Is Bitcoin Maximalism Toxic For The Crypto Community? | Weekly Recap

real quick here we're doing a little 
unusual stream for anybody joining us   usually we're just doing 
ta there's nothing going on   nothing's really moving t fuel moving a little bit 
new all-time highs in bitcoin pair not a lot else   this is the bitcoin miami conference we're just 
listening to it giving feedback reaction style it   is live so i do apologize for any of their 
language or whatever they say these people   are cringy as anything um but just because we're 
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matter appreciate you guys bitcoin maximalism some   of you i'm sure most of you know what it is but if 
anyone doesn't uh it's essentially kind of like an   elite an elitist group in crypto where they tend 
to blame all the problems on altcoins and believe   that people should only invest in bitcoin i myself 
am maximalist however i don't really subscribe to   any of that train of thought um i do believe 
i believe this for your financial well-being   if you're in crypto i think you should have a 
majority in bitcoin it's the most stable coin it's   gonna help smooth your portfolio out but i don't 
believe that you're a bad person or you're dumb or   whatever just because you have all coins i have 
tons of all coins i use them i trade them against   bitcoin to get more bitcoin he the guy before 
was saying stack sats how do you stack sats   really without trading all coins via 
bitcoin you can dca buy more but like i don't get it what the next panel is about which 
is called toxic maximalism a feature not a bug   i'm personally attacked the toxicity turns 
people off it especially turns off people who   come from the world of important people you know 
vips vip syndrome like certain fragile authors   i run a company called amber which is a bitcoin 
only dollar cost averaging app and i write and i   ship post and i run a podcast and i tear apart 
anything that attempts to like with bitcoin   what's up guys i'm niko i mine and i 
make youtube content and i won't stop   until every single shitcoin channel is 
defeated because they are poison and that's   my mission and i hope i accomplished it can 
you explain what is bitcoin maximalism toxicity   yeah so so bitcoin maximalist toxicity is is 
not toxic in a way but it's more about the   integrity of what people believe and what they 
think the network is best for i am a maximalist   and it is incredibly toxic so don't listen 
to that i'm not gonna lie i don't i don't   know who any of these people are i've never 
heard of them i've never heard of this guy people willing to go up there and say how toxic 
they are i guess and they think that they can   change bitcoin and try to fix it and make it 
better but we all know that bitcoin fixes you you   don't fix bitcoin so that's kind of my my thesis 
on bitcoin maximism yeah i just wanted to add on   to that like some people see toxic maximalism 
as like a bunch of mean people who are bad for   bitcoin but in reality it's the complete opposite 
it's really good um i see toxic maximalism as   like bitcoiners from all over the globe from all 
different walks of life really coming together for   one goal and that's hyper bitcoinization at all 
costs so nothing else matters [ __ ] your feelings   oh no one cares if you don't like bitcoin these 
people need to watch their language here we're a   family show our perspectives were we're looking at 
it from different lenses and if you don't see it   from that lens there's two things i would say one 
do your homework or two that's fine if you don't   agree with it just move on find something else you 
can [ __ ] coin you could do whatever you want but   don't get in our way because if you do you'll 
get stung by the cyber hornets holy crap this is   this is cringe wow this is cringe they're 
trying to defend toxic maximalism you don't   defend it they can say bitcoins the best move 
on geez i am a bitcoin maximalist i'm not toxic   i own alts i have probably more else than most 
people can even imagine managing you don't   they i think what happens is maximalists don't see 
the bigger picture a lot of the time i don't know   for uh what reason but they don't see that this 
whole space is one giant organism what's good for   crypto is good for bitcoin even if it isn't 
bitcoin like ethereum doing well that's good for   bitcoin bitcoin doing well it's good for ethereum 
um they all synergize and they all bring different   things to the table and i don't know what these 
people are you know in a couple thousand years   humans in whatever capacity we're going to 
be and are going to look back on this time   and look back on history and look at like what 
transformed us from apes into an intergalactic   species and it's going to be fire disclaimer 
they all are single surprise plot twist bitcoin   and teleportation like all the other stuff that 
came in between like oil and electricity they were   precursors nikola tesla developed electricity 
for bitcoin that's like the progression   so there is nothing more important in the 
world today than being able to store transact   and sovereignly hold the product of one's 
labor when you look at the network itself   not only from a technological standpoint 
but from an economic standpoint and then   from the standpoint of a network that is enforced 
by the individual not by some group of rulers   we are the white blood cells of the 
network we are the the thing that   you know when when external forces or an external 
virus of stupidity tries to come in and adjust it   we fight it off so there's nothing are they just 
making stuff up at this point like legit just made   it like we're the white bloods no you're not 
man you just if anything well maybe that is a   good comparison the same way white blood cells 
sometimes attack the body the host and cause   all kinds of problems i believe that if toxicity 
wasn't a thing there would be no pressure on them   and last but not least of course there's elon 
right who goes to his millions of followers   and just tells them doge and remember these 
people they don't have any experience so he's   like funneling him in the right direction 
yeah bitcoin doesn't like these dudes every   single one of elon's tweets and man you just see 
a bunch of bitcoiners going at him and oh my god   btc miami this is a live streamed call to you 
who were these people why didn't you invite me   i would do way better no other way right 
and if you're against bitcoin toxicity   you're against bitcoin and if you're against 
bitcoin you're against freedom period   one of the only things i agree with they've said 
so far you are against bic when you are against   freedom bitcoin is freedom the point they're 
getting at here makes sense and i agree with   this is when new people enter the space they 
are very commonly deceived by projects safe moon   you know i don't know much about safe mood but 
comes to mind xrp comes to mind um so the point i   think they're trying to make with no elegance here 
is that toxic maximalism is in order to direct new   investors i i mean i think that's bs in the sense 
of none of these dudes that's their reasoning   their reasoning is they don't like the attentions 
off bitcoin i can feel that a little bit but

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