Is Bitcoin Night Star Coming?美国总统敦促增加比特币市场税收!灰度减持以太坊btc夜星来临?

U.S. President urges tax increases in the Bitcoin market Grayscale reduces Ethereum btc Is the night star coming? It's 12:30 noon on August 31st Open today at 0:00 international time Here to review everyone Ethereum in an upscale position Yesterday I received a cross star The upper shadow I'll tell you about it in the early morning what's going on On the entire daily level I guess it's still changing the window Is he going up or down There is not much space in the entire finishing interval Let's draw a standard He is actually The section is organized horizontally Can we break through this position horizontally? Depends on this amount But the amount of energy in the early hours of this morning It has come out now the price is not stable I have told you these few days Especially Bitcoin In the plate, I feel that the main force is always putting traps Every time you pull up, you press back, press back You can look at one hour of btc Have been reminded for two or three days Don't do it in the position of tidying the interval Price chasing action Especially when organizing horizontally Do you want to chase the high point in the range? At least it depends on whether there is a chance for a low point Of course this low point of Bitcoin actually There is a channel in this position That is now rebounding Is redrawing What's the situation, wait a minute Also talk to everyone The bad point He is going down every low point The high point is also going down Is it going to be broken here? What kind of support will I give you on August 27th? I'll call a question mark to chat with everyone later Let's take a look at one of ETH Hour level Since he sorted in the interval You can stretch it to observe The whole interval has been so long Now it's all washed back Washed back We can also take a look at the daily limit level This position is still very important Of course I give you a point Organize your entire interval May not watch 2980 Because this place also talked to everyone at the time You have to observe and don’t break 20MA Now this number 27 Candle he is a candle that devours The low point is the last line of defense As for whether it will change Depends on this amount Now there is a quantity There is a quantity but the price is closed with an upper shadow You are going to observe the price today It’s better to stay in this shadow It is possible that the person in this position is pulling Relatively strong The main force pulls the plate here You are going to hit a question mark for this One more thing The good point is that the kd indicator is currently above 50 After a period of tidying up He went from the passivated 80 strong zone Now it has come to a multi-party area above 50 Multi-zone For now, it depends on how K candle expresses its position If he can take another candle to wear out the shadow Is there any hope for this position to rise again? Because after all, it's a wave After coming out He's been sideways for such a long time If you don’t break up Is it necessary to press back and start another interval? Then go to breakthrough? But a trend of Bitcoin We can also take a look Now in this position he is sideways again I guess the entire range is sideways Then there is a bit of news recently Is relatively bearish For example, the President of the United States He is also urging the Democratic Party In the upcoming 3.5 trillion dollar plan To include or be Add more rules for crypto taxation compliance Will it increase in the future? Or there was news earlier The definition of brokers in this tax bill Isn’t the U.S.

House of Representatives denied? He didn't reduce it just A range of brokers Instead, it’s a clear rule Maybe it’s not just a broker that includes these transactions There are also for example Miners and some developers Or some hosting service provider May all be included I think this short-term for the entire currency market is Relatively partial profit control Can he be steady in this position? Just for the whole bitcoin August 27 Two candles is also a swallow This location is about Around USD 36,300 The low point of Ethereum is about Around 3050 Then we can look at the grayscale A recent move 24 hours He is basically reducing holdings of all varieties Isn't there one who has increased holdings is also waiting When the whole trend is clear in the next step Will you add more positions? Bitcoin in this position We can also look at him since this wave 20MA today is the first to break below Will there be one for the first break Action against 20MA? If you want to go back to above 20MA You have to observe the energy Must be released again I feel that this whole curve is also being sorted out Since 20MA is flat, one of my views is He can't be said to be a pressure I still have a chance to go up The first point is this one The low on the 27th cannot be broken Then let's take a look Chicago goods A closing situation of the futures exchange This candle is like a person hanging here Today's three candles add up You are going to see if he is a high position Evening Star For example, a wave of rise There is a rising candle in front The high-end location received a similar cross star The entity can be big or small The next day is another gap and low opening Then you have to observe this candle Don’t harvest such a situation Of course, after a wave of gains in high-end positions I also told you that this is a swallow These two roots are also a swallow Add these three roots, is it a night star? One of my thoughts on the whole Bitcoin is Will it be a C wave turning point for abc? 12345 Is there an ab here? C wave falls Actually don't know Being in a high-end position already reminds everyone of risks I am relatively cautious in the short term Hold part of the long line over there I'll stop short-term now.

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