IPFS & Filecoin Partnership I Mainnet v1.1 I EP 106

Hello IoTeX community and welcome to this
week's News Digest! Here are the latest updates for you. This week, IoTeX's Head of Cryptography Dr.
XinXin Fan delivered a blockchain and IoT keynote at the IoT World Virtual Conference. This presentation is now live and available
for you to watch on our YouTube channel. IoTeX Mainnet v1.1 is ready for launch. As you know our team never stops building
and with this new code release it will be even more flexible, performant, and secure
than ever. This code will be released on August 19 and
some of the features/upgrades will include reclaim bucket feature, transaction log APIs,
staking updates, optimized docker images and many more. For full release details, please visit our
GitHub. Our Livestream AMA with founders took place
on August 12 and it was a successful one. Our founders shared lots of interesting updates
and plans for the near future.

The video from the stream is now live on our
youtube channel and the summary will be posted shortly. We are proud to officially announce our partnership
with IPFS and Filecoin. As you know, we have been working with their
teams for the past few months, in order to design innovative decentralized IoT solutions
that will be leveraging both of our technologies. The first use case has been expanding the
capabilities and security of IoTeX devices such as Ucam. You can read the full partnership announcement
in the link below and don't forget to share it on Twitter. And these were all of the updates for you
this week. Thank you much for your continuous support,
stay tuned for more news!.

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