Kevin O’Leary Is Trying To Scare People From Buying Dogecoin (DAY 3)

what's going on guys protodoge here and today is august 3rd which means i'm on my third day of my 100 challenge if you guys don't know i'm going the entire month of august eating food and buying drinks with 100 and that's it so we're on the third day today right so um needless to say i'm a little bit hungry okay but first things first make sure you guys hit the like button subscribe button and notification bell because we got to talk about some dogecoin news that came out today that i'm not too happy about but it's not because it's wrong it's just fud that's being released out there into the wild and if you don't know what fudd is flood stands for fear uncertainty and doubt and when people don't know enough about one thing they tend to get scared of it and put out stuff that's fake and and just they're you know what i mean they're just basically putting out their fears out into the world right so today i want to talk about uh this article on um i don't know what website this is but in any case the name of the article is is dogecoin a bad investment like casino gambling and underneath that it says one expert said dogecoin is like playing casino gambling games and guess who that expert is guess who the expert is that they're talking about oh is it the guy from shark tank is it kevin o'leary the guy that knows nothing about cryptocurrency get out of here get out of here you don't know about cryptocurrency my friend you know nothing about it so why are you even having an opinion on the topic in the first place seriously though like this guy still shaves like who's like who still shaves i don't know a soul that still shaves we used a little electric thing that this is who shaves this guy's what are you dinosaur you think i'm gonna take advice from a dinosaur man come on now he did used to look like wolverine though like i probably take advice from him back when he looked like wolverine but now we're not taking advice from people that still shave boomer this is what he said i don't participate in that kind of thing i don't understand why anybody would but that's their own choice but seriously though he doesn't participate in it how are you an expert at something you don't participate in that's like asking me advice of what i think about sky jumping off of cliffs i don't do it i don't participate in it how am i expert at it am i'm going to say that looks stupid that looks like you would risking your life to die i i think it's done why would anybody do that i'm not an expert when you speculate on something like dogecoin that's no different than going to las vegas and putting your money on red or black it's pure speculation he said according to bitcoin news right so he's basically saying that it's not a good investment you're basically throwing your money away it's just pure gambling and that makes no sense if you go back and look through the charts go back on bitcoin charts look through from from its inception oh you know what i mean and look over the years was bitcoin a bad investment was it pure speculation was it just gambling no it wasn't if you put money in five six seven years ago you'd be sitting on a lot of profit right now is that what happens when you go to vegas no same thing with dogecoin if you put money in a dogecoin five years ago you'd be sitting on a you'll be sitting on a lot of profit right now right so where do these guys get off talking about things they know nothing about like i understand that when you look into the stock market it makes sense to you right because you're looking into things that are like companies that are creating goods and services and they're you know what i mean they're they're being gauged on what they produce what they make right and when you look at a cryptocurrency it doesn't have that right but it doesn't mean that this is purely gambling just because it's not what you're used to in the stock market this is a completely new area here that you don't even know the first thing about so instead of like buckling down and saying you know what i know nothing about this let me do some research in the cryptocurrency let me understand what bitcoin is let me understand why people are making money with this and why this is starting to get taken seriously by a lot of big you know what i mean companies that are out there really investing in a bitcoin now and it's starting to get accepted worldwide you know there's countries taking it as legal tender so like let me research it no no these people want to come out and because they've been successful in business they feel like they understand everything and they can say whatever they want about the cryptocurrency world when they know nothing about it right so sorry to go on a rant but that was just my take on this stupid article that i just saw so like i said i'm actually kind of hungry right now uh and people have been going on me about five bro why why are you why are you going to taco bell and getting food why why are you going to why are you going to costco and getting hot dogs man just like cook just cook something right so i figured i would take their advice i looked through the fridge and i got some bread i got uh eggs i got cheese and lunch meat right so i'm gonna make a sandwich for the third day so that way i don't have to go out and have to spend you know any money and buy anything anywhere so that's what i'm about to do and in case you were wondering how much money i have left um i have it right here how much money i have left so far right in august right i got 50 bucks 20 20.

That's 90 93 and 50 65 60 60 67 okay i got 95 93 and 67 cents still um and yeah i think i think i'll be able to make it guys i'll be able to make the whole month off a hundred dollars um let's see how it goes but yeah let me see what else i got in the cupboards nothing i got nothing so yeah uh pretty pretty happy that um i i bought some groceries at the end of july so i have a little bit you know what i'm saying food to make when i don't go out and buy stuff outside of the house oh and really quickly before we get to my portfolio if you guys want that neon sign right there you could totally get one right i have a link in the description section it'll take you right there and you can get yourself one it's really cool i actually really like it a lot and i turn it on every day and i stare at it and i'm like what's up those dogs what you doing today but um but yeah that's a neon sign if you guys want to get investing make sure you go on weeble because weeble is for the people and you put in a hundred dollars and they give you 300 back in stocks and you could sell those stocks and keep the 300 if you want you could trade them out do whatever you want but the link is also in the description section make sure you go down there and you click on it and check out weeble another thing my merchandise look look at this cool ass shirt guys this shirt makes me feel like i'm in the early 2000s rap concert t era young money cash money you know what i mean no limit soldiers that's also on the website so make sure you go on there and get some merch boom boom boom boom yeah make sure to get the merch at different colors different sizes the link is in the description section and now let's get to my portfolio all right guys so here's my portfolio so right now i am sitting at 783 thousand dollars in the past hour we are up 695 dollars in the past day today we're up 6.4 thousand dollars in the past week we're down 3.8 000 in the past month we are down 120 000 in the past three months oh we are down 1.7 million do i regret not selling no in the past year i'm up 639 000 in the whole past of all time i am up 648 thousand dollars so click on those you don't just know how much though it's doing today uh past hour we are up i guess um 0.25 percent uh and we're sitting at about 20 cents and today we're actually uh going up pretty pretty good pretty good right now you know what i mean past week we're you know a little bit down past month you know we had to hit that double bottom um like i mentioned before and here's my position right now in case you don't know i have 3.9 million doge coins in robin hood but only in robin hood guys i have a whole coinbase wallet with some more doji dojos over there you know what i mean i'm gonna show you guys that and some other video uh equity is 782 thousand dollars my average cost basis per dose coin is 4.7 cents my portfolio diversity is 100 so don't follow me i'm crazy and uh total return is 598 000 so yup this is where we're sitting at right now um yeah guys also uh don't forget that i am not a financial advisor this is not financial advice this is for entertainment purposes only so do not invest more money than you can afford to lose also make sure you do your own research make sure you do your own due diligence and and figure out for yourself if this is something you'd like to invest in or not because you're grown ass person and you should be held accountable for your own actions and not for what people online tell you or say to you because that's based on their own research so in any case uh if you liked the video make sure you hit the like button make sure you subscribe make sure you hit the notification bell to stay up to date on all my new videos and i think that wraps it up for this video guys i'll catch you on the next one peace oh

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