Is it a BULL or a BEAR? This Crypto Dip is for Buying!!

what's up my crypto fam hope you are doing well 
i'm coach k and we're going to be looking at   where is this going did you buy the dip did you 
not buy the dip and why and what are we going   to see over this weekend are we going to get 
really bullish or we need to be very bearish   you guys should totally stay here so i can tell 
you what i think is gonna happen over the weekend   and so that you know what to get prepared for 
so that you are on the right side of the coin   all right so did you buy the dip did you buy 
it because you definitely should have bought   the dip and why because the dips are for buying 
if you're not buying dips don't know what you're   doing but you definitely don't like chips but for 
real coming into this what do we see here we see a   chart that's got a c clamp right here pulling 
the price down now it's recovering today   now just because it recovers today does not mean 
that it's going to just recover over the weekend   have a bullish weekend but remember we're in a 
bull market and so because we're a bull market   we know that bitcoin is going to do its own thing 
and ta may not always matter now even for me a   ta guy that probably sounds crazy but i'm telling 
you when bitcoin gets a mind of its own it almost   doesn't follow ta even though here it followed 
tea on a cage in bounce and several other times   has it followed we still know that this market 
can be irrational for a lot longer than we expect   and we know that bitcoin can be irrational for a 
lot longer than we expect that being said we look   at this market from a very even keel lens and 
we make decisions based off of ta and we make   decisions also based off fa we multiply those 
together to give us the best results what i'm   seeing here is we lost that level that we had on 
the chart but reclaimed it very quickly yesterday   now today it's reclaiming but remember this could 
be just a bearish retest what does that mean   well it means that if this candle cannot get 
enclosed above this 21 day ema this yellow line   okay then we are still bearish and if it goes 
and taps that level and doesn't close above it   we're not out of the thick of things we have 
a potential to pull back down to this level   to the top of the cloud to the to the kijin sin 
to a level that we have on the chart these are   all things that could happen so what we need to 
watch for is where does this candle close today   and if it closes and it goes down lower i'm 
gonna buy more as it goes down all the way   down to this forty thousand forty five thousand 
dollar level that's where i'll be buying some   if it loses i'll be buying some on the 
way down because i truly don't think   based off of ta based off a lot of factors 
that we're going into a bear market   because once we leave the daily and go to the 
weekly remember the weekly will tell us when   we're bearish when we're actually going into 
a bear market we're not there yet even the   three day will give us indications and we're 
not there yet so what are we worried about   worried about nothing and that's why i buy the dip 
because i have nothing to worry about right now   now looking at ethereum ethereum still doesn't 
look good it's now bearish retesting on   this keygen now we get above it we're all 
looking not so bad but we still have this   yellow 21 day ema we're below that looking 
on a more macro level how do we look well   it's just barely holding the 21 ema on the 
three day just barely held it yesterday and   it's holding it today and bouncing let's see 
how that plays out then we go on the weekly   well in the weekly we're way way 
okay right we just had a little dip   right that's a little dip we haven't seen anything 
really yet so this even can still play out to be   honest this could still play out and be an inverse 
head and shoulders so we have to wait and see   ethereum may not be done so what i'm trying to get 
it is this weekend could be a very bullish weekend   and you know even though you know things didn't 
look so great because a little bit of blood   scares a lot of people you gotta buy that man you 
gotta buy that and you gotta enjoy it live it up you got this here our old season of 
old season still under the red line   still looking good everything looks gucci 
our total market cap and they've having a   little bit of recovery today our total two 
or ult cup having a bit of recovery today   we're not looking so bad okay so all of you 
guys that were tripping out and freaking   can you go have a little bit of a chill pill 
and relax and enjoy the rest of this show   all right guys now let's have a quick 
word from one of our awesome sponsors   strax if you guys don't remember stratus from 
2016 raising only six hundred thousand dollars   of making it through the whole entire bear market 
so right now then you should remember who strax is   strax is there building tech doing real things 
in real life with a real community backing them   they're on finance they're on major exchanges and 
they are coming to you with a new dex you better   not miss it welcome back guys we're looking here 
we have this 200 ema right there we have crossed   above it we're now retesting it this is very 
bullish for the dxy we could see it definitely   come up to this 94 level so yeah keep your eyes 
on that again tax season people go to cash things   i looked at investing into ecosystem plays bse 
buy a smart chain cz don't bet against them so   i went and bought a little bit of bnb yesterday 
i bought some rsr yesterday uh because we almost   had that keygen bounce and i saw it was not going 
to actually tap off that i thought you know it's   a good time to get in uh htr had a nice little dip 
right from its top came down tested this level and   bounced so we're looking good on that one still 
would like a follow through above the mother   candle right here above a dollar fifty dollar 47 
something like that be a really really good play   i'm looking at koti cody also looks great we drew 
this on rand's show and it actually happened um   all in one day it was like okay we're here we're 
talking about how retest it did boom boom two days   later it smashed all those targets now we're at 
this target and looking to smash that one to make   another all-time high so cody's really bullish too 
we're looking at all these coins and we're going   whoa which one should we look at well i looked at 
ren yesterday it came right back to the same level   that it's come back to look how many times it's 
been this level boom boom boom boom so it comes   back to this level great time to buy it honestly 
this would be a great opportunity for a buy   with a stop a little bit below there and you'd 
have a stop below that that lower you have right   there so even lower right here and this would be a 
good target for the first one right here around 5r   you can even just do a smaller trade right here 
for a 2.4 r so there's a lot of opportunity for   a big trade right there so ren's a nice one to 
look at 88 okay i've been loading on 88 i've   been loading up thousands and tens of thousands 
of 88 maybe hundreds of thousands by the way   now why am i doing that well ada just got listed 
on coinbase but it is all also has a lot coming   for it you'll see me on crypto banter tonight with 
charles hoskinson who talking about it they have   a lot of stuff coming with their smart contracts 
with nfts with their converter with oh my goodness   honestly like this is i'm really bullish on 
ada right now and i picked up a very large bag   of it because of that so that's something 
else another one i picked up yesterday adam   any of these ecosystem plays also yes it wasn't a 
nice keygen bounce type plates that was what i was   looking at i was just looking at this going this 
was pretty it's pretty suppressed from that dump   you know came down um you know almost 40 35 and 
almost looked over to luna the same thing saw it   was retracing bought some yesterday and all of a 
sudden next day it's up so we got lots of really   good stuff looking over sharing sharing is pushing 
an all-time high honestly this is going to melt   the face like you know i talked about 30 i talk 
about lots of projects talk about fxf these are   all really crushing i think sharing is gonna be 
one of those ones that like all of a sudden it's   gonna be in the top you know 50 and everyone's 
like what's sharing you know it's gonna be that   one those those types of projects and with all the 
actual transactions they're doing on their chain   and with all their partnerships that they've got 
coming and the stuff that they got that they're   doing uh i would definitely not sleep on that one 
another one i picked up was dot obviously dot's a   beautiful project for all of us uh we love it 
we love pair chains we love the narratives we   love the dot uh so yeah definitely going to 
look into dot grab some because it was just   you know drops that hard that fast and you always 
want to get a scoop up a little bit so i scooped   up some you know a nice 30 drop is always a good 
time a really good opportunity honestly to scoop   projects that are cheap don't get scared don't use 
your emotion don't go oh my god it's red i don't   want to buy it now now it's down you should be 
like yes it's red i want to buy it now it's down then you buy it down here and you get it here now 
the next day and you're already up so all those   buys that i made yesterday all of them there is 
not one of them that is actually in the negative   right now looking at kusama look at another one 
para change the narrative it's going to keep going   higher osama is going to be a thousand dollar coin 
it's sure it sure is it's it's loving uh you know   420 right now i know a lot of other people like 
that for other reasons but you know what i mean   420 and that's where it's at it's giving you 
a sign all you at home that are just jonesing   and anyways so for real though coming back to it 
like ksm one of those projects when it was dipping   yesterday bought some on the dip guys you got to 
make your life simple okay if you want to make   your life simple you like making money you got 
to make money make your money make money for you   without you having to do too much to your money 
how does coach do all the stuff that he does well   first thing i do is i put money into a project i 
believe in the second thing that i do is i take   my initial out once the project is listed and it 
stops going on its moon mission i take my initial   out so now i have zero risk so if i want to leave 
98 of my projects in tokens and i've already taken   out my initial who the heck cares now i have a 
free bag a moon bag after moon bag after moon   bag and you keep investing take your initial 
go and invest it guess what ends up happening   you end up having like 50 60 investments 50 
60 investments of which you have zero risk   meaning you have free money meaning every 
time you get an allocation it's free   meaning every time you make a good trade it's free 
meaning anything it's not free but you earned it   from the market so now you can start going and 
looking at some stocks that you like to own   or you can look at some property that you want to 
own or some medals that you want to own right you   can look at a business you want to invest into 
you have the ability to diversify not only that   you have the ability to change your life because 
if you set up yourself in a way that gives you   several bags without you having to actually 
continue paying for them then you're gonna love it   you're gonna laugh you're gonna enjoy life 
so why do i talk about all these projects   for a reason you can make profit you can make 
profit with the good projects and support them   there are so much that is coming so it's 
up to you guys how do you want to live   do you want to make it do you want to be 
generational wealthy or did you just want   to be someone who bought and held one coin went up 
and went down and you end up like the guys in 2018   all right looking over at anarchy anarchy's game 
is coming and oh my goodness it has been on an   absolute mission and i mean that because it is 
already up about 20 x from that actual top there   and the game when it comes out is awesome 
so you should keep your eyes on that one   definitely now convergence finance 
came out i talked about this on banter   uh i really like this project and i really like 
charts that look like this they generally go much   higher it may hit a consolidation before that but 
uh convergence finance chart looks really really   good brand new project something that isn't crazy 
pumped yet so you know could be a good opportunity   for all you guys fenix slow my baby doing so great 
look how good she's looking man all right so finn   expo is doing great crushing along honestly don't 
expect anything less they're amazing there's so   much more coming and i can't wait for the platform 
to go live and people to actually see the benefits   looking over itself frame got like a nice bull 
flag formation right here that's that's created   should i honestly it won't surprise me when 
cell frame hits 10 bucks honestly i'm not just   saying that because it would be 100x i just really 
believe that this project has got a lot coming for   it this was an underpromoted project it was under 
marketed in projects like these frax was similar   projects like these for some reason just end up 
crushing so you gotta keep your eyes on that one   and then my baby right my baby ethernet hit 200x 
today and honestly does not seem like it will stop   going there's not even nft sales yet imagine 
when that goes up or the d5 platform they're   planning goes up or when all the other things 
that they have planned are going up or when you   find out all the actual real a-list celebrities 
b-list celebrities they have actors musicians etc   alright guys let's look at ld so what we can see 
here is it rejected this level quite a few times   and then obviously because it kept projecting 
didn't break out it came back down so it's   probably coming back down to this level around 58 
and a half cents so we'd be looking to buy right   there looking over at yld on my portfolio side 
we can see that now i actually earned zero almost   just under 0.2 eth on my 32 eth so far since i've 
started it's only been just about a month so it's   pretty good by not having to do anything at all by 
just leaving it in my portfolio you can see all my   stuff here and you can now swap yld directly on 
the platform so if you have some usdc for example   you can click on here click swap confirm it and it 
will actually do it right on the platform for you   and then i can go back to my wallet see that my 
usdc is gone but now it is in yld so that's pretty   cool you can do that as well on the platform 
now so did you buy the dip or not if you didn't   don't feel bad but have a plan for next time buy 
when it's red sell when it's green on the way up   don't sell all of your tokens at the way all 
the way up sell some of them get ready get   ready for dips get ready to buy opportunities 
for those dips get ready to sell a little bit   when you're going up like crazy and you will do 
amazing this is your opportunity this is your time   the time is now the time is now to get your 
financial freedom to take your life by the   horns to get everything that you ever wanted on 
a financial scale so that you can do whatever you   want when this bull runs over the ball's in your 
courts guys i'm here to coach you but you guys   got to play the game i implore you guys to help 
me smash on that like hit that subscribe share   this video other people smack on that bell so you 
don't miss the content and let's get this together   this bull runs just getting started 
and anyone who's trying to convince   you otherwise at this point just wants you to 
sell your coins to them so that you miss out   what are you gonna do i'll leave that with 
you over the weekend see you guys on monday little

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