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cryptome huge 950 million here most fascinated by what would have achieved then i get more profit if my followers can make more profit you and that's why i was investing a month in two factories music francs and find our what does it with his investment i will get fitter now it was already pretty much class 400 support set so that before him even experiment, fan circle for me was a little crazier next what we do there who pay francs from our own money online exchange and that has to be more cryptic now simply does not sound overwhelmed at the beginning there are not only a lot of goalkeepers who manage the crypt ballot but the important question is because that was me at all it is sometimes about saying and thing is now the viennese and unknown one is the greatest creates opportunity for The biggest increase, however, the greater the risk that you will gel the other properly In order to take the risk, d earns as soon as possible the one I met on the largest crypto exchange and met the one that is truly bitcoin and now officially 0022 bitcoin so that I can build my foundation for more, but first I have to invest what I invest like hollywood hills on the internet and delivers new phenomenon with a goal in front the videos are mega sensation music made one what his feelings before [ __ ] i miss until best is every day so videos with sadistic titles about the immediate feasible wake-up calls no matter if irish club is vigorously tvo in dubai Mainly and researched a million songs reached through the channel found brought reasons very cool that worked out , thank you so much, yes, thank you that I can be here at the moment I am wondering what is the best music frank was my goal, yes, that I retire as early as possible can let and buy a lamborghini what are you talking to me chris for the one for d en to the professionals of documentation if you really want to do something exciting now, of course, you can't buy 4000 francs now and then you go up 4 percent to 8000 wrong turned on is not so exciting in my opinion, it's still the best for you can you extrapolate the three weeks 4 percent in three weeks is madness it just seemed a little more free time you don't get gray hair i would say buy known in the long term just don't do anything is the best it would be a little boring now, maybe only three weeks look but the best if invested long term the best i wonder why he posts under his videos son on the left it will be with a bonus at the crypto exchange if the data pay with card trader what she has great it is now ford in trading money loses that did we get a bit irritated with your videos that you always end up like that part hates modulated left a building how do you see it with your responsibility because you have more people to me in trading when I traders and people trade through my favorites where I also get profits because the stock market gets traffic because of me then war I profit more when my followers make more profit that means our incentive goes in the same direction the more my community profits, the more I profit when I consciously collapse my community and they would be liquidated , i.e.

The money that they would deposit lose then the money is gone this money goes to the stock exchange but yes, big responsibility at the end of the day i think i just tried really to get across so that i create by and large significantly more added value than maybe a few people understand my message and from it a broad side get from the market with the added value, he never means less about finance ystem like, for example, the central bank in the world wants to print so much money and so inflation is the choice and steadily decrease shouting bitcoin switch because you are stipulated for a 20 million that it leads the best and very safely stabilized so I come It's really a very cool thing where I think that 's the middle finger to the traditional banking world of the traditional financial management of the monetary system and in my opinion the best option over the long term, not fascinated by six months , but just over the next few years his purchasing power happens to secure many thanks to you the critical attitude towards the financial system is the reason why bitcoin was created in 2008 when the digital alternative was created i the crypt in plants are, so to speak, the political representatives of an idea huttwil don't do that because they end up with their videos if make money is clear on the short deadlines bring me investment the picon not really much green drum decide with kaka advice from the quiz trader and bring with basics b if i had to let it go, i can then perhaps say in advance whether the course is going to rise or caillats for tri trading -Tips third diverse telegram group b and the driver god directly when to cryptome until happens but I notice how it looks for the air and tomorrow is usually the first week of the course checker and marbeck sports last picture the whole thing is simply running 24 7 is also so fast but it can you that somewhere in the night there is a rate at 5 cents first floor the next day [ __ ] I say that missed so it is created that way and we carried the rate as a checker and constant i try to inform now valley was i was just now expected somehow 200 specialist attorney can make the arrears and the decision looking for why it was different than the no rmale shares 24 with crypt australian so i'm glad that after kohls analyze and after a treasure on the 12th to mexico there is a sun protection and first of all there is no reason for many to have made the profitable trade 7 francs quinn but that shoots micha and why finally joined them please now just call again I notice you only make profits and how greedy are you just doing like shitty trade and now you are always I would have to pretend that you are no longer always a hundred times more then has already made a hundred times more profit but certain it there has to be more in it league from which you ask feedback channel class that you can trade with the lever that is a risk or the type of trading no megatrucks so when the request made that the course should now continue and there is even invested with super dollars so once apple that on me and trader – the next day I'm a degree how to be liquidated to a limited extent and thomas sms quiz Fortunately for me, the decline is that I have only invested so little and you have to imagine that with 500 questions because the price is only a few percent Kate but in the end with the big apple, the whole trade is liquidated and lost everything and just as lost lies but smoothly I find out what I can not he a track began to the death of walter and look in former physics teacher the us teenager to an expert in matters club boss and goes to workshops about it I wanted above all to know we virtual nonexistent money have such a hype as me and also many other triggers lukaszewitz imagine like such a waterbed imagine the class clown you would write yourself just like that is nonsense rafi pitts and wrote so 5 as well as two notches serve and now comes it really is you that somebody else douglas or jumps on the side and the gp2 and all of them were great 10 can now always do 5 kg two each other as the old and the new head 2 and it is really possible or the other jump on the nonsense and find madness pixo continues and develops according to dynamics and all when suddenly pizza and that He continues to donate or you could say thank you yes well now asks obligations third in years so I would write off pizza for the first two years, so to speak, heinz peter franz josef or something like bigpoint or so your pizza in the chat things for school things and of course never in the another normal load and the team of the chat group is an illustration in front of the blog shows the place where less crypto are sent the message I would actually do a blog before the transaction contains and everyone who would have how much kettcar 6 but then I could just chat again and again to say hey guys from coach is exactly that is the problem or we now that I am exactly that game for the wii games woman and to prevent it that was always so that mathematical problem is not what is called exactly the mining from the pc shows me because ur as well as hans banal the way bitcoin actually puts it so happily and already make it that i actually do my or whatever very primitive experience with the keyboard that I actually have a few visitors the hash is called that and from the city there is even the hedge possibly missing julia ford center austria is found with which we are still there of course there is no ice points the coming year but there is too little or a lot of great chat for top values up to the age of 30 that i mean but mega complex it needs corresponding hardware special computers and so much electricity that it will be extremely door there pizza bach district is bitcoins mine and for them Most of the time not in question because I'm ready to go the classic teenager I hope I give it so snappy 0 2 but only if you ou me f real bank was, for example, 15 30 and that's just the wind makes with the profit so cash makes me one way or another briskly to real and money sign and can of course with the suitcase and handed over it went with the again a lot new product where the hype and dynamics of the fan club tv event reproduce there is even made so fit for the club is the choice of your horns and which it now has a market capitalization of 7 entries salary billion francs so now no more market capitalization swatch and credit suisse together so that is not absurd, but now 100 other accounts of absurd are such as de landsberg, the crowley function as alex w's, but it's all about triggering a hype issue so that the price rises as higher as possible and the alu drinks from it because they are completely for money as soon as you get your first user crashing together and promptly change the whole thing gold rush is from july wants the vest without any regulation because i'm so tight, of course, for the week, monique made sure to invest a lot earlier the potential has that the universities are often expected and has actually found something the whole project was it is called a clip in the study and this absurdity and risk is halved it is about the game ecosystem on the blog shows you can dictate different sheep each with others toads they are on the different sides and yet so that it was acquired for that but you have to understand it first virtually, I hope an animal hatched by chance and found an animal so nfc ecosystem as it is called at the moment the place where is most of the money make the raw material supply 400 franken soon it will be delicate but i have to process the process like this the determination is now but i could really h atte in the morning the launch of the project no longer demanded it weighs 400 francs invested than someone else can this transfer from america to update it has to be sheep and something got stuck in it and i do n't know what happened i can be pretty sure now Just 400 fell in the sand and I think I 've got so hard for the red bull I can be the guy who made the purchase and what happens now I don't know what happened I do n't know what happened anymore that's the problem I always say something The problem is not that bought that would have countless chats with the thing from 8 p.m.

Because this budget [ __ ] you 54 this tomorrow mini nightly escapade finds it at the donation collectors point 8 after two and a half weeks where I get to ask what am I doing exactly want effort and income city i no behavior is practically double eu treaty i – if it is good and only and now quite good and for suggests pl us and for that reason i have now decided to work from the trader withdraw a meeting with financial protection the risk investing especially but on the other hand much more important to the psychological protection not even after two and a half weeks so i wonder how god his lüth where with that her it was for the info show years baby are what are they for lüthis trade center that was a yusuf s but such a chance in iraq switzerland fled with 11 bitcoin and now with 21 multi millionaire the office would be possible from paradeplatz there when is probably the youngest self-made multimillionaire in the country and would have made the entire fortune with the club boss, but as if it were eleven years old, I now have bitcoin so I know I originally come from the Kurdish northern Iraq at the age of three , a swiss family fled together and their family chronicle and with her she often only concludes in a fairly orderly manner after an abma My grandmother has nothing to do with delphi because then a roommate operation is good or something like that.

Money has to be with me before I find that I can't do that and socially fair and yes, you can't send bitcoins to you with grandmother, the operation numbers where it goes so fast all the toys exactly it sold out the next canton of bern and as yellow lectures first bought bitcoins and the prices of the constanzer 15 and a bitcoin over 40 francs worth the more and more bitcoins there would have been able to absorb more and more bitcoins with the power of traders with sunny and 16 17 million tried with quite a bit of bitcoins day to hope for agreement with a rose the problem consciously that water says its own every day exactly in front of the pc and through punishment nothing until 17 18 emmanuel trader, according to keen analysts, had 71 strangely the football game el us and that creates a lot of rupture that is now so big that I don't have the hobby and so that as a young yaris cold would have noticed something now with something psyche at the age of 17 if I want to move on now, they probably need crazy so actually I say goodbye to you because it has to be like the avant nothing and bio tour but not the normal [music ] spontaneously so the tour and I'm curious how it will be an animator for films but what I will do after the tour konzack it's beautiful street without ever in lake city 25 to the end of this garden and a direct view of the destination is beautiful but simply absurd that I can only do this in a 20 year old bed and frank horn through cryptic when I sleep [laughter] [music] the boy not what the problem really doesn’t matter whether in the schnyder you’re self-confident but also typical between young people and after the sightseeing g if you only close the alley every two meters it just keeps close and i can disregard it worries is at all possible thank you and I have been the most successful trades so far shows [applause] [music] and 150 million it's easy only crazy investment funds make 600 francs 159 million and that's the success story, but many people repeat it in the case of there he was on the money so i never kerscher the trading volume before cologne or invested is that is It just remains as virtual play money at the time when I spoke to the original spanish question whether the whole thing with the crutch because I have a future at all or just big the bubble is where at some point the moment bursts when you drink with me, for example digital time stub like that Himmel bank only as a third then but where to ask if you take your account to protective measures and me on account 10 stuttgart and if we that in the maz ab news the course of everyone would also have 7 mobile phones the economy had that they but slacken we need everyone steps with him so I think the longer-term the virtual against humanity to no trouble the sentences how does he manage in case any plant becomes a machine that your future in front of the crypt was really exciting for me at the moment, but he just loves it so unpredictable the world where it led land bitcoins official election and the real different club of the world completely forbids and some things are so volatile that a tweet fire escape course influenced by 20 percent in the month of annoying back – for example for cody on board and what i say so i have i want him again from the absurd month full of virtual pizzas and by the way they are calling again 8 so i have what i plan to do again with the stadthalter and the baroque or just carry on now the week handy is already making massively higher values Easier to sell again when it comes to investment, I'm 15 percent of the legal battle cry – it prevails afterwards with sand or it is just that so few citizen transaction and trading fees have gone away that I just lost the overview, honestly, because the trader needs that too a lot of time and energy so i would i sure so i would do more what you can do about it, maybe one less crypt per month to invest in the long term and now of course you would be lucky if you were there i was already with ask or delete them companies subscribe to it for more reports from rec but there on youtube [music]

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