Kosinski’s TRON II: LEGACY (2010) – Trailer 2 [HD]

what do you say tomorrow you and I hit the arcade first games on me can you play doubles on the same team they're always on the same day good evening our lead story Kevin Flynn was reported missing the visionary icon and income CEO sky rocketed to the top of the tech industry he was last seen at home with his son Sam leaving behind an empire and a now orphan little boy Sam I was paged last night Paige came from your dad's office at the arcade now when you're acting like I'm going to find him sitting network where am I he's different your father was creator he never thought I'd see you again damn long time you have no idea a place of infinite possibility so credible more beautiful than I ever dreamed and more dangerous I ever imagined my creation turned against me Kevin flare how am I supposed to do survive we have to get you out of here is our destiny

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