Jailbreaking: Tethered Vs. Untethered

hi this is Jeff what I phone download blog will get a lot of questions about jailbreaking from day to day in general but one of the most popular questions has to do with tethered jailbreaking vs. untethered jailbreak II what's the difference why is one form better than the other well simply put tethered jailbreaking is frustrating because it requires you to hook your iPhone up to your computer every time you have to reboot your iPhone so for instance say you lose power to your iphone for one reason or the other maybe you just let the battery it actually the only drain you didn't have a charge that day well once your iphone is dead you're not going to be able to regain functionality until you hook it back to your computer and perform a tethered boot so say you're driving down the freeway you get a flat tire your phone's dead there's no way for you to call for help because your your phone cannot reboot even if you have a charger and you charge it back up your phone is not going to be able to reboot to normal functionality you're going to be stuck at the apple logo now an untethered jailbreak is the preferable type of jailbreak because it doesn't require a computer connection when you reboot your iPhone you can just reboot as many times as you want and most of you are probably more familiar with the untethered variety of jailbreak so all you would need to do is just restart and you come right back up and you can use your phone unlike an untethered jailbreak now say you did have a tether job like how what is the process of actually gaining functionality back to your phone well I'm just going to show you i'm actually using iOS 421 on this iphone 4 and it is as you know a a tethered jailbreak let me just show you what happens when i reboot my iphone hold the power slide okay all right and you'll notice it goes black ok so now the phone is off i'm going to turn it right back on hold the power okay and as you'll notice since this is a tethered jailbreak it's just going to stay at this logo here it's not going to really do anything I'm just kind of stuck until I am able to get to a computer and perform a tethered boot and it's not going to come back up at all so what I'll do is I'll plug in my cable okay and I'll show you my desktop alright here's my desktop here's my iphone that is still stuck at the apple logo and here is red snow which is the tool that you use to jailbreak your iphone so I'll just follow those instructions click next here and it's rebooting so now my phone I can reboot and you see the pineapple there which is indicative that it is rebooting the tether boot so I can just hit finish on the screen just a little on the slow side there we go okay so now we're back to our normal home screen I'll enter my passcode now I'm back up to my iphone I can load up cydia and I'm good to go I'm ready to go so that is the difference between a tethered jailbreak and an untethered jailbreak so if you can you can wait for the untethered jailbreak but if you're feeling adventurous and you and you don't really care about the whole rebooting and tether booting and by all means go ahead and use in a tethered jailbreak it's not that inconvenient and it allows you to use so many great jailbreak apps and tweaks that really it's a no-brainer for me this is jeff with the iPhone download block

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