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[Applause] good morning to all the guys what is bloc yes that is a nice decision of this program that I told you until later I will show you everything I have above then block fia very important financiers such as ti including vela capital di péter tree and but also as long as ros are the twins those who have messed with a casino have sued me with facebook as long as los capital and coin bass and fidelity that we have some nice good company within this bang movie where you can receive money and interest then what are the interests let's go straight to the euro bitcoin one then we have 4 percent for the most to no it's okay anyway then I'll tell you how and turin 4 percent a 1.6 light map like 14.56 link 3.0 from the whistles attention touches point 5 pax golf that would still be coin attached to them and it would be their 2.0 then all the is belcolle the unstable echo means attached anchored to the dollar they do one to one like like the dollar so is the coin the third eye there can be coin but first questions pagos and gemini 116 million if you are still part of the twins held slightly in cross the gold but in cross big boss as their motor vehicle is called jamie niger minimum and if you are part of their company here is the security anyway then this is mine is my account of what I when I had put are are more the ban must be 11 mild guys 15 months here you can finally credit card anyway we mentioned August 26th if you see well because because before 24th he thinks Jun 20 I don't remember 22 if he deposited faster so he had a kind of how to say something more no a gift from the company on September I had the first interests that is from the first 23 before the 26 is called quoted you could already have the interests on the first of September and in fact they evaluate 26 on the first of September water immediately the interests were a little more few normal and normal but can nevertheless never better no october i did a referendum no because i took the money from the rapper because i signed up under another person this is another bonus this note 10 dollars an hour but xx september but also September I do not fund it because they are little money they do not know if euro 5 euro 4 euro September October November December 2 saying countries January February March April May June and July 11 months 11 months these are in total interest that they have not paid approximately 107 which then changes however as how the dollar balance changes so also the bitcoin the rest no normally these could now be 2 58 dollars the promises should be respected normally however these cases have matured which now matured work that we are just 11 August so I think that in my opinion for every month 10 dollars 9 from 15 dollars guys but it has nothing to do with the year they are 500 euros who the truth plus you say okay 500 dollars I don't know anything about 500 euros ok and 4 percent miss a flight then more here when I put the money 10 p 0.04 39500 montana 91 satoshi worth 500 dollars 500 pain now after 11 months I have done the account 2,188 we understand in a few words what it means it means that I have made 150 percent girls suffered coin more or interest paid but I do not know so you want more this is an accumulation that now let 's say 26 on 26 here it is written on 26 August if you see well no today we have it 11 in 16 days it ends automatically mom if I do the bill more or less it will be 120 dollars just 10 dollars a month I will surely have here think of 2,220 dollars 1230 table from 500 to 2,220 that is you understand the huge difference of 1,800 dollars in earnings on 500 dollars guys but what do you want what what what more do you want I don't know I understand it doesn't come a second they transmit the water inside the coffee latt and I arrive the second then disappear let's go on here I am but mine my cup supplied with coffee which would be instant coffee then the rest of the water and then in a drop of milk on top because I don't drink coffee so heavy because you have to stop motion colitis better these than light but where I was saying block fi guys and it's perfect you saw here my minor fero at the link if you too want something to earn for free and if you put at least that the top 100 dollars yes it's [ __ ] a hundred of the girls then there are there are however other types of coins however these 4 percent from the most trouble I had said of what you can earn on the stable coim on the staple coins on the other coins that I showed you before they are on the point these here no every 24 hours Normally, however, it changes anyway it can change no example price and 25 dollars is much more if 18 no in milan 3 percent on the light coin sides 470 dollars in 24 hours has risen by 3 69 44 50 thousand in the hunt are money pack background a little bit down because in after the gold went a bit that until then fell boys pero nieri lamione fera link if you want you want if you do not want his blog directly open your account without the essence without taking miur and fellini but if you appreciate the work and the information I give you for the channels of the currency package for the investment everything says best between link here thanks if you want to contribute for me it's okay it 's all there they give me a small percentage of the bonus bonus just to say but you too and we are alright so they always talk also no guys i think this year it ended well anyway with 1700 1800 dollars guys the 12 months suu kyi but then let's say they were let's say they were let's take an example he gave me an example on 500 dollars and right now I would like to say no 505 thousand dollars we make on 5,500 we lose 150 percent the same is 7,500 dollars no 150 percent are many and many I would have put maybe no I don't know they are 75 thousand dollars I put the country but where 10,000 dollars and I regret it 75 thousand boys 150 percent and that one hundred percent and 50 thousand 150 and 75 thousand boys almost money do it immediately that is I do not introduce pardini when I do contractions I almost go trading then 112 but I also have for example just to say interactive blocker bull a museum and put 4 another type of drug no and with more than a software with other types of games company guys I'm not there to negotiate I do pure speculation only speculation speculation means that you can do it moment arrives I was at 102 a lot is not it joking then when when when I speculate I do if when it is done I do not know if of tiburtina tomorrow that my speculation I can do the long duration in short duration example today country in May to say the other overwhelmed it when the bitcoin stage i 38 37 example bought solana no there is an example with pato solana i am anna it cost it came up to 24 25 dollars no 25 dollars right I waited right let's say I am instead a month and a half almost double the money that I bought I bought a hundred I give an example one hundred these are always with whom I stakes but I never do the accounts so then 24 percent is 2,400 dollars we have amalgamated much more but in any case the more or less 5,000 dollars is occupied no 5,000 6,000 dollars not I had a hundred but I had more or less 200 220 the island but guys 5,000 dollars today on 12,000 dollars in my pocket I play lego that on 5900 I earned double or being able to 6,000 dollars on 5,000 dollars always double in a month and a half this happens automatically if thousand dollars if I do the account I have earned 5 thousand 5,605 700 euros in English but this is only on the solar not on the other and coins on the other guys who are near here complete to 24 24 I want to live looking at 1600 hours 71 doctor then under even the night sometimes because the night is very propitious in the sense, however, that there are Asian markets that open example often tells them while eleven the others go away they go away the other flat markets open at two asians the one in tokyo and everything else then I do other types of here also on freedoms wanted the same thing when the evenings arrive without the morning can for example we are at midnight in asia already I am a sect of cars in the morning it is already the crypto market already here it is and the garlic up to 2 to 3 in the night goshawks to look a bit like manna many go up sometimes about days I go to buy the strategies this I buy when it is down wind when it is only when when I sold on an aspect that goes against days later here this is the speculation this even if you use markets on the markets let's say on the shares not so much because the shares to be donated no for example this picture by dividing no it would be a difference from before obviously not being in 112 let's say that in any case more or less on the boca free we finished because anyway I had explained it as something that interests him and all the rest that is here you can see no if you want to see here you see 560 series in a month 35.11 percent did guys in one month in coop three months I did minus 146 months 87 lives did 4 18 12 months 300 25 percent how I say no when I reveal myself it shows no earned 1666 dollars and 20 cents on the 500 dollars I too have put down the 300 25 percent guys but I don't know it's much more decisive more sheets here can be well 212 instead hot new vats other types of other types of things like because here I wrote the information that it was investment is hospitalized this these are the types tomorrow we will do two or three other things even slowly making videos so at least maximum guys but a forty ina of minutes and not much 30 minutes between from in two minutes I can't so much because people are tired of cinema this being important to talk then this guys here you can put even the minimum 100 you can you can you can put down 100 dollars you open the account you can also interest also you can also still have on loan give on loan in the sense that you put bitcoins or because the light with the you want maybe later put your yours in your light with is to ask him heather easy in when you take it off you can put it maybe a peaceful one give me maybe 7 in 33 months online and 7 percent come back risk return the sum Vipiteno has removed from the net with you the ethereal has remained profoundly what you earned always a class find out well what it means a loan what it means to buy a bit with what is a pick con that is a suit currency is not that easy I said or then that they have I will maybe put the link so small go and see your things a little bit then nothing 1666 from 123 125 200 the twelve months these 12 this month here I made 35 percent earned 566 dollars on 509 guys in automatic bitcoin when you want to put the bitcoins or now or it will be less it will be more they are always these here is what you have put down understand that you want these are an interest from the month of November 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 months that would then be again August the month of September should expire the norm because the first one who wanted anyway but more never this can also vary anyway it depends it can go on the way down but if they are fixed he knows a lot about someone is fixed someone example I could also buy mom who now as I want he can not even buy here they can also buy if they want that is for example there is bitcoin confirms how much when you want to buy and senate to say let's be sure d dollars take away from me 100 dollars to drill some genes there or how much to say I can take another type of value there is an example that all there here you can buy we are understood to mediaset bitcoins see buy the network or link or vispa you can always anyway I still go because I know my cable on the law where seen but there is also the lighting in the sense of interest no I use them when it sometimes happens for example if maybe criterium I give an example now your 3000 dollars is the first at risk as the sent to 2000 what I do I take the 3,000 dollars of ethereal passed them in b qst finance dollar it means that the three miners remain so example is technical but 2000 and I am always at 3000 you understand that muni tobacco on server the auction for races but the one to make the change so as not to let your price go down all there you understand with this that you have 3000 left you can buy 3000 3300 while thousand euro 3.000 terminal woman of ethers come have a lot of d the more when it goes up what do you change in more st so the spa goes down again if it goes up it goes well it is normal for example to earn that is a speculation girls to speculation always buy when it is down and 21 how much it when it change in instable coin and then you see if you know that the currency but it is useful now you can change so you recover some money what it communicates today buy it buy it again here is the speculation that I do on the tribute currency and on finances also ok blog film explained how the situation is quite safe because there are various the various lenders behind I said that the capital of péter trio living that the English ska p talc and ethical fidel in well you know that full here therefore we are we say that they work quite well as loans and all the rest then i honestly do it right i dont care to lend money and go put the money elsewhere earn on other things i earnings already can I do not need you that why I do not withdraw it withdrawal guys I do not need to withdraw the money I am sure if I want to be able to edit the 1600 torino those I earned and put the right values on the blog or take 500 dollars of what I have earned or a thousand dollars 500 that I have that I have put that I have put equitable for 500 has earned I put them on my caporioni touches and very well 500 have returned plus the gain another 1,000 dollars I am here to always earn easy no you have instead they are demonstrating the more the gain in the more there still lives a thousand dollars to spend have interest still here it is very easy it is not difficult ok very well on this it has me a bit for us we close anyway we leave it so on display a little more 10 15 minutes and then she calls you calling her 212 they sent obvious dividends what are they guys this here is live and trading 211 world so I don't give you the lincoln and linnet because the inter nor between los in ac ielo for this site but as he thinks it one day they will be and if you want you can but you want me then the nice thing is that you can create aerogram aerograms only of the feet that go automatically then you choose your things you can do it in self investment you can invest them automatically on your credit card shortly of the bank account depends on or manual I do it manual because here you can add example with to reach other types of sections then you can maybe miss or go ahead with the percentage you can do more for that side which from a report and the less annual average annual return based on five years of bad performance on the market minus 1.15 but this depends because I already only have the profit of one when there are at a loss but there is not there is no I do not realize why the other two are so much more than afraid of entering the naval touch scene mobile action rejection of energy imperial brand a tleti bikes these are the percentages that I have this iron automatic gearboxes or lives in the overview example put certain dollars are 169 these young people here not because the acts of each athlete percentage if the pen whose spider but in the end you always have the gain the almost are of the dividing what you had to earn normally I put it 9 dividend because there are those six companies that are all obvious in the sense that dividend is the percentage of yours of your investment would be the dividend interest no here is counted the cash here is counted because I put the cover on it is evident how you want to do them and that you can also change it you want to change it if you want to change it no I don't have the type of impediment he on top remains there on top of the other then maybe give I wanted to buy other shares while instead here no when and similar automatic investments he does not automatically invest it on the shares you have when on these feelings that are what after he does not invest you put percentages does not pay the same thing I have almost put a growth example no these are all shares that are growing since square remains paypal on netflix alibaba average of about latika suns force shopping shop do your own amazone trinitesi well then they are good good companies the technology these are all these here are almost many are Americans someone is also for example on with free where however I can 26 94 so yes how to say it goes stable no the same thing also here on the eight blocks cei this is the word few cells thanks I always then on many things no kat mile both limits cisco inter but this is too long and one thing is one thing however the real account that then that little that will also become a point let's say with the account pass to the test point a test has to do some tests you can you can maybe that I know how to buy shares appears q what you want but above all to remember what you want then there are the popular singular titles shares national data of American compatriots the English ones news on trading that future earnings etf then there is this here the first the thing in the guise of another part cicioni cdf there are several murders f you have to stay on the cherries market there is everything from a to z man wine fest is a little more closed the thing then I do a little different type of fence and a little better if this here we extend these for example that here is the goal that we are the current value 147 I put the 100 dollars no 150 dollars the current paul 147 quantity the percentage of how far your goal can go on I have put 10 thousand dollars 659 I give an example this you can always change it here then the scenes changed you could go the day share share your aerogram if you want with others they can copy if they want here pote you change yes and 9 the ownership already said this an overview here is ownership country changes change as well here is the balance key lipari commit in the suitcase books bars rim piloting all the right investments as complements and makes a sort of budget for yours at this almost this this button can almost press or take as you like we do once every six months to once a year I had not done now instead I started in August let's do it on the weather October November and December in 5 months I do mine budget and comes a little bit like something without buying or selling some shares that are not needed and automatically balances you one thing perfect for them beautiful this is the storm that I showed even going to make the investment for 10 years 5 years six months a year ago there is this and what is more or less which is the valuation based on the annual return 20 percent of what you can earn in a year ahead we do old there is written to the fund programs initial deposit one euro you can there is aero change fund went to see what is the that there are assets of the funds and then there is a paper of caligula [ __ ] that the polito do maybe with other bikes this car, on the other hand, has everything to say about the segment because I have done slightly the end date 11 bocchiaro it seems to us the amount to deposit one thousand euros if tomorrow attainment of payment but in the world monthly how much I want moment made I want to put 25 dollars or one euro per day for every hour not to lose every every every month or to take a dollar deposit from my credit card and he auto invests through I close it so not of this it is more like interest in investing automatic never normally manual I only showed limit invest for iphone here for example I can invest or when they can when I want to detect terrestrial but here is the search if you want to search co me stocks most popular example high growth dividend low volatility low quality speculative stocks then being able to grasp everything there are no markets germany united kingdom and holland france spain and switzerland but there are no half in my opinion the italian ones on etfs there are equity funds in verse and known like this guys no then there is the kwak economic calendar avoiding all the information if they are right to make how to say right investments here there are videos that show you no no cuts available then we are alone there was a beautiful gift then there I am guiding the information more the e-mails in case you need something guys over 44 of the aerograms are all these areas managed by you that is in the sense that then as always the power grows change the name the label is all these are the investments here are the first investments not made 36 but normally I go to price minus 80 73 people for profit sales to eat 25 250 18 for shares is written with a company details will be all girl questioned about everything they drive but we are what is in the round then you want to see what they have to say after system go here peace advanced graphics below when all its what they write information about the thing then there is the story the story of what one bought adobe systems executed example 750 quantity inserted in 16 price is all on stage with things enough then there is the story said what you have purchased orders for example that you have put the dividends you have that you still need you because just a month and I mark the populations per week what are the transactions that you have made example put 50 dollars because then you also want to reverse if you have for example to say the usual ones here on your account example other to say on this good point if you have free points you can pass on that other one fund that this cdf fund automatically go from examples de bosio example that here above here no you manage sources you shouldn't be this both that transfer the funds example where they want to lighten $ 50 from cdf to investments confirmation happens automatically invests them time on the other hand very famous of the girls it is not not difficult I am really happy that this but this also the tone to increase the broker's basements I do not show it because it is very very complicated to proceed because it is impossible to need experts for the whole of drugs then I said this piece here it can always change with the how how the vice goes you pass carefully that is very important guys then in this case in this case I give an example now I will show you the speculation strategy example I give an example that I want here buy tried to say I could buy an alcoholic steak is this is what appears bio and heard fac that is an example something I can buy with a thousand dollars but if god is to hear I can buy with my bitcoins example then the thing that can be a good two months I cannot oppose how however I can buy the others 87 50 by non example by dollars they range 500 dollars a btc no I can not buy today nothing makes me buy this I have understood anyway the step so much to buy you geminiano effects that I would probably always be anyway with state master berthold wahl the minimum st that we are going to see in a moment instead my name feel 7.5 kids because unfortunately it is part of gemini vst it does not cheer to compare the others but in any case a thousand where it makes them put under 7.5 interests and it is a lot for example if you know now it is the first no 2.178 if bitcoin descends it begins to fall below 47 47 can go down this happens I wanted to win the peta of money to questions not only 2,178 but reach a thousand two thousand 1900 the 8 starts to go down because b itcoin drops below 46 but if you want to pass them past inge minimum st which would be as automatically anchored to the dollar anyway the same one pupil happens this service in sale you do not take what I can understand but you are sure that if btp falls below 46 48 at 46 thousand dollars on the base this means that you always have 2000 and populous because you vittek your every run what less with those thousand dollars what do you do you buy yourself from gemini to bitcoin you buy bitcoins with a thousand dollars this automatically means that as he revealed another time at 46 it will not be 2,178 but it will be 2,700 and it passes cruises no this is speculation guys if you love yourself test if you know the crypto currency market well attention but it is very volatile guys that's why I'm telling you now it's worth forty-six they can have a role can have even 38 of the 30 I give the example the volatile that's why we should be careful with the money through for example now more to say we tell you that it is but good good thing how close it costs list lecco we sometimes say comments let's mentally say not people who speak and write things professionals who on the market who write their feeling for the clip togut and this is fine because at least you can understand how to trade is as illustrated but they can receive I can read the trend I can see until now it was here said cones and the 4,000 doing 79 then all together boom came here 4,700 400 dollars on every need selections of bad things I am solid thank you so many always this is the same thing he did before but now that in a little bit that is honestly the club that is all about climbing what but can only lose when this cross here the green means that automatically when it widens it means that above this piece here which would be 50 to 50 periods 50 thousand periods does not go down but below the the end that is above means that maybe they have opened bit and cosima always above mind instead when it begins to cross which does so the 50 period in May and the 200 for the red and the line above touches the 200 sees that this would be this means that automatically the kate is going easy no this thing and then at that moment there powers york and space natives now I change my thousand million bits the bitcoins I change them into gemini vst I put them factory as you pull the judo in the safe and a thousand colors are stable when it can even go down to 0 232 thousand dollars and that is the beauty you understand if you understand this thing here this is good information given by me that it would be a speculation a little strategy that you can activate when you need it can also be done with 100 euro guys with 100 I did not have it to start over when you see that I pass here in pain inside the cavour after when to go down you buy the compartment po this means that the next time you have 300 you have 400 on yours with one plus a hundred and that the money will slow down which is also in a hurry with the team remove if you play well but will not buy not all not all with all the coins that are on the market not only these you can be careful only with some companions some some some some projects beach fun and tell you me yes ok a swap course maybe civil life that is the english the others I don't know but clothes with interiors I'm sure with that can be done and on adolescence up to now and always at 20 with therion era at 2000 it comes out up to 2.000 two thousand as soon as the fact of 1500 at 90 91 5599 happened also a project that he made buteri to do to pay the least least taxes when you make a sensation then the sentiment has gone up from comic past to 3200 web for example high school earned $ 1,200 for each thermal or 80 so that's what you understand guys i give you an appointment tomorrow i thank you that you have passed who is watching me if you are interested if you like what I say the information that passed you also I can also give him information about strategies so at least you can give me advice but not funded with sites as you can behave with the krypton being a veteran since 2009 for 30 years that I am that I am in the stock and in the bag so I am not I have never made video honestly this this seen this channel almost steady today tv or crypto currency is undermined anyway by a fact anyway any more often they wanted to move here to iceland job information information how the climate was like how it was born less let's say the mans nation and life as it was that people wanted to change their lives here it was born but I said to myself the name crypto currency then we have to talk about investments more we will do it again timid or follow I can tell you still other things today it is the turn of bob finished but already or maybe someone else this is my blog refreshing yes if you want to write with $ 100 do what you like convinces you to notice the interests on $ 100 you can the environment because in my opinion you have to buy maybe pitt and coin on English co or on by nuns if you want I give you links also of bari nuns also I say instead if you want instead the light is missing when their vaillant on the bayern made them buy and sell and also do the stacking to have interests but I prefer blocked because the percentages are higher I am fine really good ok guys the compensation is over if he wanted to go there under the canal you have the canal you have there for a moment only had the canal we are always messing up because I am here with the sky always on this in progress investments type of course ok we had closed this here country that echoes there is information where there is information below on the right there is you can write social faces if you want the screens on instagram I will show you here you have the link directly on instagram I can go to see the red posts your posts did what you write with the problem what active how to describe what you want I accept everything I can answer on the it is better not your answer instead the more you can write on facebook I think that if I'm not mistaken another type of has put it I put here earn vip removed because on that life of mine I wanted there are all the things he told me value you want to write maybe when between a few questions here at suwon that ends if you want you can also take that cards and you don't have back as you are anxious about finance coin but you have the bitcoin back only the filippo block you have to ask for the free card also on petrov and this automatically means that all the earnings you see you make both on the buy nancy and on the free blog you can put them on paper and you can spend as you want the card is the beat card on the baganza 8500 a day you can spend with a plus 300 euros a day with the ATM do you think the same thing even on the blogs of the boys they said everything tomorrow let's do another type of video here they can not make you from search then ok on instagram you want to write when you want I wait for you in many things they do not seem to describe you want some information about investments and everything else does not want to know

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