Investieren in Polkadot für Anfänger – Teil 2/2

In this video, I explain how you can earn interest with polka dot and how you can do it yourself. I am the loser and this channel is aimed at investors who want to earn money in and with the block chain. I have the video in chapter divided you are fit are below in the video description the corresponding timestamps to go directly to the desired content this is the second part of the video in the first part I explained how you can put polka dots on a centralized platform and why it is possible in the first place are to be earned what does steak station mean when someone says I stick my polka dots then they mean that they can invest them, the nice thing is that cents can still be generated why polka dots generate interest at all can i explain that in the first part of this little video series you can find the li nk down in the how the overwrite can be stuck on a centralized platform this goal comfortably everything is in the same surface everything is easy and understandable the disadvantage of a centralized act of is immense we namely the platform is hacked, the money is gone and everything is lost, so it is better if you move the polka dots to a crypto volt and then plug them in exactly how that works , let's now look at how to strengthen the polka dots yourself, three steps are necessary first, first of all , normal money has to be in swiss francs or euros scripts land to be transferred secondly, it must then be bought on a centralized platform, which is then moved in the third step to a hardware forest or to a software volt how to do that I have produced a video for each you can find the link below in the video description is the money then want on my hardware can e s will be shown i show this using the example of lexlive ledger live is the software that is installed on the computer to manage a hardware volt ledger is the manufacturer last live the right software for why it was exactly hardware it needs and how it works exactly I have produced a video for this you can find the link below in the video description so that a block 10 works needs validation gates a valais gate operates a computer in the blog shows which constantly checks everything correctly and he also invests money if his job is good the market still gets more money if he does his job badly part of the deposited money is taken away from him an election date can increase the chance to earn money by investing even more money that is why he is interested in so-called dominators 1 dominator is someone how you want to invest money around you and of course dad he also hopes to earn a passive income through interest, which in 2009 a dominator invested in someone so well now the task of finding out which is the best wally at the moment there are essentially three criteria first, how well he has done his task in the past second, how much he invested money himself and thirdly how much are his fees.

People there runs a website how to find a wally date you want the link in the video description so let's start right away and take a look at it i'm now at polka dot 1 selected and you can see in the top left that 297 was touring again currently doing the work , however, there were 664 valid tours so that they can also validate that means not every valid tool is allowed to do its job every day, they are changed to now To find the right one because death is best if I look at it t that changer it takes a moment until the page is loaded why the century valida tours are available to choose from, so a really long list where you should then choose with different criteria because for because there goal and then in the end it is crucial first Criterion I only recommend was ida tours who also say how they are so I can say I just want to have tours displayed again because they can also identify themselves e mail address the twitter account and so on this of course helps me to do my own research in advance and also to check whether I want to work with a good or a bad vary date you will then see the payout in the next column unless you can see then this valida tour got money for the last time and of course there is only good reason to choose to tour again en who also regularly earn money what use is marie dato who is not on the ball and maybe three weeks out of the block 2 and so on so here I can also choose recent playouts and so I get another filter for just to get the current dominators displayed in this column you can see how many dominators have decided on a marita tor this sign means overbooked and it is then displayed here there is another rule if there are over 256 nomi natures for a was da tor can only have decided to generate interest which the 256 highest amounts have invested or simply said to me the nominal goal brings nothing or little if I was there choose a tour that is overbooked here too there is a corresponding one can be switched on similarly I can click here now We will only display valid goals that are not overbooked in this column te you can see the commissions so the costs which the navigator takes to manage my money or to invest and you see very different commissions important to know there is also maybe nobody will find it because there are also valid tours the 100 commissions from and That actually means they are not available because they take interest for securing them, for example, with both legs here.

She does not depend on outside money You end up in a pool like that, so there is also a filter here that says that you can only choose to tour again that require 20 percent or less commission in the next two comes you can see how much total money is invested and how much of it is your own money in the return column you can see the expected return flows from now on Therefore, from this criterion the most suitable was to choose the one who wants to find out more about how well someone works he can use statistics here and then get an evaluation of how good the respective one was, how nature works, curves that then have a dramatic drop show that that who wally has not done his job as well as one should that is a good curve one should look for such statistics not everyone was the dart or is allowed to participate every day that means it can be on certain days that he ends up on the waiting list and Therefore it is important that you select several valid goals at blogger there you can choose a maximum of 16 valid tours and that is exactly what you should do also listed several times, for example peter is such a company that is listed several times be iden valida toren I recommend choosing a maximum of three times maybe four times someone like that and then you should change the manufacturer this simply minimizes the risk again so that your money can actually be earned now you can start I have previously connected my last live and activated it there is enough loaded on my wollitz and now I can show the process in lecce live how it works it starts now my last life balls lasts a moment and now switch to accounts and go to pol pot I see that 129 despite owning I can namely only find if I find at least 120 despite the owner first I have to make sure that 120 are still bound I played around a bit last month and that's why 52 despite which I can bind again I do that because the maximum continue and this transaction must now be on mine release hardware stick retrieval and now the transaction is canceled It only takes a moment to now, despite binding , I go to my manager and then bind and now I can bind the remaining ones deeply so that he can continue the process, too, which I have to want to release on my hardware what i have done now it takes a little moment until they are then bound so that is what happened next it is about my nominations now nominate, get your nominations and have the opportunity to look for my dominators i have that in advance of course already prepared and have set my favorites on the page shown and I can now individually record walid for quality I do this by copying the address here, then copying it into nature life, ticking the appropriate box here and then repeating this process for so long until I found a total of 16 next and then I get one en overview and down here I can't give the appropriate release on my hardware now, despite being nominated, the duration is now for a moment and I then list my dominators here below these are currently inactive and from tomorrow my income will be passive there generate [music] folks there can be put very well themselves , thus generating a higher interest rate and the last one makes the process as easy as possible I hope you enjoyed this video and you were able to learn something I've learned and understood I have neatly prepared on my website there you will also find a free video course where you can easily find entry into crypto land.It was prepared in such a way that at otto normal consumers understand cryptography and can then apply it to someone without a doctorate I wish you noc h have fun learning [applause] [music]

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