Kevin Reveals He’s A User | TRON (1982)

Hey, it's me! Flynn! – Flynn!
– Yeah. Greetings, program. Flynn, you're alive. Barely. Yeah, I… Where's Ram? He didn't make it. Well, come on. Lora. This is Flynn, the one who busted me out. Lora? Well, then, I owe him some thanks. No, it's no big deal. I ought to know my way
around a light cycle routine. I wrote the program for it.  You wrote the program? It's time I level with you. I'm what you guys call a user. You're a user? I took a wrong turn somewhere. If you are a user, then everything you've done
has been according to a plan, right? You wish. Well, you guys know what it's like. You just keep doing what it looks like
you're supposed to be doing, no matter how crazy it seems.

Well, that's the way it is
for programs, yes. I hate to disappoint you, pal, but most
of the time, that's the way it is for users, too. Stranger and stranger. So, nice-looking ship you got here..

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