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hello and welcome to break and magic one more time The first thing we have to do is apologize for this lapse that has existed since our last video so far the summer break which is exact as we have already commented on social networks we see these holidays they have also gotten together that we have put the survey and we have left a week for people to vote and such and good also that we had to record edited etcetera but well here you already have the first confrontation between hyung and the blue tron ​​monkey that you did not miss won by beating also by three or four votes and it is true that we received a lot of votes we will see that You are quite interested in the truth is that we were not the department that more we like to advance in nothing but hey we have not cared either to play it and We have had a good time, we hope you enjoy it, you too have trying to play your best it is not a deck that you are already testing during a long time therefore good because we know what we know about the deck general but also knowing how to play it because there may be a card error Maybe it is telling us a lot but hey we have already seen many lists we have bought many things we have had time also when we used the decks and also three remaining before to see how they worked and when when we do the analysis and they will see that there are some crazy things, you know the lists because we are not to take views and make them ourselves that we do not they like predesigned things we always like to give our touch although good for example layún is a jr deck but still it is not what we usually do see and the monkey b 'lutron day itself is a weird deck if we take it over we have done a strange thing but hey I say what we are going to do and we are already started with the first game of the round there we have our hands we see that the luton monkey starts with humor and a 6th and legendary collateral that also blue that allows you to save your ass itself necessary and a with a with a generally good hand an instruction of the first two in oval with a pas that can be very good in this case and a thermos to put pressure so land of the hosts is actually work also this is there a con with white would have white without problems and with the truth you can look for that the double black for the line that is very important also this country in that if we are going to also take into account what that he ayoun the only double cost that he carries well he has the blank kits and the only one he has is the liana with this double black cost and it is usually important to have it for the third turn if you have liliana because with heavy casualties even if you go out with a shaman nothing I would say in the second shift the trunk is depleted, no, it is not a hand of the all appetizing because it has only two lands three would be better but good They also have cards for the game in we see the seas there but first they call a letter that may not be so seen but that I especially appreciate a lot and in metal in general right now with so much throne and with iun and with others is a card that helps a lot to break the other's mana base in addition to giving you cards that the important thing in the thief to look for you the lands In fact, also against him, ayoun is so good that now we had seen that the Inquisition that layún has thrown has gone direct by sprint sis still having the counter that can slow us down a lot let's not say that the only thing we are going to playing straight is the coal we save as a confidant or very important right now and well, very good gives us an advantage of cards that for a deck like faster than ebb and twice as fast and there it is now here the question is with what and how much do you subtract good either way and a good option but it is very likely that have a thermos and thinking about that a thermos is going to put much more pressure count coincident that will give you a lot of card advantage because yes but the border is not going to kill you although it leaves you with letters there they go looking for land always and well we have stolen it so there is not much problem for it we have land brother that is a problem we have to look for we have it that land is going very well luckily there is another counter in another against helping us make the spray with it with disdain and a subtle cisco basket cius fornoles that will help us the low light to the earth bug turned in such so he keeps turn lowering another mana can attack the land bug Another theft has been another thermos that also helps a lot the pressure a lot well and here thinking I don't just shoot comedy cisco shot, they don't know that I don't have land it is clear that here the correct thing if they know it not short and if I do not think it is so good in case it would be the right one because you are going to look at both of you you are going to leave the earth probably if there is in return you will take the pressure off a bug so fat that it will give you departure I do not remember that it was two meals but now we will see it go down so neither is land It should not be if there is no land that goes down it is very clear because we need the land another theft that is not land at least they are robberies if they are from games they are berlin cards that will have holding the truth is that another land has put for example a drill have had enough to play sensibly play strip in turns or be it in the matter of at the rhythm that is seen there goes the confidant here you will give tell the best that the sister is turning the other way around let's say it's off from armo good first and then the conscious but one is thinking about lower both and here instead the hostage does not raise the thermos that would be the good thing that would be the most appropriate in a moment and the album goes away.

for the intention of looking for the land that is latency of a turn without going down earth and I already have a lot of pressure, returning the thermos to his hand has given me a turn but it won't give ground that I need with most likely along with those of the land consequences is also an agur with jose for they are also a very good and good letter would have been an artifact if you see that I throw you no you had here and here is two other good master artifacts is complicated because you threw a talisman it does not bother you much to throw yourself because a simulation in a Better position doesn't bother you either, but right now, [ __ ] any other factor is a problem I was thinking here if I'm not mistaken man it is a very difficult decision I know it is true that maybe one a land can be left over but you say [ __ ] I'm going to run out of the hostage yeah did not choose other pastures can be very necessary right now it is very necessary almost anyone the only thing that can be It is the sandrine taita but it is that while trying against there is a lot of damage and you should not underestimate it in this regard one of the lands knowing that it was 4 shift I will be able to throw the drill although he gave me this land at least on this land not strong but it will follow at least keep a little of the rhythm now the only possible move the simulator um and at least to do it and that he is not with the confidant that the seconds two we will not want to arrive the earth 33 blues that sometimes also lack blues you feel a peace that is very good because it is going to a rival more than right now he knows it I do not know but having the bugs that he has, I am not interested that he took them off that he lower us against the bank and worst of all that takes away all that advantage and also well, well, a robbery of the confidant does not take a life from you always appreciates telling something could come out the day that you take away 3 a teacher a pulse a kitchen there is thermos 56 already enough pressing a lot and he sends her from alastair in way wood who is going to attack too evidently they say I sleep we go iron the land there is important but very good good only necessary an abyss because if not you had no choice but to throw yourself it was a coin but having hours has stolen the stone obligation and here are many possibilities well you already have the throne that I do what is important good what I've seen you steal a peace with the incident how can I pull an inserted clavicle a good coi would not be the most successful is the option of double oblivion or 'the sun 'slow and so in bar oblivion and I will clean both the consequent and the thermos but the lands bugs will be able to be attacking If under the titan he took away three lands, his lands bugs remain, let's say the moment disabled I can defend altar mus and he attacks me and also I force him or I almost forced him, let's say the one I got with pass 30 and so that the same those Also, although you are seeing that the player of there is one, he has two peace only It has been seen to steal an initial state with which it is good let's say yes with de that peace of the book that they created in which the Sandinista blood comes out and has his important skill and any method that is going to raise my vines right away and how I stay the three shifts is a yes yes yes It is true that there were only two respectable tiers, yes but enough to that it was not good to activate it because you can no longer activate it and the other the other good when we go to a land maybe that was a problem then great from the continent, good is not the milk either but that is a 144 that is true that right now seeing such a pennant even though it is 34 years the bidding of lowered the selected one or the strip rotated or the gold is rotated that Well, it makes a lot of sense to have a better country the idea was to take that away from me, he will be able to attack and Let's say then to be able to pay with the goals to be able to attack the thermos with the rapeseed Now they are already six because if this enchantment of the evil of the seas but before instantaneous land and creature and inquisition spell so now there are six were made 17 is and robbery but before here we realize that when he left on Sunday in had to destroy you did not have basic lands did not have land to see but I had to see this an island so good another good thing of not having lowered the goals before knowing also if I could not have destroyed it but hey, neither from an island, no problem with the trunk is there already, so again we have the option to lower a cushion or force I'm having a teacher payable the April stones if it is better if forward is what we have after the paying teacher is also a permanent that does not It is land and data is going to go to many people, what it does is more they steal before I found seas in the cemetery and the earth turned me, not the sea is enchanted to the ground with which it is a permanent remains in the field look clean the field you leave one leaves him without a target although he has goals but when it leaves no target at that moment there is at the end of the shift that pull lightning leaves him 6 and stole training with which well he will play it, you see pretty obvious not if that's a [ __ ] is because it has fallen because it is that the wall and any bug has been very decanted a charge would have closed could serve game 2 and another bug was not going to do anything and in addition to the two bugs that he had how nothing is achieved but a turn to have him in the head because in this here neither to say for much more and well that has been the quick game and fast is an agro deck one of the fastest but quick if you want to go out Something you sell agro there is no exact problem it has gone very well also the robberies the it came very well with a hundred it takes away many ways, the truth is that if a game For this, if they do not produce at the start, I think it is an interesting part.

been at the limit completely but has not been a turn to win has been at limit has been for the robbery of saint and it is not robbed is the in laayoune you have to recognize that it is good to get off the only one who held the turn that is and at next shift I work the openly I am killing put the question is that It is an interesting game and and we hope you liked that it is everything you always subscribe to the channel if you are not subscribed give like if you liked the video social networks twitter facebook We are also in the magic dotcom forum that if we do not do the polls for the which we will start we will start but also to have it ready before Well, not like the last time I noticed just at the end of the game that I have a little the plan will be as soon as we have a little dedicated and commented on the games and we are with the years and all decks already thinking about the survey and well I think that's all see you in the second part of the game come a greeting

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