hello gurus and welcome to another episode today 
we're going to look at the price of bitcoin   and i'm going to try to predict what's going 
to happen to bitcoin for the next few days the   next few hours and today the next few minutes 
so if you want to see make sure you watch the   end to see my exact targets and i'll see if i'm 
going to open a trade and go long on bitcoin   i cur if you follow my live trades i've opened 
a few longs already i'm going to show you those   trades they're in the profits but it very depends 
on what bitcoin is going to decide to do and then   that the trades um the bitcoin affects everything 
in the market so when bitcoin moves the rest of   the olds moves as as you saw the last few days if 
you bought bitcoin in the alts with me yesterday   we made mega gains which is beautiful this 
morning i closed those longs on the decision   that bitcoin's making i recommend you watch the 
video that i released earlier today showing the   bearish scenario that could happen with bitcoin 
um on the fibonacci retracement so make sure you   watch that earlier video we're going to jump into 
the technical bitcoin predict where it's going to   go i'm going to show you my trades that i have 
open and i'm going to show you where to open   trades if you'd like to open trades as well so 
let's jump into the technicals for bitcoin now so these are the charts for bitcoin on the hourly 
let's start on the daily first so on the daily   we're still looking quite bullish for bitcoin the 
rsi and the stochastic down below down here are   just turning to head up now down here they're only 
just starting to turn up um volume is coming in   and we had bitcoin break out of this giant wedge 
here and we broke to the upside quite strongly and   now that wedge should take us up all the way to 
the 52 000 mark so bitcoin is looking bullish and   what's also amazing it flipped the ema ribbons and 
it's above the ema ribbons with that big breakout   that happened um yesterday which is beautiful 
the target is still around fifty two thousand   uh fifty two thousand dollars and if you saw 
the earlier video it's exactly this forty eight   thousand six hundred and eighty eight bitcoin 
exactly touched that resistance look at that   and um bounced off there so that's where it's 
finding resistance but with this breakout of   this descending wedge we should be heading to 
the 51 000 especially with the increasing volumes   let's zoom in now to the four hourly candles 
and on the four hourly candles bitcoin is still   heading up also um we're above the ema ribbons on 
the four hourly and with that breakout so above   the four hour emas the rsi and the stochastic are 
overbought but they're still turning to hedaya and   the squeeze mop is still going to the green side 
and we're getting a little bit of buying volume   now which is also quite good another thing to keep 
in mind we're also now above the resistance one   and the pivot lines so that means bitcoin is kind 
of is still bullish and it is turning to head up   now we're going to zoom in and we're going to 
see what's going to happen for the next few hours   and on the next on the hourly candles bitcoin is 
above the hourly ema it's above the resistance one   and the pivot line one so let me turn off the ema 
ribbons now um so we're above those pivot lines   we're above the ema ma crossed um to head down 
but it looks like it's about to cross again and   on the hourly candles we are looking still bullish 
on the rsi and the stochastic they're no longer   overbought and the stochastic in the rsi they are 
turning down but the squeeze bump is turning to   the green side um but the rsi and the stochastic 
can quickly turn up on these hourly candles also   we broke out of where we're coming right now to a 
meeting point in the next one hour or two hours by   about 3 00 p.m new york time on the 2nd of october 
bitcoin is about to make a decision and it's in   this symmetrical triangle and the way symmetric 
this one here symmetrical triangles the way they   work they build pressure build pressure blue 
pressure and they break out to the base of the   wedge to the direction of the trend which should 
put us around the 49 000 mark so bitcoin here is   about to make a decision most likely it's going to 
go with the direction of the trend so towards that   um we have a big resistance of 48 688 and then 
this target would be the 48 972 and that target   we get from the base of this symmetrical wedge on 
the breakout it should take us up to that 48 972   again bitcoin is going to make that decision 
within the next two hours what we need to see is   more volume coming in but in my opinion bitcoin 
is still looking bullish and if you zoo if we   zoom out it is moving up in this ascending um 
kind of an ascending wedge a bull flag oh but   we really want it to break out of this flag this 
this ascending wedge because if it breaks to the   downside then it would be quite bearish actually 
and we could drop off there so we really need   bitcoin to be breaking out to the upside here but 
at the moment it is still looking bullish we've   got this symmetrical wedge the rsi and stochastic 
heading up and on the daily the main thing is the   overall direction on the daily candles is very 
oversold still and bitcoin is still heading up   on the rsi and the stochastic and still got room 
to move to that 51 869.

I did open trades if you   followed my live trades you can see we have a chat 
room here um it is on the side because this is an   iphone these are the trades that i opened just a 
few hours ago on bitcoin um i opened crv quantum   and radium protocol these are my live trades and 
we also have i've gathered an elite trader group   this is on my mobile phone and you can see this is 
just the last hour of chats and this is everyone   talking in this elite trader group i've got the 20 
traders in here that you can talk to it is a paid   room the links are in the description and ping 
comment and you can join them down below i also   have some trades open on binance i opened radium 
is in the profits around 32 which is beautiful   um quantum is still it's slightly in the loss at 
minus two percent and crv is up 20 in the profits   as well these are just recent trades um both of 
them in the profits but i will be i put the stop   losses and the take profits in the trades in my 
live trades which you can see um by joining the   join button down below or seeing it in the discord 
channel you can see my live trades with the stops   so thank you all for watching all the links are in 
the descriptions and the pin comments down below   on your phone if you'd like to um one second if 
you'd like to join and see my live trades all the   description and ping comment and if you want to 
trade i recommend using the binance the buy bit   link down below in the description you get 600 of 
bonuses if you deposit bitcoin in there and you   join my traders if you use the buy bit link in the 
description in the ping comment down below thank   you for watching everyone your amazing community 
make sure you join us in our discord because   inside the discord where it's got um now more 
than around 3 000 investors in there that are all   talking together in stock rooms in crypto rooms 
the link to the discord is down below on your   phone in the description and the ping comment and 
then you can join the private rooms where you see   my live trades and you can join the elite trader 
rooms thank you for watching hit the subscribe   button the bell the thumbs up everyone and make 
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it and i get as many subscribers i'm getting close   to 60 000 subscribers after just more than just 
a little bit more than one year which is amazing   and you have to remember i'm just showing you my 
opinions and what i do in the markets and i've   been doing it for the last year and i've gathered 
nearly 60 000 subscribers so it is working thank   you for watching everyone i hope you have a 
beautiful day and i'll see you all again tomorrow

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