Introducing Enjin Marketplace

g'day there Simon here from engine here to show you the most user-friendly marketplace for gaming items and utilizes the nginx blockchain Explorer and their engine wallet as you can see is very easy to use here are all the items I can buy and I want to get the oil straight and axe so all I need to do is scan the QR using my engine wallet the wallet will take me through the process from there and this axe that I'm going to receive is absolutely incredible I'm gonna be able to use it in over 30 different games moving through all of these gaming worlds taking it everywhere I go so when i refresh this page the axe should be gone from the marketplace and sent to my engine wallet once I get the notification I can just press that and it'll take me straight into the axe listing and then I'll show you how to sell the item I just go down here press the sell asset button and then just complete all of the details I'm gonna sell this axe for $80 and this is real money that I'll receive you can actually use engine coin to buy products from hundreds of companies like Amazon and Google and PlayStation but the best thing you can do with it is you can actually create your own blockchain assets and you can integrate them into games and apps and websites and you can sell them through this marketplace just like you've seen me do today so once that sell order goes through its gonna reflect on the engine wallet and you're gonna be able to cancel the sale or edit the sale and share it with your friends and if you take a look at the engine marketplace you'll see my listing and anyone can jump on and buy my asset right now [Music]

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