iSafe 1-2-3 iSOFIX Duo Trio Complete With Top Tether

I saved you a trio carseat offers a unique combination of safety versatility and great style built with high quality materials and highly padded for comfort with high-density foam full of superior safety features offers the user unrivaled choice and value and because it's from AI safe you can be confident it will fit securely every time using the cursor and seat belt a suffix or a suffix and top tether i SAF duo/trio car seat will grow with the child without the need of adjusting the seat harness the six positions head support can be simply adjusted to the desired height the five positions recline offers superb comfort for all groups one two and three getting ready to install open the center adjuster cover open the center adjuster and release the adjuster belt push the release button and pull the harness just below the belt pads please note the belt pads are static and cannot be pulled only the shoulder belts should be pulled to adjust the size of the harness you pull the adjuster belt to adjust the seat harness you will be amazed with the quality of the isafe dua tree and car seat is comfortable deep softly padded side wings provide optimum side impact protection getting ready to install the car seat with the ISOFIX mounted fittings insert the ISOFIX insertion guides provided for easy installation and protection of the car's interior as shown lift the ISOFIX adjust a button whilst holding the button up fully pull out the ISOFIX anchors plays the Anchorage points on the ISOFIX insertion guides push the car seat towards the seat until a distinctive click is heard indicators confirm the ISOFIX hooks are engaged in green please confirm this on both sides before perceiving with the final steps of the installation once this is confirmed then push the car seat towards the seat so the ISOFIX Anchorage is installed safely and securely the top tether provides the third anchorage point simply thread the top tether under the headrest of the car's seat if available make sure the top tether belt is not twisted and install it on the Anchorage point pull to tighten the installation of the third Anchorage point is now complete installing the car seat with the three-point seatbelt step 1 recline the seat fully step two release the shaft block step 3 remove the shelf step four pull the seatbelt and install it on the car buckle make sure the seat belt is installed on the guided lap belt install points of the car seat step 5 open the lock off device place the seatbelt ready step 6 pull the seatbelt tight as tight as possible then lock it with the lock off device step 7 push the seat back reinstall the shaft back in then lock it with the shaft lock on the other side the installation is now completed uninstalling the carseat remove the shelf pull the car seat and uninstall the seatbelt uninstall the top tether important please note for easy removal of the I suffix push towards the seat then pull on release buttons to uninstall successfully you

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