Kovri | Monero’s #BEAST | Internet Invisibility

In this video, we’re gonna talk about Monero’s
beast of a project, Kovri, the ultimate privacy technology. But before that, you need to know why this
level of privacy is important; because this goes beyond normal privacy features. You could say, this is anti-CIA level untraceability. The cutting-edge of internet privacy. By the way, if you want to know how Monero
works, I made a beginner-friendly video explaining its internal processes in simple terms. Do check it out, if you wanna know why Monero
is ahead of other coins in terms of privacy. As you might have likely heard from the news,
a US congressman representative is calling for the ban of all cryptocurrencies. This is the beginning of a very critical moment
in crypto history, since it is probably the first time that a government official, truthfully
admits the threat crypto brings to their establishment. In the past years, many governments shrugged
Bitcoin off as something that had no chance of undermining their powers. But now, they are beginning to see the truth,
and it scares the living hell out of them.

This politician’s name is Brad Sherman. And what’s interesting to me is that he
didn’t use terrorism as an argument against it, which we would have expected, coz they’ve
done that before. But instead, he admits that it’s to preserve
the power of the US government. In his own words:
“An awful lot of our international power stems from the fact that the dollar is the
standard unit of international finance and transactions […] it is the announced purpose
of the supporters of cryptocurrencies to take that power away from us.” Basically, he wants the US dollar to become
the world reserve currency, which is absurd. Why the hell would the world want to give
a single nation that kind of power? For the most part, they don’t use it for
good. The economic sanction they imposed on Venezuela
brought the country to ruin and the US was partly to blame for their economic crisis. Now, their national currency is technically
worthless. In fact, their paper currency can be found
either scattered in the streets or used to make handbags.

So making the USD the reserve currency is
stupid. Even Americans would agree. In fact, a growing number of Americans are
against a lot of things their establishment stand for. Being a crypto enthusiast for years, I stand
against any politician or government that intends to impose a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies. And the fact that you are watching this video
probably means you do too. So I hope this guy loses the election, he
probably will. But now the words had been said. This news had made headlines, and now other
governments of the world will now be more open to this idea than ever before. This is something that’s always been at
the back of my mind for so long. The fact that any government that sees crypto
as a threat could simply outlaw it just because they fear it… not even considering the benefits
it could bring to their people in the long term.

China already banned ICOs, but not cryptocurrencies
as a whole. The Indian government is currently assessing
whether they should ban it or regulate it. The big question is? What would happen if a country completely
bans the use of crypto? Can they really stop their citizens from being
involved in cryptocurrencies to a large extent? Well, that depends entirely on which cryptocurrency. Coz this would be time for hardcore privacy
coins like Monero to shine. Monero, the way it is now, is considered one
of the best, if not the best privacy coin in the world.

It allows users to send and receive payments
anonymously. On top of that, even the funds are concealed,
allowing only the sender and receiver to know the amount. But even Monero is not completely invisible,
atleast not for some time. There is a potential vulnerability at the
network layer. That is to say, a user’s IP address can
still be traced when they make transactions, which might leak their identity. Let’s say your government bans all crypto-related
activities in your country. Now, you might think since you’re using
Monero, you’re safe. And you may very well be, but you’d best
not be complacent. They won’t know be able to tell who you’re
sending payments to nor can they figure out the amount. But they would be able to know, at the very
least, that you’re using Monero. Now this is definitely difficult to pull off,
as it will require them to constantly run many different nodes to scan the blockchain. Not to mention it will be very costly. But since we’re talking about governments,
it would be safe to assume, they have the resources. Now the blockchain doesn’t store your IP
address, but when you send a transaction, it may expose your metadata, which allow the
government to confirm your identity or location through chain analysis and other extrapolation

And this alone, could land you in jail. This concern is true for all privacy coins,
but so far only Monero is working on a countermeasure… which they call Kovri. Kovri is essentially an anonymity technology
that allows users to hide their internet traffic, which is a very promising solution to the
problem I talked about. With Kovri around, even if governments snoop
into the blockchain network, they still couldn’t prove that you use Monero at all. But how does it work? Kovri encrypts your internet traffic using
Garlic encryption and Garlic routing. Basically, these things create a private overlay-network,
which conceals a user’s every move across the internet.

You could think of Kovri as a condom…that
protects your manhood from having its data juice leaked somewhere it shouldn’t… and
potentially from viruses too. This is beyond strong privacy. And when Kovri is implemented into Monero
wallets, all transactions will be routed through the Kovri anonymous network, allowing Monero
users to experience total internet invisibility. Unfortunately, as of this moment, Kovri is
not integrated with Monero. It’s still in active development; specifically,
in Alpha phase. Doesn’t mean you can’t use it though.

It can serve as an anonymous browser for now…
similar to TOR. If you’re not familiar with TOR, it’s
like a browser you use to access sites that are normally inaccessible via normal browsers. Mostly the deep web, or darkweb, darknet,
whatever term you like to use. Some say the deepest secrets of the internet
lie there. But I don’t know, I only use anonymous browsers
to watch porn. I’m from the Philippines and porn websites
are blocked here.

Well, atleast pornhub is… so I use TOR since
I’m more familiar with it. I haven’t used Kovri yet since I don’t
wanna go through the hassle of setting it up just to bust a nut… But yeah….Kovri and TOR are basically tools
for hiding your internet traffic. TOR has been around for almost 2 decades,
but it has some flaws. It’s not totally anonymous; atleast not
on the level Kovri is trying to achieve. So the purpose of this video wass to raise
awareness on the real essence of privacy networks. Privacy is not to aid terrorists or hide criminal
activity, although those things need privacy too. But the technology itself is innocent.

Only the user can be good or bad. And let’s admit, our governments can be
bad. They’ve already started flexing on crypto. Don’t think for a second that they’ll
stop there. I’m talking about all governments in general. Kovri is just one of a multitude of defences
we are preparing for ourselves. For our future. Bottom-line, I think privacy is gonna become
a very very…. Important aspect of our lives, in the years
to come. As all our activities and purchases get recorded,
as our data becomes a commodity, as human rights violations become a normal thing, as
Black Mirror becomes reality.

We shall find a way to get back to sanity. Thank God for crypto, right? Heh!.

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