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Like this video Click the SUBSCRIBE button and activate the notification BELLS So as not to miss the latest video updates from this channel Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Okay this time I will share about Cryptocurrency coin producing sites, namely, coin link Coin unit link and coin name chainlink So this site assigns us to click, every hour so we can get coins, just by clicking once an hour And for the exchange value, on Indodax one link Now costs … Rp. 159,604 Very good, just one link is 150 thousand So friends can collect this chainlink Cryptocurrency coin via the web which I will share later. The Complete Tutorial, how much minimum withdrawal works, to registration So for information, don't skip friends so that later you won't be confused.

And for friends who want to register , you can check the registration link in the Namu video description n Before I start to share how, For friends who just stopped by Please press the SUBSCRIBE button and activate the notification BELLS, to get the latest info from this Channel, because … This channel will always discuss the following tips and tricks how to make money or Cryptocurrency coins through the Internet for free, and without capital Okay, for the way it works is more or less the same as yesterday We scroll down, we click this roll. After we receive it, we can take the code from Twitter. To be able to roll again without waiting for an hour. Here we open it. The latest Twitt And this code is only valid for one day So tomorrow will be updated again by Twitter We can visit Twitter from here And we enter the code here then click, go. ! Okay, just get on with it. After being like this, we can go back to the main page.

And we can roll again without having to wait an hour OK, already signed in. It's just two clicks, because I just registered How many minimum withdrawals are we can check here Minimum withdrawal is 0.1 link This can use a digital wallet, regardless of wallet digital friends I mean e wallet Cryptocurrency E Wallet. So the wallet can catch up, the important thing is we have registered first Okay, to register / register on the chainlink coin producing site Very easy, friends only need to prepare an active email for verification and create a password as well as confirm the password, so we type the password twice After that click register Then friends will be directed to the home screen like this And a request before we can do the Faucet and generate coins, that is, friends must verify the email by clicking the link that has been sent via email friends And if friends have not received the verification email.

Friends, can click here so that the verification link will be sent immediately to friends' email. If the email is already in, we just have to open the email like this from chainlink. Friends only need to click on this. And will automatically be redirected to the site again. With automatic email has diversified. Like this. To register just like this If you have questions. Please include the question in the comments column. for the registration link. I will include it in the video description. Please check the video description. Okay, that's it. Hopefully Helpful I will end wassalamu'alaikum Warohmatullohi wabarokaatuh..

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