Iron Finance Titan coin crypto crashed to zero overnight. Lies and scam. More to come.

hello there welcome back my name is jimmy 
something came to my desk last night and it   was pretty shocking the cryptocurrency titan 
has its whole entire value been wiped to zero   yes you heard me correctly to zero so i was 
thinking maybe i would just do a video on the   following four things one what is titan two why 
were people attracted to it three how do you spot   a scam in crypto and four if you want to invest 
in a crypto like this what are the things that   you should be looking for or rather what is a 
strategy you can adopt if you are invested in   crypto currency you should be aware of they are 
actually more scam than what you think in the   crypto world people have been attracted to crypto 
because of is enormous exponential return you know   from a few hundred percent to a few thousand 
percent within a very short period of time   now everybody wants to get rich i want to get rich 
as well but the fact is that do when we invest in   a cryptocurrency do we actually understand what we 
are investing how do we actually spot a scam like   this so what is titan titan is basically a stable 
coin and stable coin is actually used to swap with   other cryptocurrencies now in order 
for titans to work typically in layman terms   it requires liquidity providers that go 
into that networks so that the more coins   can mint to float the market 
and it can be used to swap with other currencies   now in order to attract the kind of liquidity that 
the coins in the market the coins or rather the   providers will actually incentivize by giving interest right that's what they   call it farming and that's where it comes to 
number two why people are attracted to titans   now after last night what i did is that i go and 
did a quick search and i was like finding the   information that titan was you know giving away 
yield farming of more than two thousand dollars   sorry more than two thousand percent APY and i 
was like my goodness two thousand percent returns   in interest you know by just putting you know 
any amount of money to the network this is like that brings to my point number three 
how do you spot a crypto scam from far   well if a cryptocurrency is promising you a 
yield farming of more than two thousand percent   you know that it is a scam because no asset class 
will be able to give you anything more than 2000   in a year that's for sure not even drug dealing 
the only way where people is able to pay you 2000   per annum is to have someone who invests later 
than you take their money and pay it out as an   incentive to you and that's the only way remember 
this fundamental cryptocurrency does not have   intrinsic value and therefore it is not possible 
for them to give you any interest nor return nor   growth from a cryptocurrency simple my last point 
is about even if you know that it is a ponzi   scheme and if you really want to be in it what can 
you do you know what are the things or strategies   that you want to do well i would say that if you 
already spotted that this is a ponzi scheme and   you still want to be in it then the best strategy 
is always be there early right go in there as   early as you can get out as fast as you can 
withdraw everything that's the best way because   you know like titans people come in late and 
they were attracted by the 2000 return they   are not going to get any single send back this 
entire titan event basically teach us a lesson   number one is that if you have the billions and 
the smartest people who go up there and tweet   about the currencies or the cryptos just open 
your eyes right because look these people they are   success for a reason and you can be part of their 
success if you contribute the liquidity you know   into that network the other thing you want to take 
note is that cryptocurrency is still unregulated   so money that lose to all these scams you are not 
going to be you know protected by any authority   to the zoomer out there if you think that 
diamond hands is always rocket to the moon   the titan just proved otherwise if you have 
opinion about the content please write down   your comment otherwise please give me a like 
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