INSANE $300k Bitcoin Prediction (Still Conservative in 2021)

you guys all know my predictions for bitcoin i think bitcoin's going to 322 000 as long as it stays as bullish and as volatile as it is right now it's definitely been a fun week for bitcoin but how long will this continue for today we're bringing on chris from mm crypto one of the biggest cryptocurrency channels out there and we're going to be talking about where bitcoin is going to go in the immediate short term the medium term and the long term let's get it bitswap is the hottest new way to trade tokens following all the top decentralized exchanges bitswap gives you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at bit swap decks dot io hey guys i'm joined with chris from mm crypto the channel has absolutely exploded this year uh for him as you guys know things are going great here in crypto uh glad we finally connect this actually the first time we've we've spoken person to person here we've messaged a lot just want to say welcome to the channel and like i said congratulations on your growth this year thank you very much for having me man your views are going crazy your community is so lovely i went to the comment section it's just insane man it's very nice to be on your channel thank you so much for having me and i'm excited to work to talk about the best asset in the history of mankind bitcoin yeah absolutely well let's just jump into it we're going to talk about bitcoin where you think it's going in in the short term medium term long term we're gonna talk about some of your trades you have open and maybe you can kind of show us some stuff you're seeing on the charts as well so let's get let's get started where do you think bitcoin is going in the very short term like let's say over the next you know week to two weeks maybe february you know as a whole yeah i mean crazy things are happening right now i don't have to tell you everyone saw the elon musk news and um where people were calling me crazy for quoting 30 40 000 us dollars for february wow we are at 48 000 now people are not calling me crazy anymore at least not on my channel maybe on yours let's see in the comment section um but yeah still i am expecting much higher price targets to come for the remainder of this year maybe we are talking about the short term first i can i can share my screen here yeah let's do that let's check out what you're looking at so what we can see here is the bitcoin price on the one hourly canvas and um quickly going out here on the four hourly you can basically see that we had like crazy crazy trades just like you on your channel i'm watching your channel as well throughout the last few weeks and month i mean all of these patterns are proof of success and right now zooming in into the current moment of now going over to the one hourly canvas you can see that we had this furthermore elon musk come with his confirmation we're actually joined to trade i will show that later on we had this big leg towards the upside and then a very traditional bull flag here where the price is um floating between support and resets the resistance to the downside and we actually broke out we confirmed the breakout and bitcoin is right now once again in a bullish stance we had this head and shoulders pattern with a fake out which furthermore showed actually that the bulls are more in charge than the bears so my price target right now is and this is the measurement price target from the bull flag just for the immediate short term talking here about today tomorrow the day after tomorrow if this pump actually continues well then we can look at this half star pattern if i am pulling over this one here from the bottom to the top of the of the bull flag then i'm pulling it over here and we already broke out right i'm i'm not giving any hundred percent certainties here but the price target for this would be incredibly enough 54 000 us dollars and for this to happen actually the only thing i am now looking out for since we already closed the four hourly outside we had volume support and we confirmed the breakout the only thing i'm looking out for is a close above the previous high here above the 48 500 us dollar levels once we are breaking this once more i am very very certain that we can reach these higher price targets but you also ask for the mid and long run and just quickly do i have any other question before i'm going to the other time frames the short term is already mind-blowing i think yeah no i like the short term i think that's a good price target i i do believe that we're heading over 50k soon so that definitely lines up so let's move on look at a little bit longer time frame yeah i wanted to go here to the blx chart and um this is the weekly candles and in the end of the day for us bitcoiners it's not very surprising i'm sure you talked about that as well i was talking about it for for years now that um the history is not repeating but it's certainly rhyming right and we are always seeing the big complies floating around here in 2011 2012 between these converging trend lines then we are eventually breaking out once we are breaking above the previous all-time high we are going to this last parabolic bull cycle here represented by the green circles um whatever like yeah green circles or whatever you want to call it and then we are reaching the all-time high which you never know how high we are actually going to go just know we are in the parabolic exposed cycle and we are floating around between support and resistance in these converging trend lines same thing again in 2016.

These and vertical orange lines are actually the halving we are breaking out going to the parabolic bow cycle hitting the all-time high in 2017 and then once again converging between support and resistance and i was actually personally myself starting to go heavy and i'm talking about heavy heavy with million dollar trades into long trades for bitcoin once we broke i documented that over on my mm crypto channel the 9500 us dollar level right here you can see it we broke above and this was the moment where i was already projecting this parabolic bull cycle to happen especially after hitting the all-time high this is exactly what is happening right now the most important question right now is though how high will we go for how long will we go how high and my personal prediction right now is and there are some things which you and i we just can't predict we don't know how much will the federal reserve actually print is apple and google actually joining the game i certainly do think so but with all other factors given right now at current purchasing price levels purchasing power um levels purchasing power parity levels i would say 250 to 300 000 us dollars all the way up here is the very very likely target and what you can basically see here this blue line i was laying out is basically a copy from the cycle in 2013 right of course i see a lot of similarities yeah a lot of similarities we talked about on the channel about how it seems like this is more mimicking that cycle than the last cycle in the last cycle was a little bit of a pullback from the one before so you know we could be getting you know an even higher cycle this time yeah exactly exactly and i'm sure when you mentioned that if it was a few weeks ago some people were still laughing at you i don't think anyone is laughing anymore right i mean um this just looks way too identical with the previous cycle in 2013 and the reason why i think that this cycle might be crazier than the last one even though usually we have the narrative of diminishing return to scale with more maturity in the market is that the monetary policy is just completely unprecedented yeah right we have never seen something like that and now we have this crazy leverage these s p 500 companies nasdaq listed companies joining the space people like mikey sailor putting a huge leverage behind bitcoin right now every single executive he's speaking to and he talked to thousands of executives in his conference for bitcoin is a leverage to the treasury of the underlying company i mean i mean this is something i was talking about earlier usually you have supply demand and the price and whenever the demand is increasing and it's the it's increasing like crazy right now well people mine more gold people produce more watches whatever the demand is increasing for there is also more produced so you have a regulating mechanism of the supply and the price but for bitcoin ladies and gentlemen nope we have a big supply and the only point of regulation here is the price and this is gonna blow everyone's mind i'm very sure about that this is why 300 000 u.s dollars might be very conservative price target to answer your question here for the long run and i don't know do you should i talk about the trades because many people are interested in yeah let's yeah before before we get to the trades i definitely want to get the trades next uh i did want to just briefly uh talk about uh one question i had when you overlaid the box along with the 2013 cycle what is the exact price point that's at the top of the of the blue chart right there of the line on the chart and then what is the exact uh line of the top of the green box uh in this in this specific case i was screwing it a little bit to make it fit to be honest here it would be in this case 740 000 us dollars but it is really like a very very high speculative thing here um just for for entertainment purposes 750 000 us dollars um i would be interested actually in your price prediction i know i'm guest on your channel now so mine was 300 000 please let me know yours before i go into the trade yeah absolutely so and once again just kind of like you said earlier like people for so long have called us crazy they've called us moon boys they've said we're unrealistic but the truth is the people that are saying that are the people that are not nearly as educated as we are on these bitcoin cycles and we come up with these price points and i believe that we will proven to be true and we will be proven right you say 300 000 my number exactly is 322 thousand dollars and that is an average price based on three kind of off the wall numbers right number one is the stock to flow model stock flow models 289 000 you have the i really like the city prediction that was an internal document from citibank that was leaked uh i believe their price was 318 thousand dollars and then if you take the last bull cycle it 18xed the previous all-time high so if you 18x 20 000 that's 360 thousand dollars and when you take those three kind of different models for price prediction you come up with the average of 322k and that's that's where i believe that we'll be going to uh so pretty good close to each other man that's not even like seven eight percent off very nice so let's let's check out your trades yeah let's go quickly into the trades and obviously i mean everyone knows look at that yeah they are they are of course uh speculative they are risky it sometimes looks a little bit easier as it is in the end but to be honest like in the last few weeks and month it was quite easy um but um yeah of course we should always supply proper risk management this is actually i will only show two trades i have six trades open i will just show two of them to make it a little bit easier and this is my trade over and buy but it's one million contracts i opened it at the elon musk confirmation actually when he was confirming on um clubhouse that he is actually not trolling us with his bitcoin support this was the moment i i didn't trade the charts i just traded the news i this was this was what i was waiting for for years so i went here into that trade it is right now four hundred thousand us dollars in a profit approximately a thousand uh dollars a thousand percent um i will be taking my first profits at fifty four thousand us dollars just to make sure and also to get ready for some new trades i have another trade open here if you already said wow to that one this one is right now one point four let me quickly remove this four five million us dollars in a profit i took 150 k already um here this trade it was actually a quite small trade it's still a big one 165 000 um contracts i actually put in 2.5 million contracts live in a video um in the moment actually he was putting the hashtag of bitcoin in the twitter wow because i had in mind the conversation with um michael sailor and i thought the light note is at least very high that this time it is not a troll and well i was right so um i put 2.5 million contracts in and right now it is here approximately 1.5 million us dollars in a profit i'm gonna keep this this one open as well but i will take significant profits um at the 54 000 us dollar levels um let me stop screening here and and go back here into the face mode um so these are my trades right now i have four more trades i'm long-term trades i open at nine thousand four hundred ten thousand five hundred and much much more but it's it's just too much to show here man that is unbelievable people watch our channel sometimes and think we're cr you know trading with crazy numbers what you're trading with that is that is really really intense i i have a big uh a big problem with taking the profits too early sometimes because i you know one of my biggest leaks in trading for so long i i would have always been a successful trader if i just would have been locking a long profits and a lot of times i wouldn't do that and i was very curious as i was looking at your trades there i want to address that you don't have a stop loss my new strategy and how we've been able to win time and time and time again we're we're doing much more trading uh than than than the longer term trades that you showed here we're getting a lot of smaller wins but we're still racking them up for sure because i'm locking in the profits i notice you don't have a stop loss at all set in uh for that trade on femax and i'm not sure i didn't i didn't notice one on buy but you have a stop-loss on that one at all never no no i usually go without stop-losses it's not recommended for everyone absolutely yeah an asset like bitcoin especially i'm trading the strings and sometimes i'm standing on the sidelines for two weeks i'm going in when i'm very very certain and then i'm going in with the leverage that my liquidation price is where my stop-loss would be in the first place so i decrease my um the amount of volume i'm going in i risk the same but i only have a liquidation price because i know for you it worked very well we just have different strategies yeah and the price sometimes goes for like a stop hunt and i don't want to be a victim of that especially considering that i'm not having so many trades so i want to keep them open they hunt us for sure there's no question about that they come hunting for those trades trying to stop them yeah exactly yeah i think that's good i think you really you really hit on a key point there which is and i think we we both definitely agree on this if you're newer to leverage training be careful and make like you definitely want to learn how to do it very well before you kind of go without the parachute without a stop loss uh you you eventually get to a point where you understand how it works very well and you're willing to take that risk you know for a lot of different reasons i don't use a stop loss a lot of times because i'll just have more contracts loaded up if i get stopped out and then it bounces back up and make it make it back we've done that uh several times on channel recently uh well chris thank you so much for coming on the show today love to do it again sometime and uh everybody can make sure to go subscribe to his channel mm crypto you can't miss him he's got the crazy face on the crazy thumbnails everything's an emergency and an alert you guys know it i know it uh so thanks for coming on the show and sharing those predictions with us thank you so much happy to be here amazing channel i think the most viewed one in the world right now uh beautiful to be here happy to come back anytime in the future big big shout out to everyone in this community for being in bitcoin for being a believer and if you think you are late you are not you are still early in the game um so yeah i will see you over on the other side thank you so much bye-bye yeah thanks thanks chris and guys don't forget we'll be doing an interview on his channel as well you guys can look out for that so thanks everybody that's all i got be [Music] blessed [Music] you

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