oh with the tip of the foot how tasty how tasty when you consider that it has been the greatest contribution of josé luis moneró to the popular culture of our country Monero really caused such an impact where he started singing and when he began to hear their performances on the radio and the album and others that made everyone sing like him there was nothing there was not a single singer in Puerto Rico that emerged who did not seem in love It is a total change because because it changed the whole concept of the interpretation of the song completely changed him with his voice with his style coupled the voice and the styled in such a way that he was left with the trade with left after all the the world to sing the same way there was no singer that one day in Puerto Rico who I don't want to sing like William they were famous later when they created their own style now you said it when they created their own date with them but that the Imitation is the correct one, what Maria says was not unanimous to the buttock they realized that it did not go beyond an invitation that they had to create that they had to create their own style and realize that the hard imitations look and how was the case when monero went to new york and that meeting with xavier cugat because monero sang in january was one of the longest-running favorite singers conjugating olano had five years with orchestra lets play well and color purse that is okay to play the whole world ran right now just the other day in the hotel Mario where the model is playing always accepted a French gentleman to remind monero that he had seen him and he told me what he told you when you plan to pay me has some favorite song that he interprets way that answer so diplomat Well here between diplomats we say goodbye for this moment I don't want to thank you this will continue this will continue this program with these dear friends and other surprises that we will have but I I want to take this moment to give each one of you a beautiful basket of surprises me with the things that magritte's friends send us in Plaza las americas that every week they give us gifts are left On the occasion of tonight, they have been voted with affection and love for you so what do you think if we continue with more anecdotes and songs a beautiful night I do not i am the same God i will live for you Y the storm started well my life and they damage me it is a program dedicated to josé luis moneró it would not be complete if not let's talk about josé luís the man the husband and to talk about that part of the human being that better than his wife and partner doña teresa jado good night where to do very good they carry us out and tell you one thing how was the teacher the arrow well I always liked his voice his songs and even in my adolescence I I dreamed of those songs I never thought we were going to become a marriage nowadays but then in reality that love was consummated practically recently time is given six years to be more exact but it was his crush on my whole life, however, they tell me that this daily sharing It is extraordinary because they say that in the street mountains and they are you surrounded by a delicious climate with trees with earrings that sing to you how teresa haddock describes the real josé luis moneró man off stage serving there are no words to describe it She is a wonderful being so with that but she shows does not want to cry is a wonderful being or nothing shine no can you tell me three words then that describe it that come to your mind let's go to suppose that he is asking permission to your father so that he allows you to love him you would say dad but he is like that and he is very good affectionate respects very familiar and I tell you I do not have for the back i remember what was the first song you heard from death or well the first song that I heard from him and I used to sing it because I have been a half frustrated mean singer in my teenage years I sang an old love While they were listening to her it did not occur to you to think I am the teacher in front of accompanying but did not dream at that time that this love was going to be consummated in a way never not because there can be many differences he was the artist and the best example with the artist because on this full night of romantic music and nostalgia the friends of Madrid have wanted to send for you a basket of chocolates so that with several also with the teacher and very especially the friends of golden 3 flowers the dear friend gloria renteria this bouquet of roses has been sent to you how I like them and I want because this note It is you, do you remember what was the song with which José Luis always fell in love with you? I liked absurd daydreaming and I still ask for it, well then as he is still asking for it, I believe that he will not be able to refuse any way to this not in this special night to allow that it is the public the to share with you that masterful interpretation of the monero teacher and his blue reverie orchestra Mister the type Yes i Reserve Y well and a memory God i was I usually Y ah no no no and i 1 in his memory goddess i but it is god of interpretation, hey master, this cannot be complained if you something has people who love it a lot, you know if you really look at how they have that Look, lady, but as you have it, it was a success that you gave at the wedding like it was the little kiss but do not take off your coat but how was it more or less looked into the eyes valentin So the wedding kiss can be repeated horna good as people follow loving monero tonight we have a surprise for him from his adopted town that caguas the mayor don william miranda marín forward mayor what is he coming to do the delivery of recognition for his 60 years in song a demonstration of our affection to you that we want to give this money that is product of the talent of a Puerto Rican artisan and that the plate contains important elements of our city that both with love and I I feel very happy that it has touched me in your 60 years of music because give you this plaque and I would like to take this moment to invite all of our Puerto Rican people to join us this Sunday from 3 in the afternoon in our fine arts center to give you a big recognition because you certainly have that I am much more for giving us such good music through 60 years we love you and we congratulate you all the production team of these guests on behalf of the tv management 6 I want to thank monero these 60 years of music and songs have been years of intense experiences but in the end teacher perseverance and good For example, they have triumphed in a masterful way, thank you, José Luis, thank you for loyalty to your people and for giving us your talent may God bless you always and I have no choice but to thank you to doña tere to doña tere to dear teresa torregrosa to friend mariano artau to willy his presence here tonight to thank the people of magritte in plaza las americas to the people of golden fresh flowers for the flowers that They have sent us so beautiful tonight and just kiss me goodbye to all until next week but we want to say goodbye with monero music euro to see what is going to interpret us to see if we are going to interpret now the dead he went on his way forward until next week the dead man counted ah i ah Y I was alone and he did nothing but cry but suddenly the body disappeared as long as you love them more Y i Y late at home I kept crying but my body disappeared and good people breaks and so It can now that well for him Y and ah Y and that the xunta barely felt the grave the dead can collapse that barely felt the floodgates in mind ah so

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