single line now, there is also something we call "Horizontal Trend" Actually, we can call it a "Horizontal Channel" but there is also something called a "Horizontal Trend" Let's talk about it now, let's remove the drawings like this lets take this like that, lets take look my friends i came i draw this i came I drew it here, it's so simple I'm saying the first thing I saw You can see that this gap is a small As you can see friends related crypto currency, Here, after entering this channel, to this horizontal trend, it wanders as you see here What has it done? actually 1, 2, 3 resistance points, that is, it touched the resistance point 3 times.

As you can see here, it has reached the resistance point 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 times Actually, what is this related crypto currency doing for now? we can interpret it as traveling in a horizontal trend Now what is the bottom of this horizontal trend? 0,3094 What is the current price of the relevant crypto money now? 0,3286 For breaking this trend, look It has to go out of this range Of course, in order to get out of this, volume .. etc factors also have importance Let's not extend the video much longer and talk about it in the following videos I hope it is a video you liked, I tried to explain it in the simplest terms We'll talk about channels, breaking channels, and traps in our next video, in our next video What are we going to do in our further videos, friends? We will talk about indicators and formations and I hope I will try to teach you the whole technical analysis as far as I know Take good care of yourself, I love you all, hope to see you don't forget to subscribe to the channel and support our channel for the continuation of this video series, Don't forget to post a comment below even for thanks and press the "Like" button

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