J’investis dans le BITCOIN/ETHEREUM/LITECOIN…Voici POURQUOI ! Xolali Zigah

I invest in Bitcoin-Ethereum-Litecoin … Here's why! Maxence: So just before giving you my feedback and also on the other currencies to invest in the coming months of the next few years, I invites you to click on the subscribe button to join several tens of thousands entrepreneurs subscribed to the YouTube channel. So I am currently with Xolali ZIGAH that I have already interviewed and made other videos on the channel. So mainly vis-à-vis Bitcoin. It is also thanks to you and I thank you for that, that I have also invested through bitcoin. At first, I was in a hurry, so, I had done on BitPanda and then all of my investments were made on Kraken.

So mainly Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. So just before we see it all in detail, I invite you to just represent yourself briefly, even if in my opinion, you already know. Also feel free to watch the video: how he transformed € 8,000 into € 50,000 in just eighteen months. Other videos like: which platform to invest in bitcoin, which platform to choose? I let you introduce us. So, hi Xolali! Xolali: Hi Maxence! So as you said it, my name is Xolali ZIGAH. I am a blogger and investor in the field cryptocurrencies since 2014. A lot of people know that I actually had already started to be interested in this field in 2011, but I had not invested and then, I really entered the field in 2014-2015. As such, it allowed me to have a good experience in bitcoin, but then I got interested in other cryptocurrencies. And so, I do trainings on it and I also write articles on the subject. Maxence: So we often heard about it bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum.

So, my strategy is very, very simple. I have been investing € 1,500 per month since July 2017. So, € 1,500 per month, I put 700 € per month on bitcoin, € 400 per month on Ethereum and € 400 per month on Litecoin, So, now vis-à-vis the Kraken platform. So we made another video on the subject, we will not come back to it in detail. And I just wanted you to us explain in detail there in this case on Ethereum and Litecoin and then on other cryptocurrencies that would be interesting to invest. Xolali: OK! So, as we also saw in a previous video, we saw that Bitcoin has generated small thanks to what is called the Blockchain.

It was saw that we could do other things with it and have even more impressive projects thanks to the Blockchain which could have a strong growth potential. So we had a second big project called the Ethereum project. Maxence: So what is it? Tell us everything. Xolali: So there you have it, Ethereum, basically we say Ethereum is a currency, but we do, we cannot say that it is a currency because the currency linked to ethereum is called ether. Ethereum in fact, it's a project that aimed to create what is called a global computer. So, what is a global computer? It is as if we had a computer where everyone could log on. So there, if we is in this room, there is a computer, therefore, I connect. But there there is a computer where the whole planet can access and actually create applications. And it's applications they are called smart contracts or in English SmartContract which allow as the name suggests to do smart things, it means autonomous things. As such, what we can do with it is, for example, to facilitate repayments, for example for insurance without needing every time there is a problem plane or tickets, go: "hello, I had a problem, …", go to claim.

The goal is for it to be autonomous, for it to happen automatically. We can also facilitate everything relating to real estate for cadastres. It is to delimit the lots of people who want to invest in real estate when contracts have to be updated, often these are big procedures therefore, it is hyper-complicated. There, the goal is for it to be automated. We can automate also suddenly the musical contracts. There are often conflicts precisely in the musical contracts because we say: "oh yes you know, yes, but we did not have put that in this clause of the contract ”. And thanks to Ethereum, the goal is precisely to be able to automate everything and trust and say that from the moment we have does something, each time we update, it will be tamper-proof, we do not will not be able to cheat on it.

And so, we realized that in many areas, we can apply this type of autonomous contract and even in the field of health and suddenly, it is the second currency, I say currency in the broadest sense of the word, which has greater potential after bitcoin. So there, as an example, a year ago, to the day in October 2016, the price of ether, which is the currency of ethereum, it was worth roughly one ten euros and so many people are interested in it. Today we are at more than 260 € an ether. Maxence: So I let you imagine times 27, yes, you heard 27 times in the space of a year. So if you have there bet € 1,000, well you would have € 27,000. € 27,000 is still pretty cool with a derisory investment, 1000 € at first. Xolali: There you go! So, this is for ethereum. The second largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin. Now as you said, the third one called Litecoin. Maxence: So the bitcoin baby. Xolali: So the bitcoin baby.

So in made Litecoin, it is also based on the Bitcoin Blockchain and the goal was to have a lite version of bitcoin. So, for example, we realized that over time, bitcoin, transactions took a few seconds a few minutes to check. And now we're down to about ten minutes of verification. And even more sometimes, when there is really a lot of influx. And on Litecoin, the verification of transactions, it is done very quickly. So at the end two or three minutes, that's verified. Maxence: We are already verified! Okay ! Xolali: There you go, and we're fine. And suddenly, that's why we say that it's a more lite version, because it's lighter.

And today, Ethereum also has a strong progression since at the beginning of the year, we were around, it seems to me, 10 or 15 € to reach today a price which is more than 50 $, therefore, we will say 45 €, therefore, that means that we have … Maxence: And it was 10 € a year ago, right? Xolali: Yes, even at the beginning of the year actually, in January. Maxence: So that's five times in the space of ten months or so.

Xolali: Exactly! And we also realize that since the people who invest in bitcoin, they say to themselves: "ah, it's starting to get expensive, I'm going put my money in something that is a little cheaper, that has a lot of potential ”. This is why Litecoin also increases in value over time. Maxence: Yeah, always remember me personally, it's for that i did also this video, so, investment number 1, bitcoin, investment number 2: ethereum, investment number 3: litecoin. It's really values in a way that will allow you to grow your savings through returns 10 times, 50 times, 100 times or more than any passbook, life insurance, the livret A, share savings plan, home savings plan or whatever. So really don't hesitate to invest. So the money that's on any booklet which is unfortunately at 1, 2, 3, or 4% depending on what you use on explosive returns made in bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. So there is also other currencies, I'm thinking in particular of Dash, Monero or whatever.

Is can you explain all that to us? Xolali: Well, basically I represent myself seven, not counting bitcoin, we'll say eight in all. Maxence: So what are the other five. Seven not counting bitcoin. Xolali: There you go, there are four left. So, there we said bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin. So there are five left. Maxence: Exactly. Xolali: So there is one called Monero as you said. So, Monero, it is one of the only crypto-currencies that is not based on the Blockchain system. So, it's still a currency that is not centralized in one place, but they said to themselves: "we wanted to compete with the Blockchain and create our own Blockchain ”. So they have a system called CryptoNote which has roughly the same operation, but which is unique to Monero. And the goal is to have their own system with their security adapted to this currency.

So here it is for Monero. Maxence: Then you will put it in fourth or you would put Dash in fourth, if you had to rank which cryptocurrency Would you put in fourth position at the foot of the podium. Xolali: At the foot of the podium, it's between Monero and Dash, well, I'm going to put Dash because I see Dash starting to get really serious. First i will finish with Monero after, we will switch to Dash. So, there you have it, the goal of Monero was to have a clean cryptocurrency, with its own system that works really well.

And it really didn't take too much bad values ​​since at the beginning of the year, same as Litecoin, we were around of 15 and a few euros for today to have a course which is at 90 $. So it wants say that we are more than 80 € for Monero. This is to say that it is also a currency with great potential. For Dash, in fact, they call it digital cash. So the goal is to have bitcoin in fact a bit, but at high speed with the least possible expense. That's why it's Dash like flash, it rings a little. So they invented this currency for that on purpose, to make it faster than bitcoin and that there are as few fees as possible. So Dash, on the other hand, people realized that the potential was also very strong and that there were developers who were really very good at it and suddenly, they invested heavily in 2017.

So, in February for example 2017, I presented Dash and the Dash course was worth about $ 17. Today is October 2017 and the Dash course is over $ 300. Maxence: And in February, it was at how much you were saying ? Xolali: It was $ 17. So, there, if you do the math. Maxence: So roughly twenty times. So, if you put in € 1,000, you would already have € 20,000. Twenty times, it's just mind blowing. Xolali: It's really extraordinary. We realize that not only is it increasing fast, and this is only the beginning given all the potential that is … Maxence: Yeah, it will certainly be like bitcoin we say $ 300, but it will be then $ 3, $ 4,000, $ 5,000 in a couple of years. Xolali: That's it, because bitcoin when it rose to 500, a lot of people said: that's a huge 500! I can not put 500. 700 do not talk about it. 800 … So 1000 is huge! And we realize that 1,000 in the end is four times less de … Maxence: Yeah, now we're over from € 4,000 to more or less € 4,000. Xolali: Exactly! So, there you go, so this is also why these are currencies with high potential and which are solid because now there are billions already in it.

So there are companies and all that really trust, unlike small currencies that are on the way to be born and that we have no vision at all about the future if you want in relation to that. Maxence: Ok! Xolali: Now there is another one called Ethereum Classic. And I will briefly tell how come I just said ethereum classic so that earlier we were talking about ethereum. In fact, Ethereum, last year it there was a little problem on, not a platform, but something they had organized between investor in Ethereum, there was a small hack. And suddenly they decided to actually repair the ethereum chain.

Except that there are people who weren't disagree. They said: since it is a digital currency that works thanks to in computing, we don't want to touch. And so, what made those who touched kept ethereum, those who did not touch at all, they decided that we was going to create another baby ethereum called classic ethereum. And some was born another ethereum which is in fact the same, but before the fact that they had made changes to the ethereum network.

So it is also a currency in fact which has value. At the beginning of the year, finally, when it was created, it was worth 1 euro and some. At the start of the year, it was roughly the same, between 1 st and 1.70 €. And today when we make this video, ethereum is worth more than 10 €. Maxence: So, there, the same, times six. So if you have put in € 1,000. Xolali: Exactly ten times! Maxence: Between times six and times ten one again. So rather explosive returns. Xolali: There you go! So this is really interesting, because even if it is not the official currency in the end of ethereum, we see that in the investment, there is still has great potential. Maxence: Ok! So Bitcoin, ethereum, classic litecoin, monero, dash and ethereum. So what are the last two? Xolali: There you go! So we have another called Augur. So this one is a bit less known but it is a currency, I also wanted to specify that each once they create currencies, in fact it is because they create projects.

And the projects, they want this project to have great potential and that we invest in. So, Augur, the project was to make what are called predictions decentralized markets. So that means that if you want to invest in something thing and you want to know the biggest like for bets for example, the most high probability of an event happening, you go on the network and you watch everything what people said. And they realize that when we put all the ideas together on a course change notice, the majority actually find themselves having the correct answers. And suddenly, they created what we have, this currency called Augur which is linked precisely to make market predictions. And the more you will make good predictions, the more you will be rewarded and that's what makes this currency work that is called Augur. Maxence: Ok! So already there is a strong potential and which will explode further over the next few months and years.

Xolali: There you go! And finally, the last one I would like to present is Zcash. Maxence: Ok! Xolali: So Zcash, like my last name, maybe I created it, you don't know. So Zcash actually it is a currency that wants to be almost identical to bitcoin but with a security additional which is total confidentiality, because bitcoin in fact, even if it is anonymous, we can see the addresses of each person. If I fire you, we can go to the Blockchain and look: "ah there was this transfer to such and such an address", even if we don't know who knows. The goal of Zcash is to do this, but in a way completely anonymous. This means that we do not see the transactions. So it wants say, they call it a transaction shield that causes us to trade, but we don't see nothing. So, it is anonymity at the level of the person, anonymity at the level of the visu, contact details if you want transactions.

So in fact it's a bit like bitcoin with additional confidentiality. And ditto in Monero, Zcash, we were around of it was down to 50, about $ 50 at the start of the year. Today, we are over $ 300 it seems to me. Maxence: So, times six, times seven, a new one times. It is quite amazing. Xolali: There you go! So that means he There is also a craze in this project, in this currency that has taken a lot of values. And we expect it to take on even more values ​​like people will be interested more and more and also of the fact that it is also currencies that are limited. This means that the more you are interested, the more it takes in value. So we can't talk about history, about what we often hear: "yes, it's bubbles, it will explode ”. No, it's just mathematical.

We are interested, we exchange it, we use it, it increases in value and then basta, we recover capital gains. Maxence: Ok! Ben thank you compared to this little recap of all cryptocurrencies. So remember, if today you want to invest against bitcoin or even other cryptocurrencies. So : Bitcoin Ethereum. Litecoin. Monero. Dash. Classic Ethereum. Zcash Augur. And there you have it, it's pretty much the panoply. You have hundreds and hundreds, There are also, we must not hide the face, there are a lot of scams compared also to all the hundreds of crypto-currencies which are therefore created a little bit every days or every week.

So, focus on this top eight. If you're like me, you don't necessarily want to bother, you focus on the winning trio in a way. So bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin, like that is very very simple, but it allows you to have a trend. By that I know that you can quickly get confused with all these new crypto-currencies and not knowing exactly where to invest and what to choose for your money; so, feel free to take this trio and then expand up to those seven allcoins that Xolali has just presented. So if you liked the video, click on the like button. Thanks again! It will allow us a little bit to have your feedback. If you have a few questions or things have been misspoken in the video, do not hesitate to say it also in the comments just below, you say Xolali, I would like to have such or such precision in relation to Augur, Monero, Zcash… or what do I know. Say it well in the comments, just below. Thank you in advance for the little like button and just before leaving you, I will invites to watch the training on Allcoins vis-à-vis crypto-currencies.

So what is there concretely inside this formation, because that's it, you also have a private club to which I have already been a member for several months forever here, know the news, invest correctly, when I have to take the details. So I learned different strategies like strategy of the 25th, therefore, invest the 25th of the month, the owl strategy, etc. So what is he Concretely and for whom is this training on the seven Allcoins of millionaires and on the Coinmunity private club? Xolali: Ok! So in fact it's a training aimed at all people who want to discover other currencies apart from bitcoin, since I had already done specific training on bitcoin. And this is for people who really want to have big returns. Because we realize that over time, it explodes more and more. And suddenly, in this training in fact I take over in detail the operation of each of these allcoins. How was it created? What is the project really behind, What is the potential? How is it evolving? What are the news which will cause that it will also increase soon and therefore, there will be in it in fact.

There are detailed infographics where I present them in video, I present the courses, I present all the operation, with videos that are a bit like course to learn how to invest in all these allcoins. Maxence: Absolutely. So, me, what did I do concretely, one morning of 10:00 am to noon, I took all the training and invested in it. And obviously, I paid for the training very very quickly as, you have returns explosive vis-à-vis all these crypto-currencies that we presented in the video. In any case, thank you once again! If you want to invest and you say to yourself: ok, I would like to know more about Augur, dash, zcash, all the crypto-currencies we featured in the video.

So, click well inside the video, that will redirect to the presentation page. You will have the whole summary. If you watch this video from our platform, there is the (i) as info, at the top to the right of the video or everything is in the description just below. So, we tell you right away on the other side to generate cash with bitcoin and especially now to earn money with all these crypto-currencies and this top eight to invest to grow your savings and increase your portfolio in the process. See you on the presentation page training..

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