Kevin Flynn’s Appearance / Flashback Scene | Scars (Part 1) | TRON: Uprising

ISOs. Like a disease that keeps spreading. Dyson, stay on mission. We're just here to work with Flynn. I need you to keep this area safe. Look at them. They're light lines. It's not right. And they were never written.
They serve no purpose! Dyson! We don't know who threw the first disc that day. I do. Them. Clu. I see Flynn's on time. As usual. There he is now. Aren't you both a sight for sore eyes? We are on the eve of something big. And the key…
The key is the ISOs. Yes, ISOs. There's been more unrest. To, uh, put it mildly. – Now, Clu–
– Flynn. I'm one of your security programs. Dyson. I know. I want you to do something about those ISOs. They pervert the Grid. And they need to be erased from it. You should know, Dyson has sustained that injury in the line of duty. I understand your need for justice. But ISOs have just as much a right
to be here as anyone.

The Grid created them.
Not me. Now, who's ready to alter the fabric
of existence as we know? Huh?.

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