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I am the most anonymous, most mysterious,
most hated but most accurate chart analyst on youtube! 
Dear Traders & Crypto Holders

to the anonymous analyst channel In this video i will do a quick update on
the xrpusd prediction. 
Last video i showed you the results of previous predictions and
i made 2 possible scenario’s that could happen. 
If you remember i showed you the
1st scenario where we would have no inversion with a low on 6 march. 
Following with a
high on 9 march and a long decline. But that’s not what happened. 
Scenario 2 with the
inversion was the right one. 

Now we are 1 day after our 6 march timing and the
chart looks very clear right now.
So here we can see that our 2nd scenario prediction
was exactly what happened. 
We had an inversion on 2 march which was a low, then we had a
high on the 6 march timing. 
Our next timing on 9 march should be a low. Which will be
our buy signal if the market follows this prediction. This buy signal could potentially result in
a huge rise in price.

It’s possible that we could see 0,50 cents and much higher in
the coming weeks. 
This price prediction is not a 80% accuracy prediction but rather
my personal opinion. 

In my calculations i can see a lot of confirmations that are
pointing out to major price movement in the coming weeks. 
If we combine that with our
timing calculations which tell us we could see a buy signal very soon, this gives us
a good idea of what the market could do.

There is always a chance that our next timing could
come in as a high, so always be cautious.

But the chance that will happen is very
small right now. 

That’s why i showed you 2 scenario’s.
To show you how you can determine the direction yourself.
And to show you that i don’t always know what is going to happen.
But that does not
matter. Because we will only enter a trade when we get confirmation on the best setups.

Once we get close to the timing it becomes clear which direction to trade.

don’t want to take every trade, every timing. 
If the market is consolidating you better
stay out of it for day traders. That’s it for now. The link to my telegram channel will be in
the description. 
How can YOU cash in on these predictions?

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 Anonymous Analyst OUT!.

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