Is 21 Billion Coins To Many?

there's low cryptocurrency news and
investing crypto slow with more crypto gains so tonight I want to talk about
coins supply and just kind of the history of coins that have very large
supplies and asked a question is having billions of coins just too many coins
especially related to X 16 coins lately Raven pigeon basically these coins have
21 billion supplies and as you can see I know the whole markets down right now
but ultimately a lot of these coins start out they moon and then they go
down and the reality is a lot of it is two things number one there's not enough
hash power to support the coin and number two there's so many coins that
ultimately you end up with dilution such as the case with Raven coin
27 million coins are mined every day pigeon coin 7 million coins are mined
every day now thinking about this with Raven you know the the road map that you
know they're headed for with assets 21 billion is probably not going to be a
lot especially if there's a 500 coin burn when someone issues an asset but in
the mid term whatever coins you have will ultimately get diluted because
there's just too many freaking coins you know another one to look at let's see
let's look at pigeon look at pigeon and let's see pigeon coin pigeon coin things down to
12 SATs I remember when this thing first started it was it was blowing up and
once again 7 million coins a day and also they've monkeyed around with the
difficulty quite a bit and it's not it's looking like less and less miners are
coming back to it anytime not being punished but I would predict that pigeon
is gonna go down to one or two SATs and it's gonna be more realistic to the
difficulty level and the price on the market now moving forward with this
theory you know look at verge and didja bite these are multi billion coins as
well you know didja bites another great example but here's the here's the thing
about Digivice that's different than this other coins is didja bites been
around for a long time so it actually kind of gives you a bigger history on
you know on what this was obviously this was pre crypto so that doesn't really
count you know it went up with Bitcoin mooned and now it's crashing down again
you know the reality is from a speculative standpoint there's just too
many coins same goes with Virg it's too many coins and I really think we're
getting into a crossroads where just because of coins fast just because a
coin can be used as payment does not mean that it's going to keep its value
just from the inflationary standpoint there's just too many coins minted every
day I mean visualize down to two and a half
cents so now kind of the flip to all this is to look at
it's not even showing up their motion coin so motion point came out X I'm in
motion and you know it could be considered a possible shit coin but here
is the amazing part about motion coin it's already at a dollar twenty six
dollar twenty nine now the difference with motion coin
this was another x16 coin is they decided to go the route and do twenty
five million instead of these billions you know some of the things to think
about too is that the the having is just too far away and crypto moves too fast
the price levels get filled too fast so you know this one's already at a dollar
so I mean if you got in on this this x16 our motion at the beginning you probably
did pretty well if you mind some at the at the start I don't know how the
difficulty level went on this one but you know so I mean ultimately the point
of this video is that you know especially these x16 coins they're just
being there just popping out every other day there's simply not enough hash to go
around right now to to backfill these with the price and if you can understand
the circular motion of how hash rate and price is correlated you can have demand
which spikes the price but ultimately it will always equalize to the hash rate
and the difficulty that's supporting it and what it can be dumped for on the
open market and you know part of this is because of what to mine and nice hash
has made this process so efficient and it's kind of closed the loop the gap on
speculation of some of these coins you know crypto rescue another 120
bazillion coins I mean ultimately unless these coins are doing something besides
being a payment mechanism I'm starting to believe
Eve that they will fail like I said only one out of all these that I really like
is is Raven just because I can see the bigger picture the problem is is the
picture is gonna take a little time to come about which is probably gonna end
up in diluting everyone's coins that everyone owns at least from a fiat
standpoint because then you know the price is gonna backfill so if I was
inventing a new coin tomorrow I would most definitely not make it a multi
billion coin supply or I would do something instead of having I would do
the reverse I would start out with a lower reward and increase the reward as
people went this gives more people time to get into the coin and you know it
doesn't get diluted so fast you know like some of these coins for years to
have that's just madness so something to think about something to think about
when you're looking at these coins you know or kind of coming to the point to
where a coin has to have some kind of value and that value could be anything
that value could be a cup of coffee that value could be the US pegged to US
dollar like tether it has to have some kind of trusted value projected onto it
in order for the coin to be worth anything so think about that appreciate
you watching this is crypto slow if you're not talking gains then we're not
talking you

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