Internet Computer (ICP)- Análise de hoje, 06/06/2021! #ICP #InternetComputer #ETH #BTC #bitcoin

Hi guys, there are a lot of people asking me to analyze this ICP internet Comper, this Block has high scalability here and it's already capitalized on 13 spouts. Its crepe machine is 11th in the coimarktcap since it was listed in the bile I'm going to put a time frame here longer it just falls it's basically it only falls here at 8:00 it's just it entered the bible if and practically it looks like it's suffering an eviction it reached two thousand and Hi it already reached the maximum 2,831 dollars now it's worth $105 it just drops I'm going to analyze it it doesn't it is a block it has high speed scalability it's not a project that's here in the CP ex plorer you can see here the transactions happening here in real time on the blog but as she entered the crypto world now , they suddenly inflated a lot of their market. cap is already with 13 Billion Dollars right, maybe she's looking for the Justice range of her price right and she SBC that initial value of 2,802 1831 dollars that was the mass in that o Her all time High let's see here how much her all time High was for the coinmarketcap it's $737 here more for the graph here of the three shipping get to pay 2831 At some point in some negotiation But anyway let's analyze it in two hours to see if she's trying to react in some way, see if she's sketching a reaction because it just seems to fall and suddenly some eviction from one of the developers we don't know what happens behind the scenes of these smaller projects so there it's not recent huh So guys here at two o'clock as the three lines of the keltner channel still remain below the ichimoku cloud until you hear this is ICP's low there so don't sell shimoku it remains reddish in the 26-period projection here at two o'clock in the distance of mm200 it remains below the 200-period moving average it tried to cross from the bottom to the top now on the 3rd of June it failed to pierce mm200 stopped exactly at the moving average of 200 periods came back down from the stimulus cloud gets slapped with Trixie here in the anthem from the 1st to the 2nd quadrant of the lower band of the metric so personal and because it's not showing signs of reaction from the buying force and she looks like a dump as soon as she entered the bin if it just falls suddenly The market is still looking for investigating the real range of justice in the price of the ICP I and I think it could be a dump of the fun I put it very little I won't not invest much in this currency.

And at 8:00 you see that the National range of movement of the asset is almost none, there is a show to see what the daily volume is here the daily volume is 157 million but the price does not move much if you see it since the day May twenty-nine it's between 106 105 with some buns here to net up the inside up the coconut cloud quickly coming back down So guys I'm not seeing an entry point in the ICP yet this record is a project eto very interesting it is no longer a project right, the block has for operational but very interesting it has a brutal team behind it this Block chances and here oh the developers behind it is one is so dividing, highly rated but I'm not seeing there's still an entry point, ok guys, this record here from ICP ok big hug

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