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and for your better understanding let me more briefly explain about the next social mutual product model and reference is hacking attacks on xerox decks here so firstly the cover set up with the base pricing by nexus mutual as i told you currently is the centralized approach and you there's a user both cover hi hello i'm mr masa so today is an investment review for the nexus mutual token called nxm or double nxm okay so let's start so as usual this is my portfolio strategy so i only argue my assets to the bitcoin and all the arguments which is related these six categories and if you want to deepen your understanding about my portfolio strategy please check out my other video about my profile strategy okay and today's nexus and today's nexus mutual is matching to three categories here and here simply say the nexus mutate the b2c or b2b applications but since they seriously focus on quarters d5 and the deck space as an insurance product i also set the matching category these two area two okay and as usual i'm gonna apply the six electric points so starting from the pain points products team execution power token economy and hype cycle for each i set the 5.0 point here so the total score is 30.30 okay and then let's start from the number one pinpoint analysis and for the pain point analysis about nexus mute they may have two pain points and the paper number one democratize insurance mechanism to meet the niche or social critical needs so insurance company neglects niche or social critical needs because it's not profitable let's take an example of the dimension insurance the major market for demand insurance such as in a car insurance or house insurance or carriage insurance but here's also lots of niche category here such as for example environmental protections these days you know these topics are quite critical about the scc score itself or for example like a babysitter care it's kind of quite niche market but you know once the your children have serious you know trouble or something because the babysitter kills something without any kind of intentions you know those damage should be covered by insurance product too right other also social critical needs actually agriculture because once we're gonna see the bad production because of the weather or something you know somebody have to take it with those kind of issue and usually those kind of you know insurance products related to the agricultural business stuff is supported by governments okay so the things happening here that the most of those kind of social critical needs and each needs in the insurance market is not supported by a private company usually there is no care or government supports these markets but the primary mission of the blockchain is fully democratize those kind of any kind of financial business in the world so from this perspective you know insurance projects in a defined space have to take care of this issue okay and paper number two to eliminate unfairness in insurance products for social minority and disadvantage and about this point the key word that you should know is about that lining problem so here's a description from wikipedia that red writing is a systematic denial of the various services by federal government agency local governments or the private sector either directly or through the selective raising of the prices this often manifested by the placing strict criteria on 13 goods that are often disadvantaged poor or minority communities and then this is one of the very famous picture about you know describing led lining this area itself is you know red lining area here you know residential security map of the philadelphia classifying various neighborhoods by estimated riskiness of the mortgage loans now why this is so big issue because those people who are living in those red riding area in the u.s usually have to pay higher insurance fee than those people who are leaving those blue area because for example like life insurance in this case since criminal ratio in the red area is pretty higher than bradier so the death slides those area is much higher than brutal area so that is why life insurance speed in a red riding area is much higher than brutal area it's pretty unfair right one of the primary mission of the blockchain is eliminate those kind of economic discrepancy issues current capitalist market also this is one of the key missions that a mutual nexus have to solve it okay and then based on this understanding let's next topic product analysis and before i move into the detail stuff let's check the history overview of the nxm now this project is funded by hog curb in november 2017 london and the rides disclose amount of money from some of the blockchain focusing venture capital such as kinetic kr1 murad and x nexus mutual dial operates under discretionary mutual structure meaning all insurance claims are paid at the discretion of the holder of their dedicated token and exam you know an nxm holder both on all decisions to pay out the claim made by its users okay and third one and the company hold eth and plans to stake them to ets 2.0 and which similar to the traditional insurance company who's going to hold the relatively low risk government bonds such as the united states bond all right from the product analysis perspective one of the key issues which related to this topic is this one that operation model is actually directly related to the system design of the nexus mutual like this way so this is a system overview with nxm so this is an existing insurance business model older insurance let it work is centralized model okay the primary concept of nexus mutual they're going to take decentralized approach about insurance business running model so when you look at here capital provisions or governance or claim assessments or risk assessments those run by nexus mutual down members so just like in a crowd-sourcing model and if which also probably requires some certain level of reputation economy inside too that's what i'm thinking about but still the nexus mutual take the leadership role about base pricing product developments for each insurance product and also the investment management but this investment management as i told you guys in the previous slide they're going to take that ets 2.0 staking services so it's fully automated model and then this is their initial approach so in the long term i suppose so delegate those measured tasks which currently run by a centralized approach here by an extra mutual to the dow model here like this y based on the membership decision making mechanism an embarrassing proportion analysis as usual so here is the nexus mutual and then usually you know we want to compare the nexus mutual with the ogre production marketplace because ogre also tried to expand their business into the insurance marketplace okay one of the key points that we want to compare with ogre is this area so first of all decentralized insurance product developments or base pricing staff currently run by central's approach in the nexus mutual but since ogre will take more a little bit unique approach that each user passed their production deal on their websites every single product development process or pricing model or risk even risk assessment is driven by market economy so fully descendants why but the key point is this one easy to use why because nexus mutual take the direct approach about the product development of the insurance products but ogre it's a little bit twisted way users have to think about how they're going to make you know this insurance you know risk bet or something or hedge better or something into the insurance product way by a production deal model so deal designing is kind of key point adequacy require a certain level of their knowledge to designing about you know prediction deal for the insurance purposes from this perspective nexus mutual has much more advantage to reach broader user base to scale up their business okay and then one more element what i want to pay attention to doubt because nexus mutual take more well organized their approach than ogre and about this point let me tell you later okay now one more thing i want to tell you guys about nexus mutual related the product stuff is their go to market strategy i think this is quite accurate because currently they focus on insurance products they're going to help hacking risk on a dex or landing marketplace this you know go to market structure is quite a make sense the reason is this critical need is quite clear for the crypto investor and they want to protect their you know risk from this you know hacking risk potential itself so and this is quite a approach okay and uh this web page explained about how user buyer insurance products on the nexus mutual usually they call by cover okay there is each project based copper deal here for xerox one inch or eve okay then once each project meets the minimum capital requirements to cover this hacking risk every single user can buy each for the cover so an ex investor usually support each you know cover deal to meet initial capital requirements okay then when you look at the av here it's kind of a good example help you understand about you know these initial capital requirements for the each carbon project it said require more staking so in this phase no one can buy cover here because this project itself has not meet the minimum capital requirements yet that is why okay this is kind of very simple approach once investor or crypto user who realized you need the cover for this you know xerox you know project because you already use our xerox project or something you know you want to support this project to protect your assets from the hacking right so this kind of you know crowdfunding based launching model it's a very decentralized approach compared with existing you know insurance products okay then once one project meet the minimal capital requirements to cover you know insurance every single user including known nx holder can set by cover in this case it's the rx project you can pay your cover by eth or die here and then you can set the period up here how many days you want to protect your risk on a direct trading okay the maximum period is you know one year 365 days okay so it's pretty simple approach and for your better understanding let me more briefly explain about the nexus mutual product model and reference is hacking attacks on xerox decks here so firstly the cover set up with the base pricing by nexus mutual as i told you currently is the centralized approach and you just user both cover then in this case now must meet minimal capital requirements to start this in a combining project itself the things you should know here and then in a covering process nexus mutual they're going to get eth token or die stable coin so they're going to stake you know these eths to the eth 2.0 and the nexus mutual further you know get the return based on capital provisions on this way okay then here the hacker directs lost some funds for hackers so from the xerx they're gonna claim their insurance assessments then which is reviewed by nxm token holders then once you know assessment is completely approved and then you're gonna get these payments okay now after this just like a normal insurance product approach cover pricing for the duress project will be adjusted based on a revised risk assessment by nxm holders okay so this is a whole simple process about nexus mutual business stuff okay when we think about you know future potential of the nexus mutual this is a topic i want to think about with you guys you know defy space we must have certain type of the killer applications just as we're gonna sew already in our internet space so the internet is a media format and before the internet tv was a major media format right then there are artists create the contents and try to distribute the user but here is you know mutual exploitation player such as artists productions tv channel or advertisers the internet wholly decent wise and eliminate those mutual exploitation player when you look at the keywords such google or picture matter instagram or video media youtube no one stop you to publish and distribute content to the user side right how they can manage those kind of filtering model about propriety or something or selection or something also managed by user too with the like button hashtag share button those are the filtering mechanism on our internet media here so these are the killer application internet space so blockchain want to decentralize existing financial system and when you look at the using financial system when a user have extra money usually we're going to deposit our money to the banks or venture capital or credit scoring companies here it is another user who are looking for the money for buying a new house buying a new car or starting a new business or something so bankrupt venture catholics critical companies or also a mutual exploitation player then by using blockchain technology we want to make the d centers approximate we certainly have this cloud application here about decentralized banking system or d centers big capital system or decentralized credit scoring companies business staff and also insurance is one of the major point that we have to focus on on a defined space still and in my sense insurance business staff also will be categorized here too okay so which means that this market category you know ensures business and defined space has pretty big potential in long term in a brochure space okay and then number three team analysis so these are the four key members in this project so first one is hog founder his ex-cfo at the munich re at the global leading reinsurance provider and also he's actually for life insurance at the national australia bank so he's a very specialist on the insurance business which is great and a lozano cto and she is a serial tech entrepreneur because before i joined nexus mutual she was a co-founder and ex-cto on the nectar takes setups and also she used to be a tech leader at the facebook and she got the master degree of the computing science at the imperial college of london so very capable software engineer and third guy graham he's an advisor board member and he's a ceo of the insure smart risk which is a consulting company for the insurance industry and also he used to be a business development at aryans insurance so he's also another specialist about the insurance business and the other guy dan software engineer he's the ex-head of the backed engineering at the tv the blockchain tech setups and also he got the master degree of the computer science at the empire clash of london they also have few more members here it's a very small team but very professional so i think it's pretty good team okay and then number four execution power analysis so this is the insurance market updates as of december 2020 from the five pounds current nexus mutual tvl is around 19 medium and the computer is over the number is 10 times bigger over is a kind of fast in a player in the insurance market so compared with ogre nexus mutual execution power is pretty much higher number five token county analysis and a token economy design matrix which i made nexus mutual categorized on adapts here but since they seriously focus on define space they're also another matching category chronicles defined and index here okay and the first things i want to pay attention to about nexus mutual is security economy because to become member of nxm holder it's a bit unique model first of all if you were to buy an sm token you have to register your accounts on a nexus mutual website you cannot directly buy an xml token on crypto exchange like financial coinbase okay an sm website it requires certain klc requirements here and then currently only approved country residents can be a member of nxm and also it requires very small amount of membership fee 0.002 eth not a big amount around 1 level once you're going to become the nxm holder of course you can get the investment return for the price goes up and when the nsm price goes up and also you can get the eta 2.0 staking return but also you have to be responsible about the operations nexus mutual too again and then you know those people who cannot be a member of the nexus mutual there is another way to buy nsm token is this one double nxl so double nxm is guaranteed to redeem to nxm on one two one fully equal level and if you want to buy these double nm tokens is a wrapped nxm tokens you gotta buy on a recent crypto exchange such as binance okay it doesn't require membership fee and about investment return of course yes but there is no stake in return and also it's not the part of a dow member too so here's kind of critical difference here about those countries here's the informations so currently as of december 2020 that residents these countries cannot buy ns am tolkien directly and here's network effects on nxm so this is starting point we do investors who want to join nsm membership to get the investment and also the ets 2.0 staking returns so which includes minimum capital requirements for the each cover the meets enough so you know they can achieve the lower cover fee by larger 88 2.2 returns and then you know they can provide better customer experiences and if which is you know primarily their growth mechanism about you know finding pool growth of the insurance business and this growth also accelerate nsm very gross too because once their finding pool size is much larger they can cover more product selections right so who's going to attract more you know cover buyer for the transaction increase so it's going to stimulate more buying power for nxm then this power also increase the you know fun improved size of the insurance business so they can provide more better customer experiences okay so this gross mechanism is called letting each other help each other to scare up the nexus mutual insurance business and the existing insurance industry okay and the governor's down simply say the next mutual dial mechanism is pretty active it's impressive so if you want to know about the detail you know please access to the nexus mutual website and click the governance icon here and you can check that all the proposal status of the nexus mutual which is pretty active these days this is great okay number six hype cycle analysis and as usual got no hype cycle analysis nexus mutual matching category first one is here blockchain in insurance and the other item is here dao then as you can see the insurance you know momentum on the blockchain space is already over the peak level so which means that compared with other defy categories such as you know dex or landing platform it's a little bit difficult for them to get more powerful momentum from their market so that's one of the issues for them okay but about dao since the nexus commercial dial mechanism is pretty advanced and very active too so i see the huge potential here too okay so final item comprehensive variations so about a pin point i set the 4.5 here the reason is you know the insurance business stuff is kind of a support area for you know or banking or exchange business in a defined space so i said a little bit minus here so it's 4.5 and about a product it's pretty well designed but thinking about you know consumer friendly from a simpler us or ui design staff it's still a little bit difficult out there in my sense so i set the 4.5 here and about team level is 4.5 so it's pretty good team but since they have a little bit issue about you know momentum things on a hype cycle analysis once they can hire the pretty smart marketing specialists or pr specialists i think it's going to be better for them so i set the 4.5 here and execution power as i explained to you guys on a defy path theater their execution power is amazing so without any questions i said to 4.5 and about a token economy as i told you that because of legal regulation staff certain level of the constraints about you know membership model to become an exam holder it's a little bit boring for them to expand or scale up their user base from the you know investor side but you know they have pretty good network effect model on the token economy so i set the 4.0 here okay and hype cycle it's one of the big issue for them because you know as i told you since insurance business in blockchain space it's a kind of little bit of tough moments after the bubble burst okay but since there have been pretty good potential but the dial mechanism stuff so i said the 3.5 they're here so the total score is 26.

my minimum investment criteria is 25 points so i can recommend investment in nexus mutual okay so that is all this time i also make a lot of interesting videos on crypto unboxing space so thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe to my channel bye you.

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