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it's about this one so which direction will be more realistic to scale p to p stress network [Music] so as usual this is my performance surgery so i already recommend it to the bitcoin at the older alcohol which is related to these six categories if you want to deepen your understanding about my proportion chip please check out my other video about my proposal and here's my video link and a major match in cartoon sharepoint is here number five bros motionless also this number two b2c or b2b dapps or decentralized cdn on a number two and then usually i'm gonna apply the six out of five points so standing for the pain points products team execution power token economy and hype cycle and for each i set the 5.0 point here so the total score is 30.30 and if you want to deepen your understanding about my how i'm going to analyze each point here please check out my other video about my our coin investment strategy and here's my video link okay and then this time for the paper analysis so here's mainly two pain points first one is this one ethereum only covers transaction system on a decentralized cloud yet let me tell you the background here possible buzz play the pretty critical role for their ecosystem growth on the blockchain space and we got the great analogy for the internet okay we're going to call it competing big bang it's kind of happened from 276 to 2007.

The amazon aws has a similar context of the blockchain-based project such as ethernet because before the aws every single developer who wants to do their own applications they have to use data center solutions every month you know initial stage they have to pay three thousand or five thousand dollars per month it's pretty expensive that is why a lot of developers hasn't need to develop their own applications but what i mean thinks things about aws they only charge minutes or seconds based on it's a suite cheaper than data center solutions that is why a lot of a lot of developers started their own applications by using aws especially for smart home market like iphone then because of this internet industry itself experiences second largest market growth in its history and we call its competing big bank the advanced project has a completely same context for the blockchain industry too because since boss projects such as ethereum they can aggregate all their cloud community resources with a decent transformation model and then they're going to provide these competing resources to the depth player so for the that player perspective it's extremely helpful because they can focus on other key elements such as application developments gross hacking marketing that kind of things that is why bonds market itself is pretty high potential but here's one critical things i want you to understand here it's a major difference between central scrub and a decentralized crowd when we call the centros crowd they mainly have three components transition system storage system and article system transduction system process your daily transactions such as sending message to someone or receiving money from someone and the storage system store those user activity history an analytic engine provides such engine solutions to recommend energy solutions or analytical solutions to use those historical data to get the deeper engagement for the user side here so these three components is the minimum requirements for the decentralized quantum computing system too because in long term every single birth project must compete with central's client community player but when we call the box blockchain services which means it's transactional system why because blockchain technology is a transaction system it's not for strange or it's more for a local system that is why in long term to compete with these central prime community system bus flyers have to scale up their system to storage area and announce the system area okay cia coin project focusing on this area this means one of the key things i want you to say that whether these major bus players such as ether throttle or flow they're gonna abandon their plan to scale up their problem solution to storage area then they're gonna recommend to use circle and project for the adapts play or not or dobbs player decide to use cell phone positive here in the storage area instead of using storage function of the these bus play or not that's a critical questions that we need to ask to think about the potential of the cr coin project okay and pay point number two when do we need decentralized drop of solution in a blockchain space it's about timing issue for the tech startups let me tell you the background here so dropbox is actually studied by using aws so every single startups have to think about right timing to start a project in a dropbox case why are they going to use a of x because the cost to run crowd storage solution is extremely cheap you know advanced so since they're going to fund the company in 2008 until 2015 they're going to only use nms 2015 they're gonna build their own data center solutions why because thinking about the core cluster to scale up their dropbox video stuff running their own data center solutions completely makes sense for them from the business model perspective but the key questions what i want to ask you here that think about the decentralized dropbox solutions if the cfo wants to focus on it at the b2c application b2b applications is it the right timing for them or not that's the key thing is i want to think about it as a pinpoint analysis to me it's kind of big questions okay then based on this understanding let's move the topic pro analysis before moving to the details of the cfi let's check out the overview of the sierra coin project so the company behind sierra is a novus inc and founded by david and luke in 2014 in u.s so it's kind of old project but their major business is actually not studying for the storage solutions so nobody has two working blockchain project projects here which provides crowd storage options and obelisk which are the leading asic miner provider in the u.s for proof of work-based cryptocurrency project then noaa's was rewrited as skynet labs in september and 20.

So as an asic mining provider it kind of makes sense for us they get excited their business from 2014 but about the three solutions it's a different animal okay then here's the system overview of the sharepoint it's very very similar to the bus project but the critical difference is the technical solutions they're going to provide is not the transaction system but the storage system to the depth side here so they're going to aggregate those crowd computing storage resources by using public blockchain technology and then they're going to provide the storage solution to the dapps user side here and a one way uniqueness especially compared with ethereum platform is their conscious algorithms still rely on the proof of work model not the proof of stake model but to me this prude homework based strength solutions is not a scalable one because all the time we have to think about the rock size issue on the proper work model larger block size all the time causes centralization of the mining network proof of stake based threat system much more high potential that's what i'm thinking about from the scary perspective that's the one thing i want you to understand here okay then body composition analysis as usual the cr coin are those are the direct and indirect computer in this space especially to me hitting my brave kind of pretty close competitor for the cia point because cfoin focus on storage system right they hit him and brave can also provide this solution too but think about the scalability model since helium applied the proof of stake model and also they have own darts applications and a blade also provided you know own application here about their business development speed and security perspective these two player is overwhelming sharepoint that's what i'm thinking about you know computer with their direct computer file coin you know it's not the effective model to think about the potential of the sharepoint okay and for your reference here such as ether from this runner ethereum doesn't have a storage system yet but flow has their storage system here and this runner does not support this area yet then graph since they're going to provide an ecosystem here and i'm gonna give you the detail later but graph positioning approach it's much more makes sense for me to survive in this boss ecosystem okay and then firstly let's pay attention to this red market here it's about this one so which product direction will be more realistic to scale p2p stress network first one is this one hidden hotspot pedium will provide tokenized decentralized hotspot solutions the adult observation manufacturer also developed their hotspot those storage provider can be also user on these hospital solutions because currently focus in on p2p cd network but once hotspot manufacturer add flash memory storage solution inside this hardware this hotspot network also function like decentralized sales network so to me this approach is much more makes sense and the second one is this one breaker approach brain browser also save your content watching history data as a 3d solutions ipfs model so since you know privacy focus browsing software solutions also much more ideal model to get more user attentions and demand in this to realize web 3.0 ecosystem so compare with dropbox approach to me it's much more realistic model alexa scenario this is a country sierra coin can focus on it ethereum connectivity so if the ether will abandon strength you know solution here on the ecosystem cfoy has a slight enabler potential to get that robot's position here okay but still i have a pretty big questions about future potential about the cell phone it's about this one blockchain has stretched but it's just too small for the decentralized crowd solutions as of now but data query is a different animal good example is compression between graft and the firepoint so i'm not going to invest many firecoin because of these reasons so blockchain technology as i told you in previous slides is a transactional system not a threat system but itself but the block itself is a satellite storage inside but it's just too small as of now but once ethereum and other major bus projects they're going to apply approval of state consensus algorithm and also the charting technology and the scalability solutions they can scale up their broad size in much bigger way in long term so think about you know skating solution from the bus project into strategy area technically it's much easier but the query solutions they're gonna focus on analytical system in a decentralized credit community system it's completely different animal it require these entire inducing ecosystem or you know quality assurance system stuff those requirements is a pretty different from the bus ecosystem jupiter stuff once i'm going to compare the graph and the parkway graph has higher potential than firecoin or sierpoint to be a powerful player to access to multi-chain system like this white because these days as we know ultan reverse project or ether qr project is roughly growing these days such as binance blockchain or swather or flaw so if these players seriously pay attention to transaction system or storage system competition stuff and then they're going to spend less time on analytical system development stuff graph it's going to be possible for them to be a powerful player like this why that's one critical thing i want you to understand here to think about the future of the sale point okay and the third one team analysis so this is a key member about nobles david cofound a ceo he's a co-founder ceo leader developer at novolus and an ex-software engineer at ibm and here at the base of the computer science at the lanceler polytechnic institute luke he's a co-founder at the leader development at noble steel and a profile mapping engineering intern at akamai pretty accurate experiences are the base of the computer science at the last law police technique institute you know these two guys met each other in the same university an emergency briefing of strategy and operations founder of uma in blockchain and she's the ex-researcher at mit national currency initially and plus 20 member meaning us simply said about technical capability is i think it's relatively high level but about business development capability it's a little bit unclear okay and then number four execution power analysis so once we're gonna check out the ciacoin homepage we can check out their latest stats here so as of june 2021 this is their stats first one this one online host means their buy data network currently 500 and the network capacity of the inside storage network is 3.1 terabytes one terabyte is one million gigabytes pretty high number here current usage is 1.01 terabyte means around 30 is already used by customers okay then this stat itself is great but my big question here is who is the user then about this point let me tell you later and for your lymphomas let's compare about other direct computer as i mentioned in the value card portioning helium and blind so as of june 2021 hitting the hotspot is around 56k in a global basis many u.s and europe brave 11.3 million daily active user base in long term these two players tend to be a decentralized three solutions cfo have to compete with them so about traction level these stats is overwhelming see our point overwhelming cia point okay and this one token from analysis so this is the top incoming design matrix which i made and the major match in canada the cia point is here both on boxing os this is their major matching gallery and it does at a decentralized cdn this indirect matching color here because as i told you that sierra coin approach is much more focused on bus connectivity for the business developments so this one is indirectly matching calories as of now okay then still i cannot identify any kind of effect network effect model of the sharepoint project yet so for your reference let me share my analysis for the network effect model on hnt so this is their starting point internet user who wants to make money on their home wifi then they're gonna buy hidden network hotspot they're gonna make money through that then one node join this network so more connectivity they can gain so more lower price loading cost they can achieve which can provide better customer experiences for their primary p2p wi-fi growth ecosystem then they can leverage these primary goals to stress them across here because third party manufacturer k26 manufacturer is pretty active on having network make wi-fi and looter with three solutions so more monetization opportunities for the entire end user they're gonna provide better customer experiences the one of the genius of this network effect monitor is intended user is both for storage provider and a straight user just like you like me so you know their network effect model is pretty powerful and in silicon project the big question that i got is who is the initial customer here then to help you understand this point all the time i'm going to use this one for your reference calcium theory plus network effect calcium siri is the most well advanced and well established theory for the new technology adaptation for the mass market they may have five keys of it starting from innovator earlier after and canceled here and rd majority name majority and lane mass then every single new technology experiences these ratios for the mass adaptations about ciaco project of course it's a new technology that is why for them to acquire innovator and audio adapter is not a difficult issue the issue is this one early majority in lane majority for the helm hotspot to me it's much easier for them to cross in casual because to make money on a hospital business it's pretty convincing model but about sierfan project to me who is this user tired here is still unclear so even they're going to get the initial attractions as of now their user base is innovative and already after the innovation earlier after you know they are always looking for the new technology and also their risk taker that is why using sharepoint for the test usually or something it's not a big problem for them but for the early majority lay majority is a pretty big issue they need the right reasons and the right economic benefits to use their solutions that's my big question about silicon project okay ethereum is seriously developing their dao and it's gonna be well critical for the cell phone soon because since cellphone focuses on the box connectivity through the ethernet or throttle or flow so that is why effective down also critical demand for them too okay and number six hypothetical analysis so this is the gauntlet analysis blocks integrity two and twenty margins and a major matching category for the cia point is here blockchain pause if the ether they're gonna fail to scale up their solution to storage area and another area blockchain path has a huge potential in this market because someone must build these templates cloud computing managed solutions which also bring great business opportunity for the 0.2 so this issue is a pretty high potential but cfoin since they already get the satellite attractions so of course you know they can be successful player in this area too okay so finally i'm total score so about pinpoint 4.5 first of all without any questions but for the critical role for the blockchain industry market development stuff but about three solutions still it's very unclear because boss ford itself like ether they get scared of their solution not only from the transaction system but storage area too that's why 4.5 about products 4.0 their technology is well-developed one but my big question is they're going to apply the proof-of-work model think about the broke size issue about minor centralizations proof of stake model has much more bigger potential so 4.0 team level 4.0 their technical capability i see a certain level of potential but about their business development capability still a little unclear so for brazil exceptional power 4.5 the attraction level is pretty amazing but my big question is whether they can target on the right customer to cross the chasm so currently i can put the 4.5 here but to me it's very unclear that whether they can maintain this high score level or not okay about token economy 4.0 since i'm gonna refer to network effect model helium cell phone project it's a little bit unclear about initial customer target for the initial stage of the business stuff so 4.0 hype cycle kind of same things blockchain pass is pretty high potential and if the ether failed to scale up their solution to strange area sierra point has a pretty big potential there but since the attraction level still not crossing chasm yet still to be a little bit unclear that whether they can survive in a strong momentum on the hype cycle or not so 4.0 so my total score is 25 points my minimum investment criteria is over 25 points so from this perspective i'm going to recommend the investment in sharepoint token sc but still to me ciaco and project of course they have something of the potential it's to me a little bit risky bet the reason is to me it's still a little unclear that where is their customer customer profile that's my big questions okay all right so there is no design so i'm gonna make this video for the official purpose so i'm not gonna guarantee you any kind of certain every investment outcome with this video or any other video that i make but i truly hope that my video will probably help you guys understand about high potential about crypto brochure space then i'm gonna also newly study about q100 live session with you guys for my premium membership program on my channel so if you get any kind of questions about this video or any other video that i make please join this membership program and you can ask me a question there for more detail please check out this video here okay so i'm going to make a live stream in this video crypto rota space so thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe you

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