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as we say the next ceiling 
is a market cap of 1 trillion and the last few days poo i've been 
i've been busy being busy liquidating i think is it one week ago or two 
weeks ago that i said you know   that we were cutting down on the on our portfolio   and we did remember go out fifty percent you 
still have fifty percent in the market right sweetie pie i'm gonna cash you know in 
i'm gonna take around 89 out and she said   well well done well done well done invest 
smart identify the leaders of tomorrow not actually move further down uh is that where we're 
going are we heading down to to the 40 000 well   it looks like it am i going to make a call not 
today tomorrow probably i will make a call on it   because you know when i make a call it usually 
turns out to be exactly that if you follow this   channel well then you're happy happy as larry 
because we got lots of cash on the side we got   lots of cash in the right lots of cash in the left 
and in the back if it's more of a correction and   you can still call it a healthy correction well 
then we weight to 50 to 80 percent discount from   the all-time high and i will repeat that 50 to 
80 discount from the all-time highs and that's   what we're basically going to be looking at the 
next few weeks if we're gonna see this continuing now there is obviously there should 
be some support here and there might   be my feeling is i'm gonna tell you guys 
i think we're gonna go down to 29 000 too i am the best i'm the best trader that 
is out there i'm the best analyst when   it comes to cryptocurrencies i am 
the best crypto youtube channel   that has ever been that there ever will be 
and that is a fact you showed me one youtube   channel you showed me one person that told you 
to go in cash that told you everything they do   a week ago 85 cash there is no 
one that is better than i am air force get it at 82 discount the energy 
web token you will be getting it a 72   discount power ledger get them at 
93 percent from the all-time high 83 percent to its all-time high and the next one 
is darwinian down 87 and then of course chainx guys you gotta look at umbrella you can get a 
95 percent discount well all i can say is i'm in daffy protocol gonna get cut down at one one dollar i said one 
point zero one but sometimes you just gotta go   you know bite the apple and say okay i was 
wrong one point zero three seven seconds start and can you hear me tonight can 
you hear me today where are you   in case you can hear me let me know 
you lovely lovely sexy looking people   what a day what a day i mean all i can 
i want to say is watch out for the dots hey hey hey hey hey i mean isn't that lovely 
there's nothing better when you have a code we all   said polka dot kusama the whole ecosystem they're 
probably going to pick up and it looks like that's   exactly it's exactly what they're doing right 
i mean i love it i love it more than anything here we are here we are let me know if you can 
hear me tonight this lovely day lovely day we   got shiva haha we got natalie rogue ma nova and 
we got krypto stan oh you got surfer girl and   it's so great when you write me it makes me happy 
you've got steve wheeler great calls great calls   yeah we did some calls we did some good calls 
we did some very good calls and we did some   outstanding calls to be honest i mean that's how 
this goes down we've got cryptococky we got senior   admin love your opinion by the end of 2012 bt he 
will reach this 0.50 let's see who knows who knows   who knows good sound that's good that's good 
so what are we going to talk about today we're   going to talk we're going to make a continuation 
a little bit of you know the gaming industry of   ruby but of course we're not gonna miss out 
on those lovely lovely lovely looking dots   even maybe better looking than you and i today but 
we're gonna follow up because ruby kb kb arena is   getting listed and what is it that i said today 
i said we get sick and tired talking about defy   right decentralized application hey no we got to 
get there we got to go through and of course we   will we got to look into something new and we're 
going to look into the gaming and i am truly   convinced this is the new growth explosion of 
hidden cryptogems that we're gonna find ourselves   it is without a doubt the next big thing and it 
can easily become among the top five industries   on the blockchain behind only financials yeah 
maybe reason being is the world because i   believe we are still in a kind of a forced little 
let's say vacation i think it's going to take us   a little bit longer before we're going to get 
out of this you know sit home and do home so   what is it that we need well what is it that 
the majority of the pigeons need they need more   artificial super fast brain damaging quick fixes 
but that's still yet you know flows with interfein   lets them flood in through their brains and their 
veins so that they can get their quick fix of junk   food entertainment but hey that's how we gonna 
make money so let's go billy boy and it's time   to start and i think what else can i say i 
think it goes a little something like this and here we are i want to welcome you to 
crypto never sleeps in case you're new to   this channel and you want to stay on top of the 
crypto railway then you know what you got to do   you got to hit like smash subscribe so that you 
can be notified every time we upload new videos   because this is important so that you can protect 
your wealth preserve your wealth and ultimately   you can increase your wealth my name 
is niko haraji and i am the host and it's time to go in and have a look at the day 
market movers and the losers you know there's one   thing that i like to look at if there's one 
thing i particularly like to look at but then   it is the polka dot ecosystem so why not let's 
have a little look at that polka dot up 23 today i love it i love it kusama usama it was only it 
was only about time wasn't it now i mean listen   to this of course chaining is not hundred percent 
the polka dot thing but you can go in here it's   the polkadot ecosystem by coin market cap what 
else do we have here all those lovely lovely   lovely dots i mean bulling kyling where do we have 
it kyle and kyle and carl and karin where is it   centrifuge up yeah and where's kyling i gotta 
find karen karin i think he's up 20 kaburra up 13.

And then we got calling 22 and that's i mean this isn't this lovely 
isn't it lovely but let's first go and see   what are we seeing when it 
comes to market manipulation   because in case you're new to this channel you 
know that i am a big believer that the crypto   currency industry is a wild wild west so it 
naturally attracts some kind of you know manipulat   manipulative uh forces and uh but what we can 
see right now because i'm of 34 percent one day   400 remember if you follow me if you follow this 
channel i don't know [ __ ] about crypto that's   for sure don't follow what i say because it's not 
financial advice but god damn did i call ksm at   270 four days ago i said i'm gonna stack up a 
little but hey do your own research and really   honestly this is not financial advice don't follow 
me i wouldn't follow me who wants to follow me   where do we have where do we 
have this guys it is very nice then we got ease up four point four percent it's 
kind of kind of cool you know today we're using at   the four minute we're using kosama because 
up so much 33 dot polkadot up to 25 lovely   lovely we got kadano well let's put it like this 
katana has really been you know kadana actually   deserves of course together with solana 
they really got the biggest rocket of   them all right they've been really 
taking off and i think it's gonna   take it's gonna continue it's just good to see 
that the kusama and the polkadot ecosystem they're   following up because they are of great importance 
and you should not underestimate that so   so that's that so we're seeing here vtc is taking 
a little bit of a slow breather but um you know   what who cares about btc when we got all 
those other goodies lying around let's   go in and i'm not really i always say i'm not 
going to look at this technical analysis and i   also think i shouldn't really because you know 
why i'm saying we shouldn't because it doesn't   really have such a dramatic impact i know that 
we all like to look into technicals and we like   to look in the past right are you that kind of 
person that goes to grandma you know i don't   know betty and she looks in your hand and she's 
going to tell you what the future is going to be   well i can tell you i'm not because i did a lot 
of that when i was younger and none of that came   out to be true so you know when i think about bad 
testing and i think about the past i think i know   [ __ ] that last i don't like to think so much 
about the best i want to think about the future   and what the future is however bearing is 
i think it is still what we saw yesterday   we're seeing a kind of like continuation of 
between this point here of 40 yeah where we're   right now 46 000 47 000 i would say up to around 
50 right where we are in the continuation of   creating both a level of support and uh probably 
also ultimately a level of resistance but that's   not why we're here right to sit and look at that 
so let's just go down and see what is good about   today and i want to let you know in case you're 
new to this channel and you you know you want   to know when a flash crasher please well then 
i'm here so please please hit that notification   bell as well so we got that out of the way right 
and please please give us a like or thumbs up why am i talking about the flash crashes 
i'm talking about that is when we are seeing   severe manipulation in a short term can be 
like usually it's in the weekends it will   be you know when the majority of the markets are 
sleeping there's low volume there's light volume   and then we're seeing these 
massive drops of 10 to 20 percent   but you can go in and pick yourself up some real 
really really really goody goody stuff you know i'm sorry for that guys that was a technical 
mistake sorry for that so but what we're seeing   today and what i do like is that we just when 
we scroll down down through the biggest movers   uh we're not seeing a completely continued 
mirroring of each other we're seeing some up   some very much up like polka dot kosama that 
ecosystem like ethereum but then we're seeing   claire luna who's been doing extraordinarily 
well um down a little i like when we see   mixed numbers because it really comes down to the 
individual coin individual token it also shows   a little bit more of maturity that certain coins 
should not all be following each other like blind   sheep right they should do their own thing because 
they are doing their own thing and that is always   nice to see and i like that i like that so overall 
i think a good day we don't got some big news oh i   wanna of course i wanted to show you a little bit 
about our portfolio because i think we got some   we got some strong numbers so let's just look 
at how the portfolio looks because on friday   saturday we do a bit of a bit of portfolio update 
so if we look let's start of course with polka dot   since we bought that as 10 weeks ago we have 
because i'm a one hundred to fourteen percent   thirty seven percent with davina polkadot 125 
percent since we started this on the channel ten   weeks ago so you're welcome to join in that 
you could no i don't profit anytime i don't   sell you nothing it's just that we can you know 
share because sharing is caring about information has been doing extraordinary well of 144 
since it got listed we got them for free   because we participated in a pair of chains 
it's entry of 150 and then we got chain x up 40   65 for clover finance even though of course 
this is since we got in and on today we can   see clovis down a little the poker foundries down 
a little but i don't think that messes up because   we got kb ruby arena and we're going to go look 
at that we got follow up 28 and then kylian up 173   since we added it to this portfolio the winner 

I fuel only 25 i mean you gotta we gotta   admit we did good right we did good i think 
it's worth listening to each other for because   i mean who actually did better than us i would 
like to see i would like to see one channel that   actually comes out and not just celebrate when 
everything's going great but actually also you   know tell us to buy when things are going going 
not that great so here we got the there's some   i'm sorry you got the small tab this is just 
the watch list i wanted to look at the view   there but we also have one again you know this 
is a metis is another coin that we did suggest   there's a little bit passed but it's really 
been going i think up to 300 since we saw that actually hours maybe not today oh what is that here we need 
more portfolio more vote for you me know how you   guys doing what do you think the market is and 
what is your favorite coin and where are you from   are you new to me have we you know 
met before why are you just looking you know this is always when when 
there's these little these little um open it when you can't open anyway 
we gotta we gotta keep that for   for later or tomorrow because open what can we do it just only wants to it doesn't matter we enjoy that we can see 
the market is going in different directions   and that is good and we anyway need to move on 
and i think we got to go and see the chit chat   and then see what's happening because we did 
actually we are going to know what the price   of heavy arena is that is that's what we're 
here for how many returns did we actually get   by participating in the pair chain how's 
the gaming industry really going to look so but again so we got a little market data we 
got me confused again always i am going to get   better but i want to welcome all of you in case 
you are new to this channel again i want to say   shaheed to me he's my soul brother we got a great 
community in case you got any questions and please   keep them a little bit for the end and we will try 
to go through them and now as i said let's go in   and look what happened with kb arena because i've 
been doing this this since this morning and and   in some senses it is it's a bit of it's a bit of 
hard work i would say always um staying up to date   but i think that they've done a great i think 
really i think we're going to get a little bit   more of a feeling how both red kites are doing 
which is you know a incubator platform oh sorry   it's an incubator platform by poker foundry that's 
also how we got we got the poker smith so today   we were doing it all on gamify also new platform 
and you can see here so i can i'm gonna connect   it here please connect to wallet i will do that 
you kind of can see what it was that happened   um so to take the matic then you can see 
down here we got zero zero we don't have total rays yeah so please connect wallet 
we have done that i hope now come on i'm also showing you these things because it 
is sometimes i gotta say it is a little bit   it's a little bit too much that you always have 
to um know your way around in in in this ecosystem   when it comes to wallets and so on and it 
is not always so super simple but what you   can see here is that all day i have been into 
this you know in the back office first we got   you know they've been presenting 
it very very uh a great overview   and we were able you know they really 
guide you through the whole thing   so now i'm gonna see if i can claim tokens but 
i can't do that until in another 10 minutes but   what really surprised me because yesterday we were 
talking about the pump and dump schemes but today   i was awarded because we participated in the 
usama para chain auction for poker foundry   we received 500 worth of igo or kb now down 
here you can see so i haven't claimed them   yet because it's going to take another 10 
minutes but they have here a vesting schedule   and that means that by having this resting 
schedule they're going to actually be able to prevent that it's going to be one big cat dump 
anyway we're going to see in 10 minutes we're   going to go back here and claim our token so it 
looks like we're only going to get 33 percent   of our cable tokens that means we and even if 
we are going to sell those 33 we will try we   will see what's going to happen then we still 
have to wait for the other amounts i love it i   think it's a very fine new way of doing it now if 
you're going to kb arena you can say officially   official kb contract address so you can polygon 
find a smart chain and they keep updating you   but kind of like what is new what is new where 
to go what to do and i like that the even you   can see go on on medium you can go in and say 
and i was looking for this all morning on which   which exchanges is it going to be listed on 
wherever god's sake but it's listed on pancake   swap and quick swap and gate exchange and then 
you can see they give you all the links where you   have to go it is so i gotta say i'm pleasantly 
surprised how they're handling this igo and now   of course the project the big moment we have 
been waiting for what is the price you see i   haven't received my tokens yet but they are listed 
right they're listed let's say we wanted to buy   i don't know if you can say we can't sell him we 
want to buy one kb let's scroll up are the prizes okay you understand we wanna yeah it's actually exciting i don't know if you if you 
you know if you can follow what it is that i do   and if you yourself got yourself some some kb 
but um it's kind of yeah it's you know you want   to know wow what can we get it for how much profit 
did we actually generate then we can see right now   the price per kb is uh 10 cent that means i for 
example i received 70 000 70 000 table tokens times 0.1 that's seven thousand dollars 
if i were to sell it now   uh used to see for kv but that doesn't really it's 
more nine yeah yeah 19 yeah 009 yeah it's it's   it's yeah 7 000 on top of of course but 
we also gonna get the poker smith now are   we going to keep them are we going to you see 
remember i don't think you can actually trade   them yet i don't think you can trade them yet 
so we try try swap one confirm swap why not and we're gonna confirm it here field ledger device unknown yeah so 
anyway we're gonna try that in a second   you can also see on pancake swap kb also have 
him here so we can go through but we're going   to wait a minute i'm going to have to 
put you on hold for a second because do so here we are trying here to connect with 
the ledger that's always something you know   that sometimes brings lots of happiness and 
sometimes also doesn't bring so much happiness   when things don't work but i i gotta admit 
that is one of the biggest parts i find here   in the crypto yet so we cannot frame tokens 
and why is it not connected for gothic   they are claimable we need to try one more now this is you know i hope you are watching 
this in the thoughts that you probably   also want to participate that you know that 
when these things are going to happen it is   unfortunate but it is normal but it is a really 
a process of going through these things and um it can irritate you but usually when you then 
he's connected water we are connected to the   wallet we want to claim those tokens and we got 
another four minutes until we can blame them but   anyway you get the point you can follow and you 
can track it of course yourself kb you're gonna   see what's gonna happen i will i don't know what 
i'm gonna do actually i just did this i probably   i don't know if i'm gonna sell it or not so i'm 
gonna try to sell some just to make an example   and then we would follow it but i think 
you get uh you get what i really wanted to   to share with you was that the way that 
they have been able to do it both baby   arena until now the way they inform us about 
red kite how they have been able to handle it   gamify how they're doing it i love the resting 
schedule it will as i said now many times it will   make sure that we are not going to see these from 
these awful pump and drops that we use so i think   it's time that we go over and see what's going on 
in the traditional markets and then we'll revert   back it is not so important that we sell our 
tokens today it's more than we learn and know so let's see what the traditional markets are 
bringing are they bringing goodies or they're   bringing baddies i never know really but what 
it is but we can see that stock market itself   like it always is but um there was one 
thing that i did like about the main age   is that they are really hitting it i would say 
when it comes to crypto and look at this here   on the first page of cnbc these 14 and 9 
year old siblings earn over thirty thousand   dollars a month mining cryptocurrency all it does 
goes to show is that when we are continuously   seeing that crypto is in all you know being talked 
about that can only mean one thing that means   that mass adoption is only a matter of time 
so um yeah i think this and then i like that   cristiano ronaldo he's going back to manchester 
united i mean that's also something that you   should think about right and then good old sleepy 
uncle joe what's up with him there's generally   nothing up with him ever because he don't know 
you don't even know that he's the president   of america anyway guys i do want to go back 
see if we can have a see what's going on   with the loan that was actually why i was 
here today it's always ready to record oh well we will see you gotta follow this 
and um yeah that's about it that's about it   today i was at the doctor again so i'm 
still a little bit you know i'm trying to   to get myself back on track but um it's a little 
bit uncoordinated i gotta admit and you see that   but i just wanted to share this bit of news 
that we are seeing the kosama ecosystem   we are seeing polka dot taking off 
and i do believe that has all to do   with the fact that they have been lagging 
behind and i think that it's now time   for kusama and um polkadot and all the eco 
sisters and brothers of infrastructural points   is their time to take off yeah i will hire you i 
would stick around and have it you know look out   what's gonna happen and i'm gonna now take this 
mask off and get myself a breather and again i'm   sad that you can't do it as good as i usually do 
but i'm happy you guys are here and i love you i   gotta run because i really cannot breathe see you 
soon i hope it brought you some value and in case   it did well then you know what to do hit 
like smash subscribe i'll see you very soon when the ego spreads its wings it's something 
to behold it's something to behold nearly nine   feet from tip to tip when it spreads its wings it 
was built for high places it was built to soar i   think you would say meters about three meters it 
was built to soar to fly it was built to withstand   the storms so that when the storm comes and other 
birds run for shelter the eagle runs into the   storm and uses the storm to lift it up so that it 
can fly above the storm you know you're an eagle   when you ran into a storm that you thought was 
going to kill you and instead of it killing you   it lifted you higher than you've ever been lifted 
before it's a sure sign you're an eagle can you   hear me tonight spread those wings and it begins 
to fly it can see several miles even in the night   you can see its prey and its opponent eagles 
are awesome birds the eagle knows that he ain't   hooked up with no chicken because this old chicken 
can't get up in the air that high it might think   the eagle is pretty cute but it can't it can't get 
up there where the eagles fly because his body is   fat and his wings are too short and it can only 
flap up a little ways and fall back down again   and some of you have got a lot of eagles that if 
you're trying you are eagles and you've got a lot   of chickens that are trying to flop up there and 
get where you are but god will take you to a place   where you can only hook up with other eagles and 
eagles are all do you hear what i'm saying to you   so don't be frustrated when you see the 
chickens flapping up and falling down   because at this stage in your life it's time 
for you to be synergistic with other eagles eagles love on another level   eagles live on another level eagles think on 
another level eagles function on another level   eagles dream on another level eagles build on 
another level glory to god if you had somebody   reject you leave you walk out the door 
stop crying about it it was just a chicken what you need is another eagle with 
wings and dreams and visions and concepts   and ideas who's not jealous of you who's not 
intimidated by you who's not fighting you you know   that it's an eagle when they're not jealous of you 
you know it's another eagle when they can think   thoughts like you think you know it's another 
eagle when they can pray for you and help you to   get to the next level it's only the chickens that 
are down on the ground talking about everybody wonder how much further you would be if you would 
focus on being synergistic with other eagles   rather than expending your 
energy trying to change chickens you

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