Is Elon Musk Dogefather? | Dogecoin To Hit $1 With New Found Dogefather? [ Crypto News ]

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Let's see today's top Cryptocurrency news. DOGE on the threshold for 48% rally
DOGE spiked by more than 20%, hitting $0.35 for the first time in more than a week. The majestic price rally action happened in
the wake of a tweet sent by Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla. Wherein he tweeted that he would be the “Dogefather”
as he hosts the Saturday Night Show. The billionaire has an underlying love for
the meme coin, which has rallied extensively since the beginning of the year. At the time of reporting Doge is trading at
$0.32 The second news for the day – Ethereum Price
Struggles To Close the Gap At $3000 Ethereum has been consistent with its journey
to hit record highs above $3,000 At the time of reporting, Ethereum is changing
hands at $2,731 making it difficult to extend the bullish leg above $2,800 Meanwhile, JP Morgan gives 2 main reasons
why Ethereum is outperforming Bitcoin The first reason it cited was a liquidity
shock that hammered Bitcoin but Ethereum was able to weather it. Leverage traders on derivatives markets were
liquidated and Bitcoin prices plunged resulting in a correction of 22%. The second reason being the Ethereum network
has long been characterized by a higher pace of transactions on the public blockchain than

This is likely due to increased activity on
DeFi and other platforms, according to JP Morgan
In other words, Ethereum does not suffer the volatile price dumps caused by over-leveraged
positions and has managed to outperform Bitcoin as a result. Will Ethereum manage to surge above $3,000? The last news for the day – Intel Partners
with Microsoft to Combat Cryptojacking Attacks by Deploying a Threat Detection Tool
Although recent studies have been showing a slowdown in cryptojacking activities, especially
the ones related to mining privacy coins, Intel remains on the hunt to crackdown on
such activities. The tech giant has partnered with Microsoft
to deploy a campaign that strengthens cryptojacking detection with new technologies. According to the announcement, Microsoft Defender
for Endpoint integrated a threat detection tool – known as Intel Threat Detection Technology
(Intel TDT) – designed by Intel to launch an endpoint detection of cryptojacking threats
before it hits a system.

Overall, what the tool makes is to send a
high-fidelity signal that triggers multiple detectors across the corporate fleet without
reducing systems’ resources With this, it's time to conclude today's Coinpedia
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