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Twenty twenty one Cardano garnered a fair bit of buzz
following the successful launch of the much anticipated Sheli updates, which introduced delegation and incentive
schemes in addition to a reward system, all of which are channeled towards driving stake pools and community
adoption, given its core proof of state consensus mechanism. The Cardano Network is powered by a proof of state
consensus algorithm known as Uroboros, the Cardano team consists of a group of engineers spearheaded by its
founder, Charles Hoskinson, who also happens to be a theory, IBM's co-founder and the CEO of HK, the foremost company
behind the Cardano Project. Many crypto enthusiasts and expert traders believe twenty
twenty one is likely the year that Cardno explodes in terms of adoption, user growth and of course, the price of its
native currency, Áder. You can find out more about Cárdenas technology, as well as
the ongoing infrastructure progress on the Cardano Network by subscribing to our channel Krypto Line, we upload videos
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Hi, everybody, and welcome again to Krypto Lion. Today, we're going to be answering the question of whether
or not Cardano is set to hit the ten dollar mark, if this is possible even and how this could be the game changer we've
all been excited about in the Cardano space over the past couple of months. So before we get into this, I'd like to
emphasize on the concept of ADA and Cardano, since I would be using both these terms interchangeably, sometimes I'm
going to be referring to the price of ADA by simply calling it the price of Cardano so as not to get a twisted. Technically, Cardno is the block chain network that powers
the existence of its native cryptocurrency ADA. As always, don't forget to look through the description
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on the journey to make the best financial decisions when it comes to cryptocurrency related investments and trading. The introduction of the proof of state consensus mechanism
in conjunction with staking and incentives for network governance and block making on the Cardano, may net allowed
holders of ADA to either create their own stake pool to become a block maker on the network or on the flip side, to
be a user to delegate to all the stake pools on the network to earn rewards for participating in the consensus process.

As a result of this, the utility of ADA, the native token
of the Cardano Bloxwich Network, increased tremendously while participation amongst data holders in the operation
of the network by way of delegation reached impressive levels very quickly in the network in terms of percentage
of engagement. Obviously, the introduction of the Sheli era in July,
twenty ninth of twenty twenty entailed the development of a foundation for a decentralized network, one that's capable
of impressive scalability. And now in twenty twenty one, the real momentum is just
getting started with the release of the Mary Hard Work upgrade that inaugurated native multifaceted support onto
the domain that we could consider it the proverbial black powder poised to explode for Cardno. And in fact, very soon, users and organizations, both those
who are tech savvy as well as those who are not, would be able to create their own digital tokens or assets on the
Cardano need. These tokens can and will be used to create a wide variety
of use cases on the Cordona network, such as non fungible tokens, collectibles, stable coins, defy governance tokens,
you name it.

For those of you who don't know what the term fungible
tokens are, fungibility means well. It means an asset is interchangeable with another asset of
the same type. So non fungible tokens are unique. That said, the ability for users to create their own
digital tokens unlocks the capacity for the development of usable, decentralized applications that leverage Cardano
may net as a transactional ledger. In contrast to a theorem which uses smart contract
standards like Ursy twenty four fungible tokens or Ursy seven twenty one or C one one five five for non fungible
tokens, Cardno would enable the creation of new tokens natively on the block chain through a command line
interface or CLI or an application programming interface or API. This means that you don't need to deploy a contract to
get started creating your own assets. This approach is a groundbreaking phenomenon in the entire
cryptocurrency and block chain ecosystem as it's entirely unique and something we haven't seen so much of in the
crypto space. And I think it's going to be really beneficial for
developers and non-technical users as well to be able to create tokens on a single multi-asset ledger.

A positive side effect of this is that users and developers
would not have to fumble with smart contract addresses in order to manage their tokens. But they'll be managed largely in the same way as one
manages their wallet. Aveda certainly with just very little difference, like the
asset creator and the owner of the key for the asset creator to modify the supply of their token, for example. Another advantage to the Cordona block chain is that the
overall complexity exposed to the user or the developer on Cardano is reduced by building a multi asset, multi token
support natively into the main ledger, rather than creating an abstraction of the ledger as an additional layer to
construct like a smart contract to create manage an account for them with no extra logic required to manage these

And thus there are fewer areas where user created bugs and
vulnerabilities in a token contract become detrimental to the token economy. The principal currency, which is the
baize free bearing cryptocurrency in a token economy or the currency in which fees would be paid for, these tokens will
be by default the cryptocurrency that is core to the Cardno ecosystem. This gives further utility to the ATO that the
users are holding within the ecosystem. Currently, Cardano at the Gauguin milestone, a
developmental update to the Cardano Maisonette, which is composed of two major components that would make up the
robust, smart contract and decentralized application ecosystem, and that's the Plautus and the Marleau with a
former being the core scripting language for smart contracts on Cardano and the latter being a tool with which non
technical or people who can code can create smart contracts on Cordona with. It's essential to keep track of these two
big elements as they would be forming the bedrock of every decentralized application on the Cardano may need for years
to come.

Catano is a public blog change driven by a scientific
approach philosophy, along with the ambitious plan to create an interoperable, secure and scalable multi-asset ledger
with a platform for verifiable, smart contracts, hence the division of its development lifecycle into multiple
different phases, which includes the Birhan era, the Sheliah era, the golden era and the Basho era and the Voltaire era. In light of the price of potentially exploding to reach the
ten dollar mark and looking at the various updates on Cardano, given the initiation of the Gorgon era, smart
contract integration, the launch of the Mary Hard Fork, the introduction of multifaceted support, among others, has got
Cardno enthusiasts and cryptocurrency analysts saying that what will likely happen in response to this multifaceted
floodgate is that the floodgates would open for a wide variety of projects starting to build their presence on
Cardano, both in the enterprise or the startup ecosystems.

For example, the five projects in the space would be able
to structure the economics and the governance models in addition to the eagerly awaited peer to peer banking
projects in Africa, which will be able to kick off their work on the main net, along with a variety of other
projects with Gauguin and the aforementioned Plautus and Marleau components, along with a KVM implementation to
allow solidity contracts from Ethereum and others to be deployed on Cardno as well. The Canal Network is poised to be a breeding ground for DAPs
in the future, according to a most recent update from the Cordona community.

The Gorgon era, which is slated for a
quarter to twenty twenty on a release, is likely to be the spark that sets off the explosive growth in the price of
Ayda on the back of the new users and developers coming into the cargo space, which would mean more demand and utility
for the native cryptocurrency and an influx of value to the market cap. So here we are again at the end of today's
video, once again, this is cryptocurrency forecasting. So always keep in mind that these predictions are based off
of personal opinion, as I'm not an expert trader nor a financial adviser.

However, I'm just a cryptocurrency
enthusiast like yourself. So always do your own research and consult your financial
advisor before you buy into any cryptocurrency we discuss. Don't forget to drop your questions or suggestions in the
comments section below and we'll respond to them as soon as we can. Also, don't forget to hit that subscribe button
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