Konfiguracja koparki Monero XMR – kopanie CPU

How to mine Monero (XMR) using your computer's CPU? Go to the website: xmr.nanopool.org Click on "Help" Go to the "Wolf" tab Then the "Windows CPU" tab … download wolf-xmr-miner.zip unpack and open the folder Configuration of the "excavator" Edit the file "xmr-cpu.conf" in notepad here we enter the address of the mine server along with the port then the wallet address … "0" the name of the miner we leave the rest unchanged save file run the file "start_CPU.bat" The excavator started working, after a while the effects will be visible …

there is progress … To check your mining achievements, go to the mine's website: xmr.nanopool.org and enter your wallet address The graph shows the digging progress.

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