Is Tezos ICO Too Risky? Tezos Hits $220 Million

hi everybody this is Cameron from crypto
Cam hope everybody's having a wonderful day today it is Sunday and it is July
the 9th just bringing you this update on the Tezos and as you can see
everything is going extremely well now it's not too late to get in on the bonus
they are giving a 5 percent bonus still the minimum contribution is point 1 of a
Bitcoin or about point nine two of an ephah I believe it will tell you if you
just click on it here yeah that's actually 1.0
for one ether day for that we will receive five hundred tess's or tasers as
they say plus a 5% bonus which would be about 25 extra so if you do with the
minimum contribution you should receive about 525 now it has gone down of course
as far as the bonus goes and it's starting off at 20% Congrats to all
those people got in at 20% it went down 15 down to 10 now it's down at 5% and it
soon will probably go to 0 so get in now if you still want to join and contribute
to this status crowdfunder so right now we are rapidly approaching about two
hundred and twenty million dollars is actually blowing everything out of the
water right now two hundred twenty million dollars has been contributed
pretty much so far and they're still about just under almost four days left
now so anyway a lot of people have been being concerned about you know is it a
risky investment and could they lose all their money
the answer that question is absolutely yes you could lose all your money
everything in the investment fields is a risk you know you put a risk capital and
to get a reward now if you don't risk anything you're not going to get the
reward so those people at risk capital they are actually gonna get rewarded if
things work out now obviously things cannot work out and they forgot to give
away you could lose your money so once again never invest any more money than
you can actually afford to lose so if your risk tolerance is on this say the
minimum which is about two hundred and fifty two hundred sixty dollars a – your
risk tolerance get an on the minimum of you your responses I am
more if you just prefer to sit and wait out on the sidelines so you can
definitely do that as well but there's a lot of people that said always to I risk
don't get into it you know I wouldn't even touch it to those people I say
that's fine you know you're welcome to sit not invest and you know just bide
your time but even in the stock market investing in an IPO you know such as
Twitter was very risky a lot of people lost a lot of money in Twitter IPO age
communications as well that these are all IPOs where people have lost money
and you just don't know what's going to happen it's just a gamble basically
that's what the Wall Street casino is it's just it's just a gamble but you
know you can make money and the returns can be pretty good anyway a lot of
people said well the team isn't very good they don't have experience and you
know it's obvious they don't have a hundred percent best experience in the
world but you know we've got offer and Kathleen Brightman they do have
extensive Wall Street backgrounds you know Tim Draper stated in a recent
interview of CNBC's a venture capitalist very well known on Wall Street is
invested in a lot of IPOs and I'm sure he won't take it a plunge
into an icy or he didn't think it was a viable so he said the best thing I can
do is lead by example over time I actually feel that some of these tokens
are going to improve the world and I want to make sure those tokens get
promoted as well and I think tezo's is one of them
so that was a good definitely plug for the Tezos ico as well now as far as
Kathleen enough of Breitling go they are wall street people they've worked for
goldman sachs in their high-frequency trading desk and was an options market
maker Morgan Stanley while kathleen is a former management associate at
Bridgewater associates the world's largest hedge fund so if people do have
a lot of experience as well now a lot of people say well it's all capped okay so
it is okay and you know if it is a success it will be definitely a very
profitable venture for anybody who is subscribed and got in early and it's
usually the early ones that get so rewarded so the young investors always
you know get get it pretty good so you know Tim Draper
THC bought into Bitcoin back a little while ago he scored a lot of bitcoins in
the u.s.

Marshalls Bitcoin option as well so he definitely has some
experience in cryptocurrency as well so let's have a look at where we are as far
as the trading goals for Bitcoin what's like 25:33 surfing Salomon steady
reference at 243 so you can make your contributions in Bitcoin or Ether and you
know I've got another video you just follow the instructions on that video
that will help you invest in the crowd fund but once again everything's a risk
Wall Street is a rest this is a risk and also regulated but even in the regulated
markets you know you if you buy into some of these IPOs you can definitely
lose money but anyway that's all I have from now we're counting down just a few
days left now until it's all over so it looks like everything it's gone is
running really good so appreciate everybody that is looking into this and
as invested so far I want to gain no this is not financial
advice so I'm just doing my own personal reviews and voice in my opinions I've
invested I've contributed and got about six hundred thirty five days off so it
says is so yeah just do your due diligence you know definitely make your
own decision after doing your own research etc thanks again please
subscribe and like my videos I appreciate any new subscribers are
bringing you more out and hopefully and you know we can proceed together on this
amazing blazing new trail in the world of cryptocurrency thanks again bye for

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