KlairedeLys Purple Polka Dot Nails 2

so first off I'm going to be using an alpha male vanish in world purple and basically you're going to be doing the french tip it's very easy to do you just simply start from wherever you want to start and then draw outwards the corners you can use the edge of the brush to get it really accurate and defined you'll probably want to apply a second coat just so you get that really rich purple color showing next we're going to be using the white so taking it you're going to draw dots really lightly on the nail it's very easy to do you just simply dab lightly and you'll get a perfectly shaped online now to philly sure if we're going to be using the clear nail varnish you can try and leave a little bit of space at the base of the nail just a little nail her space to breathe because otherwise it can become quite weak but if you leave space here your nails look great and they'll stay strong d done you

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