[Music] [Music] [Music] Hello guys and welcome to a new crypto video of the most beautiful musical instrument out there crypto-binding guys I hope it's a great day today I'm back with some very important and up-and-coming content. I say this to you guys because today might be one of the last days to buy xrp under its all-time high, well because these $ 1.21.50 prices won't be here for long and I assure you that I act accordingly as I am selling my second home and I want to share this with you guys Guys, well this is a screenshot from the realtor side as you know, this is the house for sale in this neighborhood, it's the same house that I own, this is the front end.

noon and this my house looks better it's the same house or this guy put it on 1.4 million lira and I put it for 880 I'll set it up I assure you I'll show you a receipt I'll put everything on xrp because I 'm back I'm backing my words guys well if I tell you something I'm doing myself of course not There is financial advice because I am just a crazy guy who needs mental help but I can assure you that with all my veins I know we can watch two three four five bucks xrp 10 xrp in the coming weeks if not days so if you're pregnant if you're a hardcore xrp fan, Please Subscribe Like Comment Nice Thing In The Comments Section And Without Further Ado Let's Lower Your Mortgage Cost I Have Today Well First Of All I Spent Hours Watching This Market And That's All I Have Guys Well Ah All Buy Signals exist, we are currently trading in a large symmetrical triangle pattern uh with 300 uh potential for a rally so 300 from here would immediately bring us to the five and a half dollar area but let me go back to the shorter time frame and the flag pattern works perfectly guys The ones you see here are perfectly forming here maybe it could go down a bit but I don't think from here it will break, I'm very happy so all these signs are positive, for example here we got the symmetrical triangle and we are at the top, we are about to break above it , this is a positive sign that we are trading above the 1.12 cents support mark so we found support and this is a positive thing Second, the Ichimoku cloud turned green, this is the third positive thing we bounced off of this lower level of the flag pattern is a positive fourth positive signal The golden crossover signal That opened before a 300 percent rise occurred.

This fifth sign, uh, by four, is the sixth moon sign, and it's the seventh sign, so we have seven signs that indicate that xrp is on its way to a higher level, I don't want you to believe me and listen to me, just look at the signs that point to That the market gives you seven signs that xrp is going up well so here buy the golden moon cross and the html cloud is turning green last time this happened guys uh there was a 300 percent rise also for g c bitcoin and we are ready for a 300 higher spike until this is going to be an amazing total altcoin market cap I want to talk about this because we are about to hit new all-time highs for the entire altcoin market cap, it has liquidated all resistance levels ah, today the blockchain supporter is on Alive, it was crazy if we fip the retracement levels here and then we need to scan it It's still here but it's happening guys we can at any moment see absolutely new highs in the entire cryptocurrency market cap, well here is a tweet posted today from Prior to Sec itself, today we announced that we have filed a lawsuit against the online crypto-lending platform , its founder and largest promoter in the United States and his subsidiary , for allegedly defrauding retail investors of $2 billion.

Crazy SSC Charges Global Crypto Lending Platform and CEOs in a $2 Billion Scam Forest Tweet This must have been a joke today on Sep 1, 2021. Weird start, well, what happened now guys, no one Safe for those filthy pigs well no one is safe but luckily xrp is about to be sanitized very well because ssc is so corrupt i will show you why this article tells you guys everything you need to know there is no rule against trading bitcoin ether or xrp insider in a review According to the leaked email, the US Security Exchange Commission that claims jurisdiction over XRP has no rules against holding or trading cryptocurrencies according to an email by our Ethics Office Prohibited Retention List relating to securities in the range of 5 cfr 4401.012 c1 btc ether and xrp never showed up on that list, the email says ok wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait that means lawyers and lawyers who They work per second and people who work per second have free pass to trade all cryptocurrency btc ether and xrp based on insider info well henman was preparing his speech and everything was ok to buy ether or long ether and prepare suit against xp maybe short xrp and make millions Whose this was good guys they are rotten fine and the lawsuit is falling apart the lawsuit is falling apart and to prove my point here I want to cover this article again The first ripple organizer stumbles on his arguments against producing internal documents at a recent hearing facing the NSC and the ripple over whether the internal documents of the first Protected against production in civil litigation A lawyer believes that the company faltered in its argument and that the judge will rule that the organizer submitted the documents and then talk about what happened on court day and let's read here Judge Srinadburn was armed with tough questions for both parties One of these questions was the standard for aiding and abetting the violation of the law and he Objective or subjective standard Matt Solomon undulating lawyer was quick to point to an earlier case in which the US Supreme Court held reckless civil liability Laying is behavior that violates an objective normative procedure that entails an unjustifiably high risk of harm whether known or so obvious that it should have been known.

That this is an objective and not subjective criterion Why does this matter by saying that the objective of the criteria is so critical to the legal battle at hand. Because if it was objective it would be subject to what the defendants understood at the time that the internal policies of the security services would be off-limits to them, but being an objective standard requires the SSC to show its internal deliberations on this issue that Hogan observed if it was an objective test and the Security Council was muddled how would the defendants Acting knowing the netburn error judge was given indications that she believed the internal ICC documents were relevant to the case and should be handed over after all she had ruled in the past that the second one should deliver these documents although the organizer subsequently appealed to the judge decided to see the documents disputed itself and will rule on each document separately On an encouraging note to xrp holders, Justice Needburn stated if the statute was unclear at the time even to the NSC, the alleged violations could not be so obvious that defendants should be aware So well guys there ain't no lawsuit anymore I act like there are no laws it's no longer because if you don't read this if you can't understand what if If you can't think that one plus one is two and you can't match the points, I don't know what you're doing here in the crypto space, well, you should invest before the price explodes higher not yet Well, that's a very important thing , I think The seconds are tricky and need to dip now and they can settle any moment or they can just drop this lawsuit, that's my expectation you guys any moment that could happen.

be positive be happy don't forget to like subscribe and comment your big family xrp have a great day and see you next tuesday in buddhist video bye [music] to you.

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