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as a Bruce Bozzi player cannot ever take this out about this tomorrow so this is you know one over the edge of these rooms okay so as I told you that all the power sport to have this international system here but when you look at the storage system and article system stuff you know yo s how these functionality here and a child you know they have a big big trend that is why they have function to here but Jesus doesn't have this functionality here mr. Massad so today is an investment review for the year tells us total code is the xtd cat so let's start as usual this is in my portable strategy so I only are get my assets the Bitcoin and owed our point which is led to these six categories if you want to deep when you understand about my portal for strategy stuff pretty check them as I had a video about my portal strategy okay and for today about tell us in the categories here number five births Orabrush in OS yeah and for the unethical viewpoints I always apply the sixth point so starting from the pain points products team execution power token economy and hype cycle and for each I set the five points as a maximum level which means that in a total maximum score in 30 points right and it is that one of pain point analysis so this is a biggest pain point for the embossed product market so which is about taps need boss for product developments in their re stages and why can't let me explain about it so the first of all the things we have to understand is the current internet is controlled by tech titans such as Google Apple Facebook Amazon and especially you know they provide in a crowded computing services and Amazon Google are the major player in those areas okay but when you look at the broken space actually the crowd company infrastructure is completely opposite side because of these thailand's provide a centralized model credit company services so every single you know server or network control buys these players but in a broken space it's totally opposite blockchain is a p2p technology that is why every single node or computing resources who want to provide some services you know application development player you know have the free will to provide computer resources for these independent application provider okay but based on this I can mechanism stuff one of the tough work for the Deaf's fire is this one so this is talking kana me there's a matrix and you know here it's adapts also the bad project here so you know those people who want to provide like browser application lets you know Pross land-based Amazon or Broxton you know based web browsers as the bread browser they have to aggregate on their computing resources to run their system on their own right but it's extremely difficult for them because you know when you look at the application business not only about taking care of the computer resource aggregation stuff they have to take about other issues such as Reata economy too for the marketing and the security economy to you know maximize their you know talking values and also the network effects which is you know very important element to you know do their own growth mechanism stuff and then you know aggregating computer resources in without based one right so the burroughs taking care of this area especially for the Deaf's fire which you know extremely helpful the apps fire to focus on these areas to build the massive user base with their own efforts so that is why in a vast is a very very critical industry layer for the blockchain space and in people to understand this point I appointed you know energy from the Internet okay so computing Big Bang is a very very famous episode in a computing internet space we're going to experience in 2006 and 2007 okay we're gonna have the two major innovations for the computing Big Pun you know in these timing stuff first one is the Amazon AWS and the second one is in Apple iPhone iOS and then this Amazon arrow vest is the pretty cross in example four yeah the past posit in a broad space okay let me explain about it so you know before the air of s old up the proper receptacle who wants to start their own application will be Services stuff they have to rent their data center and every month those away with the work they have to pay around the three thousand to five thousand dollars per month for the data center rental services which is extremely you know cost border for them to start their website okay but once universes started one of the amazing innovation happened here is because Amazon only charges for the developer minutes based or second based one and a specific user service so that is why in a very very early days of their website the user base is much much smaller right so they already need to pay $30 or $50 per month so egg 3me cheaper than before that is why a lot of you know de beaupré studied their own and website by using 8 OS and also like apple iOS smartphone unlock a lot of rake in a consumer who doesn't have a laptop computer to study in your smartphone that is why the internet user base speed is that the massive growth because the iOS ok so these two combinations with these two combinations we can express the computing big part right so same thing can happen in a Brockton space with the past project especially relate to this one so as I told you that to aggregate in a PTP in a computer resources to run applications it's really difficult for them because they have to take your other you know elements like your marketing staff or like you know network effects stuff right so for the depths where bath is a very critical player to work together to develop the ecosystem together in a process space ok and a based on this understand and it's me the next topics product analysis all right so this is a 10 system overview so here's an appeal to big computer resources here in a crowd space and here it's Deb's player who wants to use the bird services especially access to these computer resources and the bias options here and that tells us is permission based one their consensus article is based on a DPOs and a similar with Dino Tron EOS also the cosmos okay there are also other things you know we have to understand about the robust product itself is actually this slide so when we compare the Central's cloud and the dissenters crowd there is actually critical difference for this in basic understanding ok so when we say crowded computing services in the center required space we usually have the three components three one is the transition system second of the strange who's going to record about transition Derek here and then you know we have also an article engine here to you know provide a retrieve retrieve or service or recommend the services for the application staff so these are the three mineral combinations of the central core services ok so but when we say the DCN transcloud at this moment actually boss is here brought in as a service okay then why we you know code bus is here because you know blockchain technology it's it's actually trans actual system technology not that strange technology not that technology because you know when you look at the brushing technology they don't have any amount of like a massive in a stretch dinner on their own so for the balance player you know to compete with you know Central's cloud in long term their function they have to scare up and expand the functionality to only from like a bro system here to the stretch and also analytic stuff okay that's you have to understand this point then based on this understanding let's them you know move to the measure of topic so the bar you can proportional analysis as always and then I am going to compare the tailless with other major three bass player here II throw y'all Cintron okay and then first of all the things we have to understand about the East Room is the world first browse product in a broad space so that is why one of the uniqueness for the industry they have fast mover advantage here okay as a Bruce Pollock player cannot ever take this out about this tomorrow so this is you know one over the edge of these rooms okay so as I told you that all the pros fall to have this you know transaction system here but when you look at the storage system and article system stuff you know yo s how these functionality here and a child you know they have a big trend that is why they have function to here but Jesus doesn't have this functionality here okay so there are many edge here and also they gotta apply them you know DPOs model and which is actually similar with the EOS and Tron stuff too so that's not edge okay but when you look at you know own that fear actually pro take the bathro strategy approach that is why they have very you know cutting edge and also the very you know great application inside the ecosystems such as D live but tezo's does not mean anything here okay so they saw this an American professor analysis actually tells us you know actually extremely difficult for them to compete with the other but specific major paths posed here so that is why you know eventually when you look at that those kind of historical dinner and it's kind of clear that you know the tezo's has not so strong position in the market right at this moment so this is like you know comparing the medical system with the top 10 I can a bus project Pratt home and then when you look at here the orange is a pure market capitalizations of the birth spot itself okay and the blue one is aggregated you know market market capitalization of the deaths which is running on these each Pro home so as you can see here II throw is a really really didn't play here because this is a fast mover advantage in this industry okay and you're centering here too but you know the Taylor's is not here because they're really really struggle to debug their own application ecosystem on their own so Taylor's actually currently focus on the BTB application market these days because there are these actually you know boomer here is the most of our application is like you know game apps or even gambling applications most of the application focus on beat this application market right so that to to survive or to differentiate without a competitor for the tells us prospective they're gonna focus on b2b applications but you know to me even they're going to focus on the BT applications I think in long run it's kind of quite difficult for them to scape the ecosystem in long term to compete with these player such as Israel and then let me tell you why so this is a reference from crowded company market you know 2019 it's a centrist router market and then you know these four player is a one major central credit computing player in an internet space so Amazon Microsoft Azure Google crowd and a demurrer alvaro crowd here and their sales IBM those on each player here because we knew in accounted these numbers they're gonna take over like 50 to 60 percent over the market share so you know almost okay now domain a player here and then why we gonna experience that it's kind of huge difference here one of the reason it's lady to the you know B to C application target or B to the application target for the crowd business staff because you know when you look at the digital player here you know old play or have their own you know massive user base you know b2c applications for example Amazon is the biggest e-commerce playing a groove o Microsoft have their own biggest circuit of its crowd you know services for the consumers and Google have the search engine YouTube and Alibaba also the biggest in equals player in China okay so those are similarity here but Salesforce in a providing CRM sauce product so the BTB player b2b clients and IBM from at all so I can enterprise in a crowd solutions so that's why here is like a critical difference here and I simply say this is kind of typical things are happening you know new technology market adaptations and I can create explain you know based on the chasm theory here so the chasm theory is a one of the major well-known high tech marketing you know framework so slightly from the you know innovator idea after an academy here and you know one of the biggest market here are a majority and then late majority and a lager and every single in a high tech product experience in this product cycle in this reference so other you know users from the innovator you know user you're gonna use their new technology and then move into area after and then once they can across the chasm there is the biggest market here are the majority think I take like over 34 percent of the total market share and in those like you know late majority in the level and they're really really cook on somebody but you know user base that is why they don't want to touch any new technology right such a broad application the same things okay so from this was good actually when you look at the DS you know three layers you know innovator re re mother majority so here I would say still be to the application target it's much more advantageous than the b2b application target on you know bus product business stuff energy from the you know central scale computing stuff why because you know in a decision-making process when you use a new technology stuff you know in a consumer base is own individual decisions right you and me when you want if you want to find out some kind of news services such as you have interview or something if you were the single consumer user you can make the own decisions only by yourself right over a maybe Facebook anything that is why if this your making process it's much faster than victim applications because we knew look at the b2b application market since you know those kind of you know this you're making process whether they gonna use it Neuticles you wanna it's an organization decision making so you have to get some kind of approval from the manager or sometimes you need the approval from the CEO or something so that is why the shield making process takes much more time than b2c application market so that is why we need look at the credit market here you know these kind of critical difference eventually happening in this industry and I would say same things will you know would happen in a bath product market too because we need look at the current like you know and updated transactional stuff you know as I told you that you know B to C application focus birds such as a throne Yantra all the time taking a market leadership that's why and I'm gonna tell you more detail later okay and from here resolute next topic team analysis cap and here's the five key member for the tasers foundations so start from the Ryan's he's a president for the tittle foundations and I also she's a serial tech entrepreneur who founded the JMS technologies which is a market sells product and acquired by – a for CRM 2013 so she's a serial tech entrepreneur and a second Ryan was chief security officer he's a exporter strategy at the criteria it's one of the major CDN player so he'd know well know about distributed convenient system especially like a security perspective also like you know he's a co-founder xct of the crystal seal and he dropped out did a computer science at the Mathematica team Mikey so it's kind of his very you know capable tech guy and the ramen the CFO and held operations and his ex director of the financial services at the PWC for long term so that is why he's very sufficient in finance and a severe is a head of the communications and X head of the global communication at the Swiss past solutions and also Communication Manager at the Texas Instruments so she's also the professional for their own PR and marketing communication set and staff okay and v sky debit so head away I can enterprise adaptation EMEA and potatoes foundations and the ex-head up equally product sales and a development and be a six Swiss exchange so as you can see with this you know five members and especially whenever the you know these two guys so you know they focus on especially the geographical if you know EMEA market they're in a primary focus and about the use case staff still be to be especially financial services staff so as you can see from here like a tables foundational decision first in the target it's a euro market and also the financial service in a bid to application staff that we can learn from here okay and then x1 execution paralysis so so as I told you that since like you know Taylor's foundations focus b2b applications in a bass pro nobis market so that is why there is no traction later on adopts calm in a comparison or other three major buzz projects such as trolley yes yeah here and then when you look at the cutaway same thing still no later the reason is coming from I told you that you know development of the B to be you know application market you know brought in space it takes much more time for the masked man adaptation than B to separation market so that is why these kind of transactions did a difference in happening here okay and then number five total economy roses and as a burst product tells us categorize here so security economy and the Dow is a very important element for them from the token content perspective and I bring the reference here is actually network effects in TRX trunk let me tell you why so as I told you that is wrong they are you know very strong fast mover advantage in the market so that is why a little developer without any questions try to use ether for the IC o—- project and after talking to Appa stuff right so tell us have to differentiate you know their strategy and at Ron actually you know apply the brave active strategy to compute the ether because you know they're gonna acquire big trend and a deal ID which is the token as YouTube and then you know this triangle and quad relationships is actually great CID for them to compute the ether and then let me tell you why so first of all when you look at you know tokenizer you wish your market the major pop well contents actually we're gonna say the same trend in on YouTube is actually gaming contents game rival streaming such as eSports stuff okay and then for the burst project in my view actually you know n ft total market run by game project is very critical sustainable elements for them to for the long term like you know developing stuff for the ecosystem and then trial is your weak these areas compared with the ether okay with the deal I've actually they can you know devote the very you know cutting-edge you know differentiation model compared to the ether because those deliver we got a maintainer is post you know live stream yourself there can make the advantage to devote a no gaming monetization here such as ice let's say D live or who can make for the advertising budget to something they can use this advertising benefits for the Tron gamification something so for Truong it's much easier for them to develop their own unique game applications collaboration here too and the ones you know those kind of game devs you know a consistent they open one more on trial more like in a critical demand for a big trend like network services here because you know a lot of people wants to live streaming on you know the line space here so that is why you know stable streaming they can provide from btran resources here so that is right it's kind of trying to coz it's a very effective ecosystem for them to compete with you know each room you know ecosystem staff okay so for the tells us they have to develop this kind of ecosystem on their own otherwise you know they will be defeated by a theorem in long term okay and about the Dow you know governance model is the very critical right now because of easy throw a lot of like in the bars for seriously focused on developing the well organized like a dowel mechanism staff to so they have to take care of right now as soon as possible but I know when you look at there are currently business stays there still because probably you know the Telus Foundation's so you have to take the initiative for they don't kind of a little bit center of the approach to devote the ecosystem stuff to because they know their ecosystem organ is growth model at this moment is to weaker than you know III ohm or you know you're sent wrong because they don't have a fast mover advantage yep and they're six number six hype psychoanalysis so as usual so this is a Gartner hype cycle analysis blockchain to the nineteen version and a category think I like it for the numbers the Talos foundation is here and here and here so over the past project in elated this blotch and you should be legit technology here and especially tells us is the permission boston-based one so that is why I know distributed ledger technology here too much close so you know we are market adaptations happening in these moments okay but this is also kind of much our growth stage for the boss project so we cannot expect like in a massive like an exploitation growth for these like layers anymore so you know if the table if you want if you want to express like you know tezo's and working exploitation growth will happen here is actually they have to these earrings here and one of my biggest potential for the in a bus project isn't what I pointed out is the smart asset and then that'll make us be here okay and the ether is actually pretty good and good at these areas too but I think it tailors have still struggle to debug these areas so we don't know yet what's gonna happen at esos you know ecosystem so in a total score so for pain points without any question of five point zero because you know all that you know the bus project is a very creative enemy for this industry but about the product I set the four point four point zero here because compared is like it you know EOS intro there are many kind of cutting edge appointee yet so that is why I 4.0 about tier I set the four point zero here it's not so bad but computer is the other like a team a little bit weak about takes also the business communication side especially sales side too so that's why I said you know four points they're here yeah execution power as already proved that like there is no traction but you know application space yet so that is why three point five zero here and a token economy so I believe example within trunk you know particle started stuff too so there are many kind of differentiation point compete with the interim at this moment so that is why a 3.5 will be enough and hype cycle since I can first project or the DLT market project is you know very close to than your market of tensions which also muscle growth so we cannot expect a higher growth model anymore so only if it's expectation for them or expedition growth would happen for their you know smart assets and also down make an even stuff and then we don't know their attraction yet so that's why three point five will be enough so in total it's twenty three point five points so my minimum criteria for the investment is 25 points so I tree hope that you know Tesla's foundation will you know get over this you know 25 points in long-term but at this moment I can't I can't recommend my audience to investment in this project at this moment okay so that is all this time so I also make a real interesting video about the crypto assets and brought in space so please don't forget to scream my channel thank you for watching bye

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