[Music] what just happened did a nuclear bomb go off somewhere i'm concerned this is opportunity okay why is this happening oh no oh no this has got to be market manipulation this is something i just put 20 000. i see the tip [Music] and with that welcome to day 425 in my hex journey i hope you're doing all great thanks to my latest subscriber paxton tui welcome to the hood brother and now make sure to destroy this like button let's get this video up to 200 likes let's hit that subscribe button and let's turn on post notification to get notified for every new widow and now let's get started with today's episode in today's video we're gonna have a look at the usual hex stats of course and then we're gonna have a look what is the price doing the chart is doing some sidewise action at the moment we don't know where hex will go in the next couple days but maybe there is a pump in coming already shortly and for the main topic of today we're going to have a look about the performance of dogecoin is dogecoin performing better than hex or is it all just a meme this and more in this episode so let's jump right into it if we have a quick look on our hex wallet you can see on the current day 425 we have a total circulating supply of 567 billion hex tokens i have still staked 18.6 million hex tokens so far i have not a stake which is able to come out the fees are kinda high but more to that in a second first we're gonna have a look at the daily t-share close price in usd you can see we are still hanging out in this bottom down here if you zoom in a little bit you can see it's still a downtrend this is good for all the active stakers because if you want to place some new stakes the t-share price is at the moment pretty damn low the same goes for the daily hex payout per t-shirt you can see since the big payday it is going in a slight downtrend but this can change drastically and pretty quick and also keep in mind we have some big stakes which will come out in around march or beginning of march and the middle of march so we will see how this will affect the t-shirt daily payout if you have a quick look at the daily data you can also observe that we still sit at 37.19 percent apy this is pretty dope i think we have also a pretty nice payout per t share 5.777 hecks are paid out for t-share so if you hop quickly over to the tab stake you can scroll all the way down and you see on the bottom how much t shares you are owning and with this number you can multiply this by the daily payout and you will see how much hex you earn today you can also see i have a stake ready let me scroll up all the way let me sort this bastard real quick if we're gonna end this steak i will not do it at the moment because the fees are too damn high 151 dollars i do not even have enough ethereum at the moment in this wallet so we just gonna sit this out because why this is easy if you have a quick look on hex dot vision you can see the fees are just skyrocking again this red line and orange line is going up those spikes are sometimes just needed when the market is going crazy and we had a lot of crazy actions in the last couple days so just wait and be patient try not to rush in and to pay too much fees because normally the fees are coming down and you have in between always some low day fees you can also observe this the red dots are already moving from right to left this means over time the fee situation looks kinda better as well on your average slow gas price day you can see that we have a quite a lot of white days now this means the range of way you have to pay around 59 to 69 way you have still some high fees for example on monday maybe 10 is when the wall street are doing some trades we don't know but if you zoom out and this you should do when you're in doubt so just have a look you will see that the fee situation isn't that bad at all these are just some momentums when you want to do a end stake and the fee is pretty damn high this should not scare you just wait you have 14 days to end the stake back to the market data on hex you can see the imported market data for hex compared to usd we are still up 137 x compared to bitcoin we are up 30 x and compared to ethereum we are up 13.87 x this is pretty dope if we switch quickly to graph hex dot rocks you can see the current apy is still 37.21 and 9.8 percent of the total circulating supply is staked i really like to see this number growing over the time the end stake versus start stake ratio is not that positive but still positive 5505 t shares has been staked today and for one t-shirt you have to buy 132 dollars the chart looks kinda bearish but we are still really really going up just imagine you were down here when we launched with hex so you can just see the visual range and the behavior of hex the launch phase we were walking down here then we took one leg up and we were just bouncing in this range now we took another leg up we are now bouncing in a quite heavy range but we are already maybe consolidated maybe it's going down more we never know no financial advice at this place but you could anticipate if we give hex some time you can see how the chart will go on and maybe then just go from here to there and we will have an even higher hex price the same goes for the orange line here the daily t-share price is just going up and after this period in here which we were hoovering in the same area it is soon time for a new t-share price above 200 and with the end stake versus start stake ratio you can also see the t-shirt ratio up in here which i just talked about but if you hop over to hex dot vision you see as well the daily stakes are going down slightly since this heavy days with 1366 stakes but today we already had 155 stakes in the system yesterday 189 and the day before 182 and even if it looks like it's not going on much still the penalty system is working great we still have some dudes which are emergency ends taking their stakes thank you very much 0x51 for 2.78 million hex tokens paid to this taker class as well 0x99 for 256 000 hex tokens this is really appreciated and keep pressing this red button you can see in the last 24 hours we had now 854 000 hex tokens paid out this is pretty dope so the system is working perfectly even in some bearish territory on the uni swap exchange hex is at the moment traded for 0.0079 of a dollar plus a half a percent the total liquidity sits around 2.2 million us dollars the volume with 1 million us dollars quite decent and for the last 24 hours we had 392 transactions if you scroll down a little bit you can see as well the top pairs for hex so the top pairs are still hex usdc and hex east so we can see 2.6 million plus 1.6 million overall we have a decent liquidity for all the haters if you would like to drop some hex or just to grab some cheap hacks for the moment those are the two pools which you should go for you can also see the fees earned by the liquidity provider are quite decent 1 732 and 1 400 in the last 24 hours overall a plus around 20 to 30 percent and if you would like to swap some tokens there are two options either you go with the uni swap exchange or you go with the one-inch exchange both links are down in the description for your needs so on the uni swap exchange for example you would get for one ethereum at the moment 171 865 hex tokens that's brilliant it is quite sometimes that you get more than 100 thousand hex tokens and i can still remember with the last heist we get less than 100k hex you can also see the way which this thing will go it goes from eth to wrapped eth to usdc to hex so maybe just have a look on the one inch exchange you can go for example directly from wrapped ethereum to hex if you have here one ethereum you would get 170 963 hex a little bit less the fees are at the moment quite high and you can choose the low gas fee so sometimes it doesn't even change anything and you can still activate the g tokens i already talked about this in another video you can save up to 40 percent with your fees if you zoom out on the chart you can see it looks still beautiful all this downwards trend it just looks beautiful overall if we zoom in a little bit you can see we still didn't dipped below more than 67.62 percent we are still fighting hard in this level today it seems it will be a red day and maybe this candle will turn over but at the moment i still anticipate we could go lower just don't be scared if we drop down to 80 percent this would be around in the range of 0.0043 of a dollar and this could be really possible whenever you see this price catch the dip and just stake for longer and you will get much more hecks in the long term as well on east gas you can see the fees are just ridiculous high just be patient wait until the storm is over you will get some cheap fees soon but you have to consider that some days are pretty damn high on nomix we can see the top cryptocurrencies by market cap bitcoin is at the moment traded for thirty three thousand nine hundred and seven dollars ethereum sits around one thousand three hundred and fifty five dollars if we scroll down a little bit what the hell ripple just pumped 50 well done there's still a lot of ripple nipple holders out there so if we scroll down a little bit we will find hex at the moment at the position 14 with a total market cap of 4.4 billion us dollars the seven-day prediction yeah i don't know but we don't give a damn about the seven-day prediction for the moment hex is traded for 0.007901 of a dollar up two percent and of course a little shill in between if you would like to track your hex portfolio download the staker app today it's now widely available for android and ios you can also do some new features like to create your smart address i was talking about this in my last stream so check out the last stream for a couple days you will be able to track your portfolio swap tokens and stake ladder automatically this is some financial revolution in the mobile app space so download the app today the download link is in the description you just type hoddle.doc in your mobile browser and you will be redirected to the ios app store as well to the android play store so now to the last topic you could see in the intro video doge was just pumping hard in the last days and then just dropped a little bit and people are freaking out we have some nice financial advisors now in tiktok and everywhere else but if we have a closer look how hex is performing compared to some bit compared for example to bitcoin ethereum or bitcoin cash litecoin we have even xrp eos chain link monero binance coin digibyte bytecoin and ethereum classic so you can see down here they are hoovering and i'm just measuring since the start of hex so you can see even hex went down heavily we are still up four thousand four hundred ninety seven percent since the start and if we add dogecoin for the moment you can see dogecoin not even came close to hex even with this spike up here we can zoom in a little bit you can see it sits now at 1080 percent but of course we measure from the beginning of the token and you can see that dogecoin this is just a little spike up and those erect plebs are just getting mad because they bought the top with hex you would not have this even if you buy the top you can stake for longer and you will get even more hex because of course longer pace better and bigger pace better and with that we are already by the end of this video for today if you like this kind of content please leave a like and subscribe to my channel this would be really appreciated drop a comment down below if you have any questions stay long and fat stay safe out there and see you in the next one peace [Music] you

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