Investieren in Kryptowährungen – Schnellkurs für KOMPLETTE ANFÄNGER (leicht erklärt) I Teil 1

Cryptocurrencies – now a term for many,
but what exactly is behind it? You have heard that crypto is a super interesting
investment object but you still have no idea what it is actually about? We want to help you with this video by
creating a kind of crash course for beginners . This video contains 5 answers to 5
important questions from a beginner who wants to become familiar with cryptocurrencies. After this video, you are definitely ready
and informed to get started with your first investment. Welcome here to my world of luxury
living. And off we go with the 1st question: 1. What are cryptocurrencies actually? The cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is
generated from a code. Due to its decentralized structure, it is
suitable as a modern means of payment that is outside the control of banks,
governments and payment service providers. This basically means that there are no other
“middlemen” who can earn money from a payment or transfer or who could even exclude certain
people from using it.

This also means that bank working days and opening times
do not matter – whether in the middle of the night or on the weekend, payments with cryptocurrencies
are possible around the clock. The fees are also very low
and the transfer, using crypto, often takes place within seconds – worldwide! Crypot currencies are anonymous but are
monitored by a peer-to-peer internet protocol.

Now you might be wondering: PeerTo- What? Peer-to-peer refers to computer networks in
which several computers are connected to one another . This means that there is no central
server, but a decentralized network. In contrast to central networks,
peer-to-peer networks are less susceptible to total failures and attacks from outside
the network are more difficult to paralyze. In this way, cryptocurrencies based on
a decentralized, globally distributed blockchain enable secure digital payments. A blockchain is, so to speak, a distributed,
public database. In addition, we don't want to go into more detail in this
video about the technical properties . Cryptocurrencies fall under the category
of alternative and virtual currencies. Originally, they were supposed to offer a payment method
for online transactions. Currently, however, crypto is still not
widely accepted by companies and consumers as it is currently too volatile
to be considered a suitable means of payment.

For this, cryptocurrencies are now known as
established investment objects. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. can be traded on numerous
exchanges. An investment is therefore possible with a few
clicks of the mouse. Bitcoin is the first decentralized crypto currency
and was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 . To this day , it is not known whether the name represents a person or a group
. A characteristic of most cryptocurrencies is
that only a limited number of units of the currencies are in circulation.

With Bitcoin, for example,
the number of Bitcoins is not expected to exceed 21 million . Limiting the number therefore creates
a kind of “scarcity” that creates value and increased demand. Among other things, this is one of the reasons why
an investment in crypto seems lucrative for many . And that brings us to the next
question: 2. How can I invest in crypto? Crypto exchanges or crypto trading venues
are the right place to go for everyone who wants to buy real coins. The registration is done quite simply at the respective
crypto exchanges. Mostly you have to register with your email address
and your personal data and then carry out a verification of your

This verification is often done using video chat
or photo verification. You have to have your identity card ready
and the data on your personal ID must match the login data. Then you can start and you
can book your first deposit. The deposit can usually be made by SEPA transfer
or credit card. Note that this can incur a small fee
, but the exchanges will point this out in advance. Your paid-in money then first lands
on your FIAT wallet, which means that it is on your personal wallet of the exchange
account. You can then conveniently
find the coins you want and buy them. Brief information, if there are coins on the exchange
and problems such as a hacker attack or the closure of the trading
venue arise, the assets stored there are in danger. It is therefore advisable to pay out the coins in a
separate wallet on the PC, smartphone or on the web and take
care of safe storage independently of the exchange .

But don't worry too much about it
, if you want to start with crypto and maybe also smaller amounts
, we can recommend the wallets of the exchanges with a clear conscience. Bitpanda, Coinbase or Binance are some of
these exchanges that we can recommend to get you started. You can get the corresponding app on your
mobile phone or register and log in on your PC . Often the choice of the exchange also depends
on which coins you want to buy, as not all exchanges offer the same coins. But as I said, the three mentioned offer
you a large and good selection in any case . 3. How much money do I need to invest in crypto
? It is important to know in advance that
you can only buy small portions of the coins. In other words, if you want to buy Bitcoin, but the
price for a Bitcoin is currently 40,000 euros, for example, and you do not want or
cannot spend 40,000 euros on a whole coin , you can relax
and buy a share for 10.20 or 100 euros .

You can almost freely choose the amount. This principle is applicable to all coins. You only have to pay attention to the minimum amounts
for deposits and withdrawals of the respective exchange. For example, the minimum amount for
deposits and withdrawals of fiat currencies at Bitpanda is 25 euros. And the minimum amount for buying and
selling cryptocurrencies there is 1 euro. So this means you have to have at least 25 euros
ready, deposit and can then buy and sell shares of the coins from 1 euro
. Of course, you should
also consider the fees, which are different for each exchange. Let's stay with the example: Bitpanda,
there is another surcharge for buying and selling your coins
of 1.49%. When choosing your exchange, it
is best to find out in advance which one suits you best in terms of fees
and coin selection. 4. Can I have my invested money paid out at any time
? Here is a clear one: yes. As soon as you have bought coins,
you could, if you wanted, sell them directly and store them on your fiat wallet

Of course, you have
to consider the fees, which is why it makes little sense to sell the coins again directly. The principle of investing is to buy cheaply
, hold it and, if necessary, sell again at a profit. We would like to warmly recommend this principle to you
. For the withdrawal from your fiat wallet
back to your bank account, you only have to consider the minimum withdrawal amount. So you don't need
to worry too much about your money when it comes to withdrawals. However, it is also important to know that as soon as
you sell the coins again at a profit , taxes can also be due here. There is an allowance of 600 euros. If you should pay out winnings that exceed
the tax exemption, you must state this in your tax return. Attention, there is a special feature here: If
you hold your crypto investments for more than 1 year, they are completely
tax-free afterwards. Means the longer you hold your investments
, the better.

However, we do not know how long this
regulation will stay that way, as the state is finally becoming more and more vigilant when it comes to the relevance
of cryptocurrencies. Now we come to the last question of our introductory course
: What is the difference between crypto and
equity investments? This point is very interesting. The first thing that can be said is that cryptocurrencies
are very volatile. The prices often have a daily price difference
of up to 30% or even more. And this can go both in plus and in
minus. Means that if the Bitcoin is worth 40,000 euros
today, it may be worth only 30,000 or even 50,000 euros tomorrow
. These large fluctuations are,
however, rather a rarity with stocks. A stock often fluctuates between a
daily price difference of 1-2%. This fact shows why it
seems more lucrative for many nowadays to invest in crypto than in stocks . It is simply possible to make high profits faster here
– but the whole thing is also much more risky! Stocks tend to be the slower but safer
way to invest your money. However, if you are not too afraid of the risk, you
are in good hands with crypto currencies.

A kind of basic rule is: "
Only invest the money in crypto that you would be willing to lose." However, it should also be noted that crypto is
the future and it has definitely come to stay! There you were, our 5 answers to 5 important
questions from a beginner who wants to familiarize himself with cryptocurrencies. Now we have a little bonus for
everyone who has looked up to this point: Now you are surely asking yourself one last question
, namely, well and good to know all this: But in which coins should I invest now? Here it can be said that you should always
do your own research on the corresponding coins! This can easily be done with Google or

You should always be convinced of the corresponding
coin and know about it. Our personal recommendation for
beginners is to definitely familiarize themselves with Bitcoin and Ethereum. After all, Bitcoin is the "father"
of other cryptocurrencies and the market often follows it. Ethereum, in our own investment portfolio,
has developed well and stably over the past few months. The same can be said about Cardano. Another tip is: take a look at the prices of the
coins and always try to buy them as cheaply as possible! You should really take this tip to
heart. So it is worthwhile to take a
deeper look at the coin values and price movements.

Now we have given you 3 coins
, but you should do the more intensive research yourself and find out about
other interesting coins! There are still a lot of interesting
underdogs out there. We are not investment advisors and
therefore point out that you trade and invest at your own risk ! So that's it with the first part of our
crash course, we hope that we could help you and that you now have a better
understanding of the topic! We ask you, should you still
have unanswered questions: Then be sure to write them in the comments! Our 2nd part of this course will then be
directed to your questions. So like to hit the keys. If the video helped you,
we would of course also be happy to give you a thumbs up! In this sense. May the wealth be with you..

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