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of the broken starter is fixed swap pool the fixed pool is kind of reminding us about ico solutions on ether hi hello i'm mr massa so today's the investment ready for the produce starter token code is post okay so let's start so as usual this is my preferred searches so i only recommend assets to the bitcoin and all the oracle and which is later these six categories and if you want to deepen your understanding about my profile strategy please check out my other video about my profile strategy and then today's major matching gallery of the progress data is here number four talking to token decks and since they're seriously focused on cross-chain deck system especially polka dot network so number six blockchain interoperability layer is also their sub matching category okay so as usual i'm going to apply six another point so starting from the pain points products team execution power token economy and hype cycle and for each i set the five point zero point here so the total score is thirty point three zero okay and if we want to deepen your understanding about my how i'm going to analyze each point here please check out my other video about my our coin investment strategy okay and the number one pain point analysis so pain point number one it's technically tough challenge for births to support massive active user-based stuffs let me tell the background here this is a bus project from home comparison there is actually 2090 version and the ethereum here and the other major bus project here an orange one is a pure market cap of the each bruce project and the blue one is an aggregated market cap all the dots running on each bus project and as you can see here ethereum is a huge success here it's dominant player here but here's a big problem on e3 platform it's about gas fee eastern transaction fee still you know rising these days since a lot of lots of dapps is running their token on the ethereum platform that is why all the time ethereum facing gas costs increase to solve this issue ethereum their transformed their conscious algorithm based on proof of work based one which is the bitcoin one to proof of stake based one by which they can achieve much more cheaper gas costs with a cheaper transaction fee one since december 1st 2020 but still the transaction cost in the ethereum is growing like this way so this is one of the reason that a lot of you know developer seriously focus on to develop the blockchain intelligent software layer and one of the major projects in this space is polka dots which is also created by gavin wood he's the ex-cto of the ethereum okay then now a lot of you know players got involved in the pro qra ecosystem developer stuff and one of the major business opportunity on this blockchain interpreting software is cross-chain decks this is later the second pinpoint of this product so critical needs for question decks on blockchain interoperability let me tell the background here it's about critical technical issue on the ethereum decks project ud swap so currently as we know the uni swap is the most successful deck project on blockchain space but it's only eligible for ethereum tokens like erc20 that is why as with the success of the ethereum platform unit swap also fast-growing project this is great things but in the long term the things we have to think about is cross-chain transactions good example is nft so nft were the next gross driver for the decks but because of the valve issue especially about transaction fee costs on the ethereum bus such as fro bros might read the market you know developments which includes cross-chain transactional stuff since too many dapps player is pretty active on ethereum platform that is why ethereum got costly all the time in skyrocketing so which means that in long term in my analysis a lot of major deaf suppliers on an insurance platform will graduate from ethereum platform they're gonna start to run their own blockchain network okay then once a lots of you know ethereum adapts starting that way we need a blockchain interpreter software but at the same time we have to develop the defined ecosystem on the crosstalk and transactional staff so question desks it's a critical demand out there okay and progress data is focused on those market okay and the second product analysis and before i move into the detail staff let's check out the history overview of the program saturn so daniel and thiago founded in june 2020 and in september 2020 they're going to rise 835 saddam dara from vcs and in december 2020 there's the financial group in asia investment in progress saturn with undisclosed amount so that's the contractions then from here the barricade process analysis as usual so progress data here and their major competitor you need to appear and the centers exchange computer binance here and the dex aggregator wind shear okay first major advantage of the proquest data especially competitive with central exchange binance is non-castilia okay but the other feature it's kind of similar to the unit swap okay like no order book liquidity mining permission list listing stuff and the governance down to major differentiation point of the progress data is here cross chain thread but here's one inch it's a dex aggregation plier actually from the product positioning perspective one inch also technically possible to develop the crochet dex technology here so i'm a little pay attention to their position in long-term too then of course uni swap also can develop their own cross-chain transaction system too just they focus on the e3 platform as of now because eastern keeping the highest momentum on adapts market that's why okay so from the program standard differential point perspective we need to focus on quotient trade then how the focus data differentiate about these cross-chain transitional stuff especially to computers unit swap and one inch one of the great uniqueness of the broken starter is fixed swap pool the fixed front pole is kind of reminding us about ico solutions on the ether then let me tell the background here perk starter and unit swap both take pool creation approach for the rising perspective here is a similar feature between poker starter and unit swap here but also there is a differentiation point here too about a crypto asset pair both creator can build on pair by themselves and the token control address same things and the name of the pro same things but transaction limits per unique order address program starter can sit down on limits here but uni swap no limits they're about type of the poor access whether it's public private wireless procure starter can control it unit swap no control final item token price program starter take the fixed price approach unit swap is not fixed price approach this model it's kind of similar to the ico solutions but to deeply help you guys understand about this point let me tell you the pricing this year mechanism on unit swap is this one firstly i want you to understand here is unit swap it's a free decentralized exchange that is why no order book this is an order book system in a central exchange it's actually come from the binance so binance is the central exchange so they're going to aggregate all the order from serous side and via side and then they're going to aggregate those order on the center's order book and then they're matching each other okay so this is a centralized model but you need swap price traditional mechanism is pretty different they're going to take pool balance mechanism for the decision making process with price in this case it's a price pair between ethereum and die then each asset have their own liquidity pool in this case let's say ethereum pro they have 10 saturn eth on a dipole they have one medium die each diplosphere price of the 1e size is 100 die so there is no order book system anymore but because of this price decision making process you need swap they're not going to take the limit order on your buying or selling recruit assets only market order the sum of the investor really hates this one but once the producer starter take the fixed price model there is no this kind of risk especially about three page risk from this perspective it's kind of effective solutions for poker starter to compete with uni swap how they're gonna set the fixed price model here of course you know pool creator can control this one that's one of the solutions but on us is thinking about the future of the more decent future of this ecosystem to use channeling these sentences oracle prize feed will be a critical solution for them too okay some people may want to criticize about you know these fixed price mechanism is not a scalable one but to me once they can apply the channeling descents and oracle price feed here it's not going to be so serious problem but still you need swap decks all the time seriously focus on not applying the chain link you know pricing data feed stuff this kind of technical innovation in this market is quite hot so we need to seriously pay attention to these innovations continuously in this market okay even including percoceter fix swapper approach too okay then another item liquidity mining also perkasada has the liquidity mining just like you need swap seal so here's the mechanism of the liquidity mining distribute the fixed amount of pros token daily and all liquidity provider will receive the pulse token from this as yet undermined fixed amount on a plural basis okay for example like if there is a 1000 is in a fixed swap volume for last 24 hours and one user i contributed to 100 ease of that volume as a liquidity provider will receive 10 over the total daily liquidity rewards of the pulse okay and a recruiting provider can claim their post token reward after 24 hours and will have seven days to claim their reward tokens on the parking sider dashboard last one unclaimed token will be sent back to the reward pool for issuer distributions okay then number three team analysis so here's key member daniel could find the ceo he's also co-founder of the olive fan is a digital agency and the co-founder of the regal he's a serial entrepreneur and a second guy thiago co-founder cto ex-leader developer at the core fleet and a bs of the computer science at university of for the shrine and danilo marketing and ecosystem advisor he's a founder and ceo of alpine consulting and he used to be a head of the community at youtube google and the first guy matsu he's also advisor ceo at the stand funds it's a crypto fund the one things i want to understand here progress data is not funded by program team okay and the number four execution by analysis so here's the progress data crossing dex stats as of february 2020 these are the currently active you know liquidity pool here and it is an upcoming saw but simply say not that bad tractions on my analysis but in long term of course they have to compete with uni swap currently their dex volume size is over 100 billion huge success but binance still bigger than uni swap so as you can see here the dex market is pretty hot price okay and also the program starter is making pretty effective partnership to scale up the question decks for example about kyc it's one of the key elements that most of you know government regulations seriously pay attention to the crypto space they get a partnership with the shift network and an anti-scam deal because because in a major depth project you need swap also poker starter taking permissionless listing approach so that is why anti-scam solution is very critical and they're going to work with covalent here also market liquidity on this crash index all the time key gross diver to compute this other pleasure so automated question dex liquidity services is pretty critical and for this perspective they're going to work with rm protocol so this executions is also good that's my analysis okay and number five token economy analysis then token economy design matrix which i made this is their matching point dex and a dex it's kind of protocol layer solutions but since centers exchange such as binance coinbase provide b2c or b2b applications that is why also they have to pay attention to multiple elements here like that layer here too so network effects is also pretty important but at this moment perkins starter still it's very early stage so they have not designed implement scalable network effect model yet okay so instead i'm going to tell you the stats about their token distribution plan so on their plan they're going to plan to issue 100 million polls in total then these are the locations about token distribution perspective it's a dex project so that is why around 22 goes to liquidity fund it perfectly makes sense for me because you know all the time liquidity is a key gross driver for dex project and the usage of the fund rise saying about 30 percent goes to liquidity and exchange so i think this allocation is right one okay now another slide token reschedule so starting from here 24 months later they're gonna distribute the hundred percent of the tokens okay and they got us down very critical because you know unit swap is so seriously developing their dial mechanism right now so crosstalk index same things okay and number six hype cycle analysis so gartner hype cycle analysis blockchain technology 2020 version major matching category of the progress standard here blockchain interoperability it's a long-term issue takes five to ten years but still it's a pretty big investment themes on an entire blockchain industry okay then total score so about pain points without any questions it's 5.0 because question decks we needed in long term okay about products still their product is early stage but think about they try to build the effective scalable solutions to compute the uni swap i set the score 4.0 here as of now team level 4.0 their team is still pretty small but thinking about their product design execution model it's not about level so i set the 4.0 and execution power i set the 4.0 here once we're going to look at the attractions of course compared with uni swap it's still it's pretty small because in a broadcast interoperability software layer itself it's still under development but once we can analyze their liquidity you know mining solution stuff i think their execution level is not that bad so i said 4.0 here token economy kind of same things in long term they have to design and implement pretty scarable network effects but still we can't confirm that one yet but thinking about you know their token distribution plan since they are focused on liquidity mining solution there it's not that bad so 4.0 hype cycle 4.0 kind of same thing still because crossing decks it's pretty important and the blockchain interoperability solution itself is also pretty political but for the protocol starter it's the potential level so 4.0 so my total score for the protocol starter is 25 zero point and then my minimum missing criteria is over 25 points so from this perspective so i'm going to recommend the investment in progressive token pulse okay so that is all this time so i'm gonna make this video for the educational purpose so i cannot guarantee you any kind of certain level investment outcome with this video or any other video that i make but i truly hope that my video will probably help you guys understand about high potential of the crypto approaching space so i'm going to make a lots of interesting video on the crypto abortion space so thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe you

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