it’s WAY TOO FAST to not have this! Dualtron Victor Escooter Review

we love this fast and portable 50 
mile per hour e-scooter and the   only thing keeping it from being 
perfect is what dualtron left out no rattling no shaking from 
sounding good what's up guys   jimmy chang here with andrew today we 
are checking out the dual tron victor if you haven't checked out our unboxing video 
make sure to go check that out but andrew   tell us the specs about the dualtron victor 60 
volt 30 amp hour system so it's 1800 watt hours   lg 5000 cells it doesn't really say 
what the motors are it says max 4000   watt output of motors so i'm thinking they're 
probably dual 1000 or dual 1200 watt motors   but these things rip i've been 
able to get the scooter up to   it says 50 miles per hour on the display but 
on a draggy system it was 48 miles per hour one thing about dualtron is they make a 
good-looking scooter we're gonna ride this   at our next stop we're gonna talk about the 
things what that we love about the scooter all right andrew tell us what you 
love about the dualtron victor   getting up to 50 miles per hour on the scooter and 
weighing less just slightly underneath 73 pounds   it's one of the most portable powerful scooters 
we've ridden that goes up to 50 miles per hour   normally when you hit the 50 mile per hour speed 
you're having to be at least 80 pounds or greater   and most of them 100 pounds 48 49 49 50 on 
the display and also on top of being able to   fold into each other the handlebars collapse 
so this does become a very small footprint and the deck size is much smaller than what 
we've seen for 50 mile per hour scooters as   well so that's a plus and a minus in my book much 
better for portability but still i like a bigger   deck when i'm riding fast and going 50 miles per 
hour dual tron build quality is really impressive   it's got much nicer bolts than what we've seen 
on like the cabo scooters a little soft metal   so these are really high quality stainless 
steel bolts has the mini motors i3 display   one of the best displays out there really easy 
to see during the day and modulates really well   the light show is amazing on all the dual tron 
scooters and this one does not felt impress at all   you have lights down the stem lights down the neck 
on the bottom instead of having an led strip that   runs down the side projecting light it has two 
big blue lights that project light on the ground   which looks pretty awesome just a different 
color glow than we've ever seen before in   any other scooter the tires as well are really 
nice so the tires are 10 inch street tires but   they're starting to upgrade the street tires 
to this nicer and this one is two watt tires   they're much better than your traditional 10-inch 
tires that we've seen in the past that are street   tires it's same ones that you see on the v-set 
10 plus as well cable management is really nice   the last thing is how stable the scooter is at 
50 miles per hour unfortunately with the dual   tron storm it's a very fun scooter it's faster 
than this off the line but when you hit like 35   miles per hour you kind of get the shimmies and 
shakes with this scooter i was going 47 miles per   hour 50 miles per hour on the display and it felt 
rock solid the dual tron is the self-proclaimed   dream of electric technology overall 
this little scooter fairly little scooter   packs a ton of power for the the size if you 
watched our unboxing and first impressions video   on the dual tron victor you'll remember that we 
talked about this scooter having three charging   ports well upon closer inspection we looked at 
it and these ports aren't all the same we can   charge through these ports here that have three 
pins but this port here has four pins andrew tell   us what's going on yeah so this is actually an 
auxiliary battery port so you can actually run   an extra battery but the battery doesn't run 
in parallel so that's what the switch is for   if you want to switch to the range extender 
battery you just flip this switch and then it   actually draws power from here so imagine you want 
to go on a marathon ride and you need more range   than this has what you can do is you buy these 
separate battery packs that are sold they have   third party ones they also have dual tron versions 
you attach it to your scooter then what you do   is you flip this switch and it'll start drawing 
current power from this third port so you can keep   going on your ride we're gonna keep riding 
the dual tron victor while we ride we're   gonna talk about the things that we don't 
like about this scooter let's keep going all right andrew tell us what you don't like about 
the dual tron victor there's no horn or bell on   here for how quiet the scooter is and that's 
one thing i forgot to mention was this thing's   ultra quiet like really ultra silent listen 
to that motor at 44 miles per hour it's quiet   this thing definitely needs a bell or a horn to 
warn people the motor cable goes to the axle nut   so it's really awkward if you have to do any 
type of tire changes or anything like that you   can't use a socket to pull off the axle nuts you 
actually have to use a wrench it's super clean   looking motor cable line but not the best for if 
you're trying to do tire changes or have to do any   type of repair on the motors the other thing is is 
these handlebars are short big shout out to ginger   on wheels he makes me think about this every time 
with short handlebars and he says he almost feels   like a baby t-rex with those baby arms from like a 
toy story you know so that's how i feel like when   i'm riding the scooter a little bit short on here 
i do wish they were a little bit higher and wider   handle bars this has zoom hydraulic brakes it's 
better than not having hydraulic brakes but i   do prefer hydraulic brakes over zoom hydraulic 
brakes just because they modulate a lot better this thing has ultimate stopping power there's no 
problem with stopping power but it just feels like   i'm gonna get launched off the front of it every 
time i go to stop even if i'm leaning backwards speaking about leaning backwards one of the 
things that i feel like this guy is missing   is a kick plate i feel like any scooter that goes 
beyond 30 miles an hour needs a kick plate because   you need that to leverage off of especially 
when you're accelerating hard and stopping hard   the kick plate missing is a big bummer you can buy 
a tow handle which kind of acts as a kick plate   it's hard for me to do wheelies without feeling 
like it's going to pop up the front on me and   fall backwards because i don't have that rear 
leverage and jimmy keeps filming me where it   looks like i'm about to step on the fender and 
cause it to break so i'm just so used to having   my foot back there when i'm going fast and this 
scooter unfortunately doesn't have that kick plate   so overall solid build great ride very fast very 
nimble but unfortunately it's missing a couple   things i think the bell is easily forgiven or the 
horn you can replace you can add your own bell but   the kick plate i mean i kind of feel like scooters 
these days that go this fast need a kick plate so   the tires are fine but the valve stems are so hard 
to get to with the traditional pump you have to   have either an extender or one of those electronic 
pumps that screws onto the head we're gonna keep   riding at our next stop we're gonna talk about 
who this scooter should be for and actually i'm   gonna jump on it now so why don't we pull over 
and let me have a chance to ride this bad boy yeah something like this i feel more 
safe if i had a kick plate to lean on   especially when accelerating i had it on slow 
start before and jimmy still thought i was   a little bit jerky but let's see 
what he thinks about it now okay so   what setting is it in now so yeah it's the p7 
setting yeah i changed it from five which is   a slow start to a zero which means fast start 
we'll see okay so i'm scared now you're good   did you feel the difference oh yeah there's a 
big difference and without a kick plate it's like   that's powerful it's fun it's 
more andrew style though not mine all right andrew tell us who you think the 
dualtron victor is best suited for if you   need to go long distances like 15 to 20 miles per 
work this is great unless you live in a rainy area   it does have a water resistance rating of 
light rain but not heavy duty rain this is   light enough to be an all-day commuter 
and being able to bring into an office   unless you have to lift it up some stairs i have 
a nice elevator that takes me up to the top so   for me it doesn't really matter how heavy 
it is gonna be usually you either get power   or you get nimble it's rare to have the 
combination of the two but you do get   both with this my critiques are mostly about 
things that can be replaced or fixed otherwise   it's a great scooter if you guys want to learn 
more about it check out our full online review   at alright thanks for watching and 
remember when you guys ride wear your safety gear

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