Is DOGECOIN Over? Should I Buy At 30 Cents?

what's going on guys protodoge here and today we're talking about dogecoin as if we don't always talk about dogecoin right but today's special because i feel like we've just reached what i like to call the consolidation station right so pretend like we're all in the shuttle and we're all going to the train station and we pull up and it's consolidation station so this is what i mean by that back let's rewind time again i'm not gonna do the rewind thing but let's go back two months ago when i first went all in on dogecoin right it was about four and a half cents you know about that you know close to five cents and i thought it was gonna shoot up soon after sure enough it did shoot up to nine cents but that wasn't the rise that i was looking for that that that same rise that i saw from a penny to eight cents that wasn't the rise from five to nine that didn't make any sense to me i figured the rise would be from 5 cents to 15 or 5 cents to 20 cents or something along those lines so i knew it hadn't happened yet right and sure enough what happened instead it came back down from nine cents to seven a little bit you know stayed at six for a little bit and back down to five and then it stayed at five for about two months so history repeats itself there are trends that you have to look out for and this is one of them so if you're seeing dogecoin right now at about 30 cents give or take a few cents for a few days now this is that didn't just happen it was like 50 cents yesterday and outside 30 cents no this has been going on for a few days now and i'm really getting the vibe that this is where we're going to consolidate that until the next rise so if dogecoin is about 33 cents right now buy it if it's about 34 cents right now buy it 35 cents buy it if it goes under 30 cents that's when you really go in and start really buying in because that's what i did within those two months that's what i did when it hit five cents exactly because it was sometimes it was at like five point two cents five point three cents five point four cents but every once in a while it would drop back down to five cents and a few times it dropped even under five cents and that's when i bought in i bought in about 3 000 coins at 4.8 cents 4.9 cents so those were the coins that i bought on kraken which is a different app because i started buying on other apps after realizing that on robin hood i wasn't allowed to move crypto in and out so i started moving on to other platforms so i bought about 3 000 coins off of kraken and moved it to my coinbase wallet and it was roughly about 4.8 4.9 cents at that time so i was able to buy sixty thousand coins with three thousand dollars mind you i was trying to get to a hundred thousand coins which just required another two thousand dollars and i figured i had time so i had no idea how long this consolidation was gonna last for it could have been one month it could have been two weeks it could have been two months so let's learn from history folks if you could go back in time first week of february and bought in when i bought in at 4.5 cents or even at five cents five point five cents five point seven cents you would have bought in some people get too caught up in a few cents here and there they're let's say it's at right now let's say it's at uh 34 cents right and everybody's like oh i'm waiting on that 28 waiting on that 27.

In the big picture it really doesn't make a difference right because if you look back it didn't make a difference if i bought it at 4.5 cents or 5.5 cents that's a whole cent difference that doesn't make a difference now to where it's at so don't be afraid to get it at 33 cents or 34 or 35 cents and and don't don't hold off and wait for the 25 cents or 26 or 27 cents to buy in because that might not happen okay um but we've seen it touch 30 cents recently so it's possible that i can go under 30 cents but this is about where it's gonna be dormant for a little while so this is when you buy it so many people would have called me crazy going all in at 4.5 cents and said oh it's gonna drop to zero oh it's gonna drop to two cents and then it didn't do anything for two months right it was around five cents for two months right didn't do nothing right a lot of people left a lot of people gave up on on dogecoin and bounced because they didn't have patience so if you want a lesson on patience please go watch my the story of diamond hands where i teach you patience and i explain the trials and tribulations that i went through when it came to the stock market and picking stocks and trying to scalp and trying to time the market don't do any of that okay so those two months that it took for it to go from five cents to 48 cents now we're at 30 cents it could last us a month this consolidation phase could last us a month it could last us two months it collapses three months it doesn't matter you wanna buy doge when the hype is done you wanna buy doge when nobody's talking about it anymore you wanna buy in when it's just chilling you don't wanna buy in when everybody's talking about it and it's going to 75 cents and it's uh people are like i was going to hit a dollar it's going to hit a dollar my last video was was about that my last video was about be fearful when others are greedy be greedy when others are fearful you know if everybody's getting greedy wanting to buy in at 60 cents 70 cents is gonna go to a dollar don't buy in you should buy in one nobody's talking about it which is when right now and within the next few weeks so now i'm gonna transfer over into some graphs and i'm gonna show you guys exactly what i mean and then i'm also gonna compare it to what bitcoin did and ethereum did around the same time so stay tuned okay guys so this is an app that i like to use when i look at graphs um it's called trading view on the app store if you want to check it out trust me i am not being paid by them to tell you guys this i just know everyone's gonna ask me what chart is this that i'm using so trading view go check it out any case here is a graph of dogecoin as you can see here first of february right and you can see where it consolidated right so january 18th i find out about dogecoin january 27th when i put in 40 dollars right and then the crazy little spike not a little spike the crazy spike from one cent to eight cents happens and then it that's what peaked my interest and i started looking in a dogecoin then it went all the way back down to two cents and then started going back up two three four five and it stayed around five as you can see for two months and did nothing for two months until as you can see here april 5th is when it started to go crazy right and guess what this is going to happen again so let me pull up in comparison bitcoin and ethereum and we can compare to doge right so btc right here this is bitcoin same percentage and i also want to get ethereum same percentage scale right all right so check this out look at what bitcoin did while doge was consolidating right bitcoin stayed pretty you know pretty much the same all the way through and ethereum went up a little bit see see that went up a little bit but look at what those did boom boom boom boom which means what this came all the way down just like last time we went down to five cents and stayed there for like two months this time it came all the way down and it took a lot longer to find the floor and actually consolidate but we found it at about 30 cents which is what i believe so that 30 cents could last two months that 30 cents could last three months that 30 cents could last two weeks i don't know all i know is this is probably the best point for you to buy in if you haven't bought in yet now is when you buy in and if you have bought in and you bought it a little higher than 30 cents buy in now to bring your cost average price down okay back to the video okay so hopefully that cleared some things up put a few things into perspective for you and before i show you guys my portfolio to end the video off with i'm gonna leave you with this one quote from this english writer and philosopher from the late 1800s to the 1900s his name is g.k chesterton and he said this the only way of catching a train i have ever discovered is to miss the train before so if we take that quote and apply it to today's scenario a lot of you guys missed the train when it was at four cents and five cents when i got in you missed out on it you didn't find out about those till it was 30 cents 40 50 60 cents even and then you started getting interested in in doing research and finding that doge is really the future and now you want to get in on it so you keep hitting me up pro when when is a good time to get some dogecoin baby when do i buy in when's a good price point what's a good price point to buy in on i'll tell you we just reached the consolidation station which means what we might be here for another two weeks we might be around 30 cents for another two months i don't know how long this is gonna take just like i didn't know how long it would be at five cents for i just held on but now that you've reached the consolidation station all aboard baby don't miss the train this time okay guys so here is my robin hood currently my portfolio is at 1.3 million in the past hour i'm up 8.7 000 in the past day i'm down 21 000 in the past week i'm down 250 000 in the past month i'm up 240 000 in the past three months i'm up 1.1 million in the past year i'm up 1.1 million of all time i am up 1.1 million right so if i scroll down and hit doge see my doji dough just how's my doji dough just doing today we're at 33 cents and like i said i i've been seeing this see right here it looks like it hit the floor at 27 cents right and then went back up and it seems like it's been about 30 cents give or take a few cents 33 34 35 for the past almost week now i want to say which is what's giving me five cent vibes it's giving me five cent february vibes guys this is what it's giving me my position right here 3.9 million quantity my equity is 1.3 million my average cost is 0.047 my portfolio diversity is 100 as it should be because i'm all in on those baby all in on doge baby and i am up for total return at 1.1 million dollars so yeah that's where i'm at right now that's where i'm at today like i said before it doesn't matter what this says in a day or two doesn't matter where this portfolio goes in a week or two i'm looking at the long-term goal i'm looking at a year from the day i'm looking at two years from the day where it's about to go and it's gonna go crazy just let me tell you but no i did not forget to mention this either i am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice do not put in more money than you can afford to lose this is for entertainment purposes only and you should invest at your own risk once again i'm your boy pro to doge make sure you check me out on instagram check me out on twitter check me out on tick tock because i just started a tick tock make sure you hit that subscribe button make sure you hit that like button make sure you share this video for anybody who's looking around like okay now what now what those coins have 30 cents it's been 30 cents for a few days what's going to happen what's about to happen what's about to happen is it going to drop down to 20 cents or 10 cents or a penny oh no what am i gonna do show them this video and let them know that we just pulled up to the consolidation station if you missed the train at five cents don't miss the train at 30 cents let's go

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