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hello you'll even cook them up here on high mm cancellous under the media once were pure age does estimate an interview of madam canal meeting community manager phone Elektra Elektra is mana mana and coined normally put in Seattle actual moon to be addressed in Habano kind Electra Abba Vader really shiny by depth Aniston bit about actin there's this interview complete in English guide murder claw on decide very FTM finding on the title to acting me and any have Imelda Marcos constituents kayvyun then much mo statements missing on directly on the ability of a missing element smile on as well now up crews remember notes the if you liked often asked my antics and desolate woman named entities iron Shelton and naturally fee and agri-food rights and thousand uh Benenden on the Venice videographer at last like that um comment here the internal video bandwagon has smitten a litecoin at the restaurant I like the community and throw the intact missing litecoin unnaturally Pandu and I co-own top coins into the seat based and dated or another Facebook reminder by the metal value box vital admit leader had and either Stella introduced and I see you dodge land on Kryptonian mastermind toward Kansas dish mythic like isn't enough torsion on to be steamer on point bus interesante coins own ICO sent in this is in a 10-gauge my bloody next and also to zag each pass hey guys what's up its your boy crypto Marco yet again with another awesome video on the topic of cryptocurrencies and today I have a very special guest guest its I could from Elektra a very interesting point in my opinion and today we are gonna talk about the Elektra I could can you hear me okay amazing so I could thank you very much for coming here yes yes yes awesome awesome so I could tell me what is Elektra um Elektra you know electro is a cryptocurrency which is being developed during up real 2017 by one of the lead developer and the aim for this is to find some solution for especially my co-payments and bring some some fresh bread right to crypto market for transactions in this is this is a very low England's what Elektra is a me and the let's say the birth of electrons starts during April 2017 but we started establishing the community during a good 2017 by talking with developer and some people on the forum so that is the day also the second bird of Elektra is we can say around August 2017 mm-hm we can just follow your questions if you have some or I can just tell one by one about some some let's say some features some specifications whatever you want will do it however you're comfortable with I think one of my next question would have been what's the function of Elektra but I think but I think you will go into that anyway yeah the function is in principle which we say the aim is to provide a solution for the micro payments with low fees and fast transactions during the beginning the missed five algorithm has been selected as a solution that was to help during the postage during the mining stage that it's really efficient comparing to all several algorithms and was enough secure against all that in fact competition which is being held by the US National Standards Institute and apart from this it's been selected as NIST 5 algorithm to move on it won an award yeah so we see when at the moment Elektra is in the post stage because the poll is ended and the postage is ongoing the maximum supply we have is a 30 billion electric coins and you know the circulating supplies run twenty three billion electric coins yes so in principle we can say in glance at Glenn's first glance this is the Electra okay and what are some things that make Electra different or there are maybe you know special us peace from Electra well this speciality is the let's say what we said at the beginning is there is Ernest algorithm but what we believe for any project on the crypto market we respect all of them the most important is the community the community support that makes the Electra at the moment powerful the most power empowering point is the the community which supports us which gives us all the time the hands they put the hands under stone and they help us we continuously grow the development team because this is a community project with which we are telling from the beginning there is no see you there's no majors who decide on something that's amazing we make all the decisions on consensus based we have several channels we have several community channels let me give you an example that for example in one of our telegram channel we around 30 admins 30 months not like two to three or five months because we continuously add people because they are managing the community they are from the community we are trying to keep the community we are trying to keep in healthy environment in the community who supports us and for that we are working each week we receive more and more supporters who are willing to help support us during development either this is technically or administrative like marketing or communication affairs so this this is amazing this is this is the one of the biggest part and say point why we are Dutch much honored to be member of this is this project this is amazing this is amazing which I can say yes so it's a real blockchain technology I mean blockchain democracy – so to say so no CEO and everybody is equal in your team that's what you said right exactly this is what we what we tell all the time we always tell the community please make a consensus agree on something some some admins are bringing new rules and we say okay if the community is convenient with that if they will support it please just do and apply because this is your project this is another project belong to couple of people or some certain group this is the community project that's why we ask all the members to contribute even up putting a dot making a small correction sentence in the roadmap or something like that this is contribution that we respect and that we appreciate to all members and that's that that is the amazing and that's why what we think that a cow will live forever as long as we have this support from the community okay you mentioned the road map earlier so I currently have am looking at the road map so can you tell me like the gist of the most important things that you have planned for Elektra in the next few years what's like important to you what are some milestones and what has already been achieved in the road map okay um here's the thing again we want to be a real solution for the market during transactions and online merchants and for this we are focusing yes we will have several features like many other currencies currency projects but we don't want to be only a crypto currency project to be traded on exchanges that's why we are focusing at the moment for merchants online merchant payment systems very much during this we will also empower the the code and our systems with some possible tools like privacy option tour walls where users will take this option to get benefits from this or masternodes which is demanding all the time so we just explained our community that we will provide it to top coming time during the upcoming up come time and web all of these water swaps up there yeah we and web which is requested by the network as well which we promised them that will come up also atomic slab which we believe this is one of the future I say the future steps of the cryptocurrencies and that's why we also started and promised atomic swept future to be included in our roadmap which you can see just inside it payment gateways this is the majority which we focus because a currency or an asset is only valuable when you use it it's real time yes for that reason the community decided to open a site by project like Elektra pay which we proud to announce be honest this is a very fascinating exciting project where we would provide a p4 payment gateways like for Magento or Shopify or big commerce or WooCommerce in the upcoming times the Magento is already started is on the way once we will finalize it we will disclose it with the community that we completed so these online merchant merchants they will be able to start using Elektra his payment gateway as an option to their other payment systems ok I see so pretty much the community is also heavily involved when it comes to the roadmap exactly because for example the team who are team members this is also coming up question the team is in fact more than twenty thirty people what we have listed there on our website is only very small part of them we will put more and more people there but it doesn't demonstrate the real team because we have a lot of people working at the moment and we have some special channels where they can keep working quietly without getting affected to several questions and they are continuously working and they are updating our github account as well so everything is in progress we can say and on our roadmap we achieved couple of promises we just coming from the past already and which is at the moment for the q1 q2 q3 and q4 as well for example the q1 we we promised our guys our members one question was why your github is not updated since several months now they can see almost each day or two days sometimes our will be our basis they can see updates now we have a team account there is much more than say bringing people as a team there making a collective working some workshops making brainstorming getting ideas from auto box thinkers making them together asking the possibility finding the the right resource and starting develop this is what we go at the moment how we go okay so a github team account so it's pretty cool that's something that I haven't heard of from other cryptocurrencies yeah not every cryptocurrency has something like that it's really important for transparency and being open source and right now I'm looking at your team page so I can see you and many other team members and I think that you mentioned I mean I have seen it that all of these people who work on Elektra are working are how do you call it again volunteers who work all projects yeah exactly all are working volunteers and the the people you see here is only a part of the team I mean we have more than 20 people working on the projects McGrath may be around maybe 25 to 30 I can say even but it will increase because we always call people to help us to bring us new ideas and we receive also contacts in that way because our members they are contacting us I have this skills and that skills what can I do for you some are coming for translations some are coming with the PHP or web instructure some are coming with desires or video making promotions this is really proud I mean this is something fascinating this is what a decentralized project goes how it works this is how it works really a real case we have in front of us okay something else that's very important for users of cryptocurrencies is scalability fees and also speed so when it comes to speed and of course also the fees what can you tell me how many transactions per second is Elektra capable of doing and how fast are the transactions what we have in the in our hand because we have our systems already we have the we have a excellent working blockchain we can say where we compared with several block chains on the market at the moment almost with zero error it's working that's we're pretty fine but we didn't made a lot of several tests at the moment yes at the moment Elektra is pretty much fast we can see it we will make more and more faster but right about the transaction speed we don't have a reliable data at the moment we didn't do this stress test we aim to make it soon as soon as we just complete couple of steps because we know this is this is important for the industry people want to know the actual let's say figures there but we will just provide all these information to people coming to fees that's quite pretty much low compared to the industry and other projects is at the moment run 0.01 akka is the round even can be instant with less fees that we are very sure so almost nothing pretty much almost nothing we can say yes this is this is very clear so whatever it comes we will improve all the tools which we have at the moment we don't stand only there ok a guy is the best at the moment that will continue as it is no we will improve everything in time this is the matter of time and steps we will achieve one by one okay cool yeah because I asked because obviously speed is very important when it comes to Chris and I have seen that on your Facebook group some people I mean many people left comments you know giving rating electro with five stars saying oh my god this is the first time that I did a transaction and only one second later it already arrived so yes yes you are right it's fast but to give something proper we have to do the test which we didn't do until today because whenever we give some information this is also very much important for us whenever we give some information or promise or them when we create something we have some proof about it something written documentation or some test results anything else without this we never say something without so whenever you hear something from us from the community means there's some proof behind for example when we say the shop fee or the electric payment gateways we have already started coding for that there's no question about it we can show you all the proof or some other things as well but much we will just provide all these figures to our members and the community so they was they will have the right facts yes at the moment in operations you can see it is fast but we are we are now I'm avoiding to say any any figures in numbers statistically but we will do it we will do it okay okay now that we have talked about all the benefits of Elektra being very fast community-driven and very cheap to send currently do you see still some weaknesses that you and your team have to work on that need to improve now we will do we will do show you for example one of them is the confirmation confirmation times we have two 5-minute block time by the way we don't compare ourselves and the community with some other currencies because everybody is own weight own way at the moment is are the uptime is a 5 minutes this is related with the confirmations yes you can also see that after you receive your icon your wallet sometimes it's less than 1 minute as a starting with the confirmation and you can see confirmations coming faster we will do improvement there as well maybe also on the block size as well but all will be subject to with the developers with our development team we have to we have to define the most stable working blockchain this is very important we don't want to create try to create the fastest but we do with the most problematic system we want to create the most optimal farm point which Elektra works fast secure reliable this is important this is important for us because we are talking about money we cannot risk anything else at this point but we will achieve these these points okay so now that weird we have talked about that you said that you're not comparing yourself with any other cryptocurrencies but still of course it's just the fact that when it comes to cryptocurrencies it's a big market and still you have the feeling that some coins might be you know in the same area and may be competing in an area so do you do you view some other coins as competition or do you think that are there are some comparable coins it could be competition for Elektra there are sure I mean we know but giving names we don't like at the moment yeah I understand okay this is just to respect all projects we know because all the projects have really homes people working spending a lot of time and of course I'm trying to achieve all the best I mean for their project okay we respect all of them we are on our way we want to achieve also the best this is this is clear this is sure and and this is a quite big market you know this the global transactions this is maybe 80 trillion dollars yeah market there are enough room for everybody exactly exactly that's why we just want to be a player in this game is a fair player and we want to find our own way and we respect other projects all the time and when it comes to market potentially said that of course and I think the same that we're only at the beginning of cryptocurrencies potential in what market do you exactly view the most potential for Elektra because we said micro payments at the beginning so for the people who don't know what exactly do you mean by micro payments by micro payments we can talk for example online gaming industry this is one of the the targeted market which we will go and the Commerce online merchants we can say because we are now working on this la trappe very much as well yes we got now yeah that will bring us a big power because I have to admit also one thing even nowadays each week we receive one to two emails from several online merchants the possibility of integrating Elektra into their payment system so you hope those emails yes we receive all these emails we can we can show them we have installed whenever we say we can show them it through from people or some documentation that that makes us more and more excited and more believe into this project that the potential the potential is really big the potential is really big we are just passing some tough times we take exchanges but once everything will be sorted out we will see a big growth and demand coming to Elektra more than before okay so all right now have Electra pay open and it says that it's the aim of this project is to facilitate direct ECA payment I mean akka payments for store on popular e-commerce platforms let me elaborate a little bit more on Electra pay retro pay that will be a payment gateway IP just for the for the payment systems like Magan toffee or big commerce or woo versus well once we achieve this up here the the developers for payment systems they will be able to integrate an extra to their their their online shop or for their customers as well they will be able to just apply our electric payment as an option to their system so we make the tools to make this process easier once it's been done the bucket example Magento developers they will be able to integrate Elektra easily with their system this is what we are aiming we are trying to make their their their save their job easier at this point and it's make Elektra available for some time again that they have more than 250,000 merchants globally worldwide so that will be pretty much the accessible to to thousands of different stores and that means when you multiply with 10 or thousands I said it will be available to 250 million people they will be able to see electron in front of a shop as a payment option so we will get some more demand we also it will be really big at that time ok ok awesome so currently I have opened the coin market cap and I'm looking at Elektra so Elektra has been around since June 9th on coin market cap could you elaborate on the growth of Elektra that it has seen since the beginning like what were some special points in the beginning of Elektra what are some time periods that maybe somebody who wants to invest in Electra should take a look at sure also thank you very much that's a good opportunity for us to explain there's a glitch I thought so I because people are asking Elektra was a 800 USD at the beginning what happened was that like a glove now that was a glitch we got similar thing two months ago I can say well the glitch happens when between because we don't have anything to do with it when it happens between one coin market cap Don doesn't receive proper information from the exchange at that point there's a most public calculation errors happening and current market cap continues counting this and putting this into their grabs this is a problem but that happened also during the bidding of Elektra what we what we understand during recent two months ago for example I just caught a glitch around 180 USD and I immediately checked exchanges to that time there was nothing there is no such price but what current market cap started to do that that's what they are doing at the moment when there is a some enormous and some some big change on the price they keep it on hold did they excluded from the calculation on their on their honor system this is nearly done since for a while I can understand and they keep waiting if this is a really a price change in that way or not or because that might be a problem with the with the uh P between the exchange and market cap because you know there's are there are all computer systems they are just exchanging information in between so and they just took in a whole that two months ago that shortened glitch they they just excluded from calculation and after half an hour it was over and they started receiving the actual dates what happened meanwhile MOA exchange was the first exchange for Elektra at the beginning but there was no community I mean we start this round ago which I told you after a while we start the community but we received and Noah Noah closure announcement you may heard about it from the market Noah amongst that they will close mostly at least at what at at the beginning the first announced with initial announcement that they will close the services but later on they announced that they found a new partner a new investor and they will keep continue the service during February 2018 so that means next month they will reopen once again but they temporarily passed just the deposits to this exchange so people could not start to get a say trading several twists the only it was very with some low amount because you can draw your money but you cannot deposit any money – no exchange to train so what was left there was the second exchange for Electra it was the coin smartest so people started to go and try it on Coast markets they opened a second market for for Electra that was at the beginning it was dogging market later on the Bitcoin market and finally they opened to Bitcoin markets but what happened during December there was a big volume there is a big demand for Electra and before they went down this server they could not handle handle this to volume Electra was in top 100 on the global market cap I don't remember but it was around maybe 180 million or 200 million USD as a market cap okay we were we were at top 100 around 80 Oh 89 something like that but coin coin smarts could not handle this movie well this is model for an exchange which is unexpected we we can understand so they went down so they had some problems I think with the database we assumed because they announced recently that they had a big problem with the database coming with that much big volume especially from eka but also not because we are not listed on the single coin there there are maybe around 200 or 300 more coins there more porn projects so all are affected due to this downturn and now recently there are pace and I think some more issues with the domain register we hope we cross the fingers that they just cover everything together and fix everything and they come back so that we can reach also our fans so that's a I say a painful yes I know unlike you period for all the community but we are not limited to coin smart because echo is can be traded on crypto bridge beacon can be traded on Corinne house at the moment we have applications we are ongoing discussions with some other big exchanges as well at the moment so it's a continuous process okay so I can see that the max supply of eka is 30 billion and currently the max of ly is still not reached so could you explain to our viewers how electric points are issued and mine so do you use proof of work proof of stake how does that work well at the moment the probe work is completed and the current stage is the proof stake so we are the postage and the postage is the 50 percent annual is rewarded to to eka holders to their wallets this is being dependent and calculated true how long they keep how much they have occur how much how long they don't keep there are echoes without touching it because there's a bull twig and there's a market the network way so it's being calculated among those and at the end all are getting equally among 50 percent sure we don't know how many walls are making this state process postage if there will be maybe 10% of the walls we are doing this post rewarding stage it will take more time to complete the 30 billion if there are more and more walls are staking at the moment it will be less than a 1 year we are you know we are aware of this at the end the maximum will be 30 billion we will not go over it this will avoid any inflation and for the viewers among you know from my viewers who don't know what proof of work is important to note because we're talking all day about cryptocurrencies and there are still people out there who don't know a proof of work or proof of stake is so I explained it very quickly so proof work is when for example etherium of Bitcoin need some encrypted messages to be soft and that requires a lot of computing power so you provide that computing power and you get rewarded with a small amount off the coin your mining for and proof of stake is in Electra's case for example I assume you put won't you buy coins you put them on the official electro wallet and then I assume you let the wallet just stand there and be open is that correct that's correct users can also do I mean close their walls after starting starting the staking process so it bring them what rewards after they open and wait for the reward time but there is a possibility but we ask also the our members if they can keep their rolls online because that will bring more and more notes to network and you know as long as you have more notes you have a more healthier network yeah so our community is supporting at this point they can do also offline staking but many people they just prefer to keep them online to help the community that's the community power we can say okay and when it comes to news partnerships about Elektra I currently have the Twitter account of Elektra open it's the Twitter account the best source for news or on Elektra or where can people see what's happening to Elektra what kind of partners Elektra has and so on exactly the Twitter account we try to release the most important announcements for their there that would be the one stop they say the right exact announcement resource to be taken seriously because we take really care about what we what be what we just released what we announced there beside that we have active communities like on this squad or on telegram or Facebook as well we share there as well as secondary we use math secondary sources but the major releases or important emotions that will be always made through our Twitter account that we much we care very much about it okay so I think right now from my side I think that I have I mean I have covered all the important questions that were important for me to know about Elektra because I think it's one of those small coins that are still underrated and that that could go up yeah so is there anything else that you want to add at the end that maybe I have not asked that is important to you yeah there are couple of points more but that we may have to clarify doing our development I mean the Electra developed we received a call from a couple of people from the industry that there was another project and what there wasn't another I see your project which was which was similar to an Electra but it was with cave-like kingdom not Electra BC but electorate K okay so that was unfortunately a scam project but I can fix mix-up unfortunately we made several emotional even before the dot project ended with scam before that we amongst the community through our Twitter through our Bitcoin top forum and our active communities that we are not affiliated with any ICO projects please be aware because the name was similar it was not exact same but we did we never knew I mean who was the owner run away later on people start asking is it the same it was a ICO but you are not know we are another ICO we are at the top we are cryptocurrencies project we have no affiliation it's ICO project we have no operation or relation with exchanges exchanges this is never happening we are community we are also communicating in the same channels like our members are doing this is also coming up time to time I mean if we have some special channels with the exchanges during communication no we are doing in the same way like other current projects are doing all members all are using their support I mean the exchanges support tickets or support emails we are doing the same we have no other unfortunately other channels during communication this we have to tell especially this is important and besides that what we can say we have a long way when you look at the projects on the market for the ICO projects you asked for example if we can compare Elektra with some other projects as there are similar projects to Electra surely there are some ICO projects but we are not funded like this we don't have hundreds of million dollars we are running on our own resources our biggest power is coming from our community and the community is the biggest power which will be Weebly and we are now in the top 200 we believe that after releasing our news and developments and finalizing a couple of steps of even our roadmap we will we will be in top honors this is what we strongly believe and we are targeting also top 20 this is the community is that much motivated about this and we strongly believe that we will achieve in time we are not talking about maybe 8 months or let's say quite 1 year old project so we have a long time in our in roadmap we will achieve it we will release new roadmaps with much more special developments we have some unique ideas in between I have to say those are some of the heart of the video first time in this market again that's related with the payment gateway we know it is never being tested we will test as well but after we will be very sure that it works we will announce it and we really think it will break a bit it will bring big impact on the smart this is clear so we are really excited we are already excited yeah and something that I always have to add especially for people who are new to cryptocurrencies is a cryptocurrencies are a speculative asset that it goes up a lot but it all as it can also go down and that you should never invest money that you are not ready to lose and you should not put your savings into it that you should be very careful we're adults were responsible for our own investment so if you did something wrong unfortunately it's and for but it's everybody's own responsibility where he invests in right that's correct that's correct what we also tell to our members as well please afford what you can do because this is crypto market this is I said yes and we are working in a decentralized market exchanges we don't know who are there I mean there may be 200 exchanges at the moment maybe over 500 we don't know so always best is to keep their funds with themselves this is not a electro specific this is not an exchange specific for any coin project they can do it and they can use the exchange through trading and they can take your their their money to themselves because we have necessary tools already on our website they can use them and they have to care it they have to care this is what we all do as well personally as well of course of course so I guess I could Thank You bear mayor very much for your interview thank you very much Marco that that's a good opportunity for us to express ourselves in more details and bring some more than say explanation about questions which have been asked time to time repeated by the community I think or we think that this interview this this video will bring will inform the community and the people much and we'll take out several questions cleared so that that's that we appreciate very much to you for this arranging and inviting us for this interview okay so in that case high electric immunity what's up anyway so guys if you enjoyed this video leave it a thumbs up and if you have a question or feedback I would like to know what do you think about Elektra do you think that Elektra is amazing do you think that your that electrons potential will you invest in it what are some things that you're looking for when it comes to cryptocurrencies because among everybody commenting I'm giving away a small amount of light coin every day so if you want to participate in a raffle just leave a comment in the comment section down below and thank you very much for watching and see you next time bye bye yes the intent was to boot I could dance to @cn how to V how his interview good fine if I'm isn't really amoeba feedback that sub ganna any common target omit on leader the community at hottie I didn't add to show a slight Khonsu given on the smarmy orchids glide life of my name Channel he was a scimitar a bomb let's meet your banishment of a sweet scene man crypto panda nine kinds BAM although this is its life can spam and I can't work if this does he kind of grant you must warden by comment are disconnected and if Nieman let's see if doc beeble and then fan we didn't Eren Jaeger had seen Hank field and increment our each past meeting given the next coffee get off me wonders was hardly night for Susan Venice videographer not last liked our own business mind Jews

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