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this is a key point because based on the chasm theory which is the most advanced and well sorted out tech marketing theory for the mass adaptations clearly explain about why these qr applications so successful in internet space [Music] so today's investment review for the harvest finance token code is firm okay so let's start so as usual this is my pro strategy so i only argue my assets to the bitcoin and the old are going which is related to these six categories and if you want to deepen your understanding about my peripheral strategy please check out my other video about my profile strategy okay and then trace harvest finance matching to here and here first of all the highest finance is the b2c applications so this is a major you know matching category on my profile strategy but since you know their product is seriously focused on device space so i also put the matching cattle here number three quadrotor as d5 and the number four dex okay as usual i'm going to apply the six unarchive points so starting from the pain points products team execution power token economy and a hype cycle and for each i set the five point zero point here so the total score is thirty point three zero okay and this time for number one pinpoint analysis and before telling you guys about the detail of the pain points i want to share my critical thoughts about this stuff based on the chasm theory you know that you know these are the major cure application internet space google search engine facebook social network amazon and e-commerce every single internet user use these applications this is a key point because based on the chasm theory which is the most advanced and well sorted out tech marketing theory for the mass adaptations clearly explained about why these qr applications so successful in internet space the full things i want to pay attention to this one in a casino theory they have five key u surveys starting from the innovator idea after chasm here and the re majority late majority in the late mass and here's the characteristics for each user base innovator audi adapter those are the least taker especially innovators risk takers so all the time they're going to try a new technology but i majority lay majority which is the most major user base on this you know cancer theory but they were not risk takers especially lead mass is pretty conservative user base okay then since chasm theory every single technology experiences these directions for their mass adaptations which means that each care application blockchain space also have to cross in chasm based on this theory as google facebook amazon made this achievement on there it's history too based on this understanding which will be much easier for you to understand about the pain points how its finance is focusing to solve okay paper number one critical needs for asset allocation optimization on the lending marketplace here's the point aggregator solution will make the retail investor more frictionless for their asset allocation optimization to maximize their investment return so these are you know top page of the a platform decentralized lending marketplace currently they are listed three major assets such as ethereum or usdt and then these are the annual return of each crypt assets on a decentralized lending business perspective each those you know annual interest rates calculated by each asset priority and market demand on their borrower side and then when you have ets talking on your wallet you are planning to hold this token in long term aim is a very very profitable business opportunity for you because once you're gonna land this your eth token through ae platform you can get an interest return through this platform so as a default project abe just like a decentralized banking system which is great but thinking about the asset optimization perspective for user for retail investor it's really really tough work because you have to analyze each asset potential based on you know this annual interest mechanism stuff then also we have a pretty big potential nft on this learning platform too because you know virtual game items or like a virtual outpost something or any other kind of new you know nfd token market has come up to the market these days so number of crypto assets that you have to manage this portfolio is will be over hundreds or thousands it's too many for them and also two flexion for them to to take care of these allocation optimizations right so if the aggregator built this kind of effective algorithm to optimize these asset allocations it's really really helpful for you right and paper number two lower impermanent loss risk on decks for your liquidity mining so liquidity mining is kind of critical elements for dex projects for to scale up the business for retail investor liquidity mining also an amazing investment vehicle because once you're gonna hold the ets token then you're gonna arch at your ets token to liquidity mining pool on the unit software something you can receive return by providing this liquidity to the decks so it's very beneficial right but here's the risk issue for there is this one impermanent risk risk i'm not going to tell you the detailed stuff here because you have to have certain level of mass market skill sets but because the every single dex since unit swap measure dex flyer take the very unique price decision mechanism that is why once you're going to join a rookie mining business on the next system you have to take the additional risk and here's the detail from the white paper uni swap so one day you're going to join uni swap liquidity talk on ets diaper or something and since then if the eth price hits 1.25 x price change you have to additionally have to take plus 0.6 loss relative to just holding eth on your wallet and here the price is five times price change you have to take additionally 25.5 loss compared with just holding ets token on your wallet the one of the critical things i want you to understand here is this one this impermanent loss risk does exist both directions upper price or lower price so even the ethics prices goes up which is very beneficial for you but you have to additional risk like this way very frustrating stuff right to avoid these risks you have to manage by yourself it's pretty tough work one of the things about this important russell risk is once you're going to pull your money back from liquidity pool this loss will be fixed so timing is pretty important but how are you going to manage these timings it's a really really tough work right lots of friction costs out there so that's one of the reason you know stable coin pair in a deck such as die usdd pair will be really really popular in a deck system these days because price volatility is much lower than other crypt assets pairs such as eth die or btc die or something if aggregator they're going to manage these lists instead of you by developing effective algorithms or something it's really really helpful right so based on this understanding let's move to next topic product analysis and before moving to the detail about harvest finance products let's review the history overview of the firm so this year the farming platform was launched in august 2020 almost two months later of the wi-fi launched okay and the highways find a store confirmed which has a supply of 690 420 firm token will be distributed to throughout four years from its launch so which means that you know four years inflation risk does exist in this token distribution model okay then october 2020 the anonymous developers behind the project having an admin key that gives its holder that ability to mint tokens at well and it still uses fund and this one on october 26 and 2020 around 24 million us dollar in the value was drained from the harvest finance pools and swapped for rent btc rbtc by an unknown attacker so hacking travel in harvest finance but here especially when i want to pay addition to this one and i'm going to tell you about this staffing later in a token economy analysis okay and these are the system overview of the firm it's completely same as wi-fi okay so harvest finance product here each user can connect their wallet applications such as metamask to their problem here hub is fine as taking care of the asset allocation optimization with the dex system such as init swap just rely for liquidity mining and also yield farming on a decent lending platform such as companies okay then of course in long term what i'm thinking about square cast and paypal also will integrate this you know this kind of define aggregator problem here also farm will launch a one word application here too that's what i'm thinking about okay and then as usual vertical procession analysis so far here and their direct computer wi-fi and ram here and then their dex unit swap and also decentralize learning from av here and especially what i want to pay attention to is this area so first of all the wi-fi is a first mover on a defy aggregator space so they have a pretty big advantage here about asset allocation optimization also lower important roads risk management here but firm also launched a product right after the wifi so on the same level but in my analysis in long term one of the key focusing layers for defined aggregated space is wbtc wrapped bitcoin and about this area ran vm taking the leadership here because they were kind of fast remember about wbtc business and also i'm going to take the pay attention to dial mechanism itself too and then about dowel wi-fi is pretty much advanced down firm and ram then about wbtc let me tell you the detail here so as i told you that that would be kind of key growth driver for the device space in long term and then based on chasm theory you can understand this point why the key user is here because once you're gonna start a crypto asset investment all the time you're gonna buy one crypto asset usually starting from a bitcoin right i do think that you have bitcoin i also have some bitcoin so investment in bitcoin it's just very starting point for every single crypto investor not only for the retail investor but also institutional investor too so that's why wrapping btc on ethereum or nsbrus project it's a great investment vehicle for the device space right so how much market share each device aggregator they can take in a wbtc will be naturally make them the number one player in a defined aggregated space that's what i'm thinking about okay and then next one team analysis so first of all i want to tell you here that there is no team information on harvest finance ola developer is an anonymous one but here's the kind of clear sign about harvest finance it's actually run by team is this one you are distribution of the farm token 20 reward goes to harvest finance team which means harvest finance is run by team who is a team member we don't know but here's kind of similar analogy that we can learn from other projects about these team building stuff is sushi swap sushi swap they say chef naomi is a leader because they're going to get some trouble on the liquidity proof management chef naomi already stepped down as a leader but we know that the sam found that c of ftx must be chef naomi because first census crypto exchange we're going to list it the swiss token is fdx and everybody knows that cc swap project is heavily controlled by fdx so this is our project itself looks like a run by anonymous developers but actual things happening inside this double community is led by ftx team so about harvest finance to me it's pretty similar we don't know that inside their team they have some specific leadership or not okay that's the point you should know because reference about bitcoin bitcoin is why so powerful down mechanism here because no funding team that is my most powerful team all the time i told you guys in my bitcoin analysis still and the same as wi-fi too because andy cronje is a creator of the young finance but here they left the team instead they're the great full-time developers who are taking care of the soft development staff also quite a massive the community is developing right now about harvest finance it's pretty unclear to me okay so that's the point you should know about team overharvest finance okay and then number four execution power analysis defy aggregator market asset market updates from d5 pals and here's harvest finance so wptc size of course is the biggest one because every single of those define aggregator usually they're going to take the wbtc business from the lankan perspective harvest finance young finance ram vm those are the three major player on asset alligator market okay under house finance take the leadership role here so amazing tractions this is great and then number five token economy analysis and the token economy design matrix which i made and it says harvest finance is a b2c application so they're matching here but also since they're going to seriously focus on the defined space so i also put the matching column here quarters d5 and the dex here okay and especially what they were important about network effects and security economy on the b2c applications underneath the security economy especially compared with the wi-fi tokens so firm token the total supply of 700 thousand run so will be distributed throughout four years from its launch while their competitor wi-fi token which has total supply of around 30 thousands was done already completely issued so it's a perfect limited supply model on a wi-fi no ico it's completely fair destruction model so from the security economy perspective wi-fi is much more attractive than farm token here from the anti-inflation investment vehicle from the risk asset perspective okay and the network effects of the firm so this is a starting point crypt asset holder for interest in yield firming liquidity mining but pray for a lower risk bet as i told you in the chasm theory and lock their crypt assets into harvest finance and it is a great incentive opportunity for creators who who's going to develop new strategy on investment stuff then this is a key point once those creators achieve better performance than direct either farming or liquidity mining stuff they can provide more better customer experiences retail investor that is why they can attract more crypto assets here on harvest finance okay and this is a key growth mechanism over asset proof growth and which generates active user grows to here and the second growth spiral because better customer experiences attract more water application integrated harvest finance then variety of currency assets will be you know also increase like alcohol and fd2 so more investment opportunity for retail investors which provide another perspective about better customer experiences that is why they put more assets into the harvest finance so these two growth is quite let each other help each other to grow the ecosystem of the harvest finance okay then govern us doubt to me it's pretty unclear why because harvest finance there is no clear traction about down mechanism inside there compared with young finance which is pre-active right now when you look at the young finance as i told you andy cronje already left the team and a massive double community leading this problem right now once we're going to look at their you know that platform here it's really really active it's amazing a lot of new investment strategy on a wi-fi coming from the market we can get a lot of useful and simple use beneficial investment in a strategy through the wi-fi community but about highways finance it's pretty unclear okay and here the another potential risk of the firm is this one so october 2020 the anonymous developer behind the project have an admin key that gives its holder their ability to mean tokens as well and still uses funds so to me harvest dow makers itself it's pretty unclear so that is why there is still potential risk that you know their dial mechanism is kind of malfunctioning this kind of you know huge trouble might happen inside their dial mechanism so that's the key things we have to pay attention to okay and then number six hype psychoanalysis so gotna have psychoanalysis blockchain business 2090 version the first matching category of the harvest finance is this one smart assets one of the highest potential in the blockchain space especially defined space and the second one is dao here about smart asset market i see some potential in harvest finance but about dial mechanism to me it's still unclear okay and the final item comprehensive variations about a pain points without any questions 5.0 because based on the chasm siri as i told you we need the google and facebook on the blockchain space defy aggregator will be the kind of key player could be next google facebook and blockchain space so that is why i said the 5.0 here about the products they kind of refer to the young finance products but when you look at the hacking problem or i don't mean issue on their product i have to say 3.0 about team level it's a little bit unclear for me about the dell perspective too so i set the four points over here but execution power is amazing so i see the 5.0 here and about a token economy since you know a little bit minus about the dial mechanism stuff too and from the compare with wi-fi about security economy compared with you know wi-fi it's a little bit minus so i said 3.5 here and about hype cycle i see some potential about the smart asset perspective but about the dow it's pretty unclear so i said 4.0 here so total score is 24.5 my minimum investment criteria is 25 points so currently i cannot recommend investment in in a firm token itself especially since there are a little bit of risk about the dial mechanism and also you know hacking issue too so i still a little bit still watch about you know developments over the farm project okay so that is all this time i also make lots of interesting videos on crypto on the blockchain space so thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe bye you

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